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International Democratic Union Security Treaty

The North Pacific Handbook

Cognizant of our shared origins and the long-standing commonality between us, we endeavor to support one another in the pursuit of our freedom and enjoyment.
1. The parties to this treaty are International Democratic Union and The North Pacific.
2. The parties will recognize the constitutional governments in force at the time of ratification of this treaty as the sole legitimate governments of their respective regions.
3. The parties will not undermine one another through subterfuge, espionage, invasion, or any other means.
4. The parties will defend one another to the best of their ability on the request of the other party.
5. The parties will share any intelligence relevant to the defense of the other party.
6. The parties will support resolutions proposed by members of the other party in the General Assembly by a Delegate vote in favor within a minute of it reaching the floor so long as (i) the other party publicly registered the request sufficiently in advance, (ii) accommodated any limitations as to when the Delegate may be available to vote, and (iii) provided that a plurality of active WA members in the Delegate's region do not thereafter object to the resolution while it is at vote.
7. A new treaty between the parties may override this treaty.
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