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The Taijitu-North Pacific Alliance

The North Pacific Handbook

A treaty renewing the alliance between Taijitu and the North Pacific.

1. Aware of the long and special relationship between Taijitu and the North Pacific, the two regions' shared commitment to freedom, liberty, and democracy, and the kindred ties between them, the Regional Assembly of the North Pacific and the Ecclesia of the Citizens' Democracy of Taijitu formalize this alliance of mutual defense and cooperation.

Section One - Establishment

1. The signatories will recognize the constitutional governments in force at the time of ratification of this treaty, and any legally enacted successor governments, as the sole legitimate governments of their respective regions.
2. The signatories agree to maintain both on- and off-site embassies with each other.
3. The signatories agree to penalize willful violation of the other party's rules for RMB posts on that party's RMB should the other party allow embassy RMB posts.

Section Two - Security

1. If the sovereignty of either party is materially threatened, the other will respond with the implied or explicit consent of the aggrieved party.
2. The responding party will assist in coordination with the aggrieved party and in proportion to the grievance.
3. The signatories will collaborate militarily on request, according to established laws or policies.
4. Participation by the signatories on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not constitute an attack on either signatory's home region shall not be considered "military hostilities against one another" for this purpose.
5. The signatories will not in any way, direct or indirect, initiate or participate in espionage, subterfuge, or other clandestine operations against one another. For this purpose, a "clandestine operation" is one or more persons acting under false pretenses in one signatory's home region or regional forum at the direction of the other signatory's government without the knowledge of the affected signatory..
6. The signatories will share any intelligence relevant to the defense of the other party. If this intelligence relates to the North Pacific, it shall be provided to the Security Council of the North Pacific. If this intelligence relates to Taijitu, it shall be provided to the delegate of Taijitu.

Section Three - Cultural Cooperation

1. The signatories will endeavor to organize cultural events on the regional off-site forums or regional message board of one or the other party, with the goal of mutually enriching both communities.

Section Four - Amendment and Dissolution

1. This treaty may be amended by mutual consent through the normal ratification processes of the two signatories.
2. Either party shall give a week's notice prior to withdrawing from the treaty.
3. Either party shall exhaust all reasonable diplomatic options before withdrawing from the treaty.

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