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Bearing News

Bearing News

9th February 2018

LinkHappy ending for 3 bears

2nd February 2018

Meanwhile in Basra, an item is returned to the shop...
This is the better Linkvideo coverage...
..and Linkthis has the better text.

12th December 2017

OMG! A Linkpolar bear gives birth!

25th August 2017

The Bears wrote:Pregnant panda?

20th August 2017

The Bears wrote:And in more bear-relevant news:




28th June 2017

The Bears wrote:RIP Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear.

The Bears wrote:Link

25th June 2017

Ursalia wrote:Some good bear related news:
The Yellowstone grizzly bear has been removed from the list of endangered species. 👍🐻

Gyuamno wrote:Link
Seems many are not happy about it as it will hurt conservation efforts because they will lose some federal protection.

9th June 2017

The Bears wrote:
How about this unfortunate bear?
Or this enterprising one?

19th April 2017

Salmon eating bears wrote:Lately in Bear News:

An article about a bear rescue in Ukraine: Link

Also: Link

Bears kept as pets are released into the wild, and of course they return to the city. When you don't grow up wild, what did they expect? Link

Summit the Bear is doing well at Appalachian Bear Rescue: Link

San Francisco Zoo's polar bear Uulu has passed on: Link

Caring for an Andean Bear: Link

Part 1 from 2016 is here: Link

20th March 2017

Salmon eating bears wrote:Winter in the northern hemisphere is usually a quiet time for bear news, but things are beginning to thaw. And with that, I bring you the next edition of:

Lately in Bear News (fanfare.wav)

Pashuk was a captive bear who was eating nothing but beer and occasional bits of bread. He's been rescued and he's doing better now: Link

An unprecedented study of Brown Bear behavior recorded over 100 hours of live footage. Turns out they eat a lot of moose: Link

A cub found in Cape Breton was rescued a year ago and is doing well: Link

An interview with a bear biologist down in Missouri about behavior, research, and black bear interactions: Link

Yellowstone National Park reports its first bear sighting for the year: Link

26th January 2017

Mommabear wrote:And in the news:


20th December 2016

Salmon eating bears wrote:Lately in Bear News:

Animals Asia raided a bear bile farm; some of the bears have been there for about ten years: Link

Polar bear problem? There's a 24-hour hotline for that: Link

Hibernation cycles are being disrupted due to easy access to human food: Link

And in other news, the population of Salmon Eating Bears is the fattest in Bear Country. (o:

15th December 2016

Mommabear wrote:Excitement is building in the run up to Christmas! Channel 4 (UK TV) will be showing an adaptation of 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' on Christmas eve.


To build up the hype, they've an app too:


Michael Rosen was interviewed about it on Radio 2 this evening.

Hmm, all this excitement has made my tumbly rumbly. Time for a little something...

4th December 2016

Salmon eating bears wrote:Lately in Bear News:

Some pictures of polar bears chewing on whale bones Kaktovik, Alaska: Link

Two men charged for poaching a bear in Pennsylvania: Link

$6,000 reward for information on grizzly bear poaching in Idaho: Link

PCBs continue to cause problems for polar bear fertility: Link

29th November 2016

Salmon eating bears wrote:Lately in Bear News:

Turkey: Construction workers free a bear trapped in a pit of dead chickens. Link

Albania: Four Paws International rescues Jeta from a life of being dragged around with a chain through her nose. Link

14th November 2016

Salmon eating bears wrote:More Bear News from the past few days:

The Columbus Zoo welcomes some newborn polar bears into the world:


Scientists doing DNS analysis on brown bears find that saliva from salmon carcasses is more reliable and less expensive than scat analysis:


I don't know about you, but I'll take saliva over poop any day.

Ursinals wrote:Hey everyone!

I had a friend send me this because he knows me pretty well and I thought I would share it with the rest of you all. It's rough around the edges but I think it could become something great.


13th November 2016

Salmon eating bears wrote:Dr. Lynn Rogers, the founder of The North American Bear Center (a place I highly recommend visiting if you're ever in Minnesota), shared his formula for a replacement bear milk formula in one of his recent posts. I thought you all might be interested: Link

Mmmm, nothin' says delicious like goat's milk with some cod liver oil and a crushed vitamin c tablet mixed in... ~(o:

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