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Minoa’s NationStates General Flashcard

[center][font=Joanna Sans Nova,Gill Sans MT,Georgia][color=#00A4E0][size=200]Minoa’s NationStates General Flashcard[/size][/color][/font][/center][hr]
Please take this dispatch into account before replying to me on NSG, so you do not suggest something that I cannot actually do (like political activism or visit social media websites).

[sidebar][color=#00A4E0][b]My main sources for news:[/b][/color]

• [url=]BBC News[/url]
• [url=]Media Bias/Fact Check[/url]
• [url=]Reuters[/url]
• [url=][/url]
[hr][color=#00A4E0][b]Things to note:[/b][/color]

I am transgender to female: please use female pronouns.

I cannot engage in political activism due to my disability.

I am unable to give too many details about my disability.

I cannot detect sarcasm, and I do not use it because it may cause confusion.

I am not on any social network to curb internet addiction, and I have excluded myself from accessing social networks for the same reason. Please quote any social media sources that can be relayed under the BBFC 12[sub]A[/sub] rule (the UK version of PG-13).[/sidebar][color=#00A4E0][b]Ideology and political position:[/b][/color]

• Social democracy
• Mixed-market capitalism
• Civic or liberal nationalism
• Soft pro-Europeanism — as in focusing on the things that matter (such as the four freedoms, human rights, consumer rights, and climate change)


• Accepting refugees and vulnerable people
• Freedom and independence for the media and the press
• Multiculturalism
• The right to privacy
• Rights and protections for the LGBT community
• Universal income for the long-term disabled (including Autism)


• European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)
• Christian liberal democracy (centre to centre-right)
• High Speed Railways

[color=#FFC000][b]Irrelevant or Neutral:[/b][/color]

• Conscription (due to poor health)
• Religion (I do not follow any)

[color=#FF6000][b]Not a Fan:[/b][/color]

• Brexit (due to the lack of a unified vision from any side)
• Men’s rights movement (due to the frequent hijacking by misogynistic groups)
• Social media (especially Facebook, Reddit and Twitter)


• Conspiracy theorists, including Sovereign Citizens (or Freemen on the Land in common law countries)
• Denial of climate change
• Neo-Nazism (including the Alternative Right movement) and the denial of the Holocaust
• Mass surveillance and unreasonable censorship in a way that impedes general freedom of expression
• Racism and xenophobia (anti-immigration sentiment)
• Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

The State of Minoa