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[Outdated] The Education Act 2017

[box][b][color=red]This dispatch is no longer being updated.[/color][/b][/box]
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[box][center][size=200]The Education Act 2017[/size][/center]
[center][hr]Proposed by: [nation=short]Asdersland[/nation][/center][hr]

[size=150]Section One: [i]Preamble[/i][/size]

[i]CONVINCED [/i]that many nations do not understand the workings of the Union of Democratic States.

[i]BELIEVING [/i]that because of this, many nations do not partake in organisations and activities, which include them in regional affairs.

[i]PRESUMING [/i]that a specific, outlined curriculum to educate new nations in the region would best solve this issue.

[i]NOTING [/i]that this Act is not intended to create a roleplay environment within the region, and instead focuses on a legitimate way to organise attempts to involve the populace of the Union in the actions and politics of the region.

[i]HEREBY [/i]establishes a bureaucracy to solve the previously mentioned problems.

[size=150]Section Two: [i]Provisions[/i][/size]

[size=112]Sub Section I: [i]The Ministry of Education[/i][/size]

[*][size=91]The Ministry of Education shall be tasked with the following:[/size]
[*][size=91]Establishing a curriculum that shall be taught in the regional education system,[/size]
[*][size=91]This curriculum shall consist of education on regional history, politics, government, the procedure of the armed forces, bill creation, and any other topics of general importance as deemed by the Minister of Education.[/size][/list]

[*][size=91]Advertising and publicizing the educational system to new nations.[/size][/list]

[size=112]Sub Section II: [i]The Minister for Education[/i][/size]

[list=1][*][size=91]The Ministry shall be lead by a Minister for Education. [/size]
[*][size=91]This Minister shall be appointed by the Prime Minister on the advice of the Speaker and should be an active member of the General Assembly. [/size][/list][/list]

[size=112]Sub-Section III: [i]The Union College[/i][/size]

[list=1][*][size=91] The Minister of Education may sanction the establishment of the Union College.[/size]
[list=A][*][size=91]The Union College shall consist of  a series and grouping of dispatches or dispatch-like lessons on the topics mentioned in Section II Sub-Section I a.i., to ensure that the goals of easy access are attained.  [/size]
[*][size=91]The Minister will certify nations whom have taken the course and have passed the end-of-course exam in the material outlined by the curriculum. A test grade of seventy percent or higher is deemed as a passing grade. [/size][/list]

[*][size=91]The Minister is advised to take advantage of the regional forums to pursue to goals of the ministry.[/size][/list]

[size=112]Sub-Section IV: [i]The Mentoring Program[/i][/size]

[list=1][*][size=91]The Minister of Education may establish a mentoring program. [/size]
[list=A][*][size=91]The Mentoring Program shall consist of voluntary members from both the General Assembly and the Council of State. [/size]
[*][size=91]It shall be the job of the Minister of Education to establish a system that brings together Mentors with their Mentees.[/size][list=1]
[*][size=91] Mentees shall be defined as any new player to the region whom requests to be mentored.[/size][/list][/list][/list]

[align=right][size=75][color=blue]**Sponsored by [nation=short]Khevo[/nation][/color][/size][/align]
[align=right][size=75][color=blue]**Sponsored by [nation=short]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation][/color][/size][/align]
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