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Minoa’s NationStates General Flashcard

Minoa’s NationStates General Flashcard

Please take this dispatch into account before replying to me on NSG, so you do not suggest something that I cannot actually do (like political activism or visit social media websites).

My main sources for news:

• LinkBBC News
• LinkMedia Bias/Fact Check
• LinkReuters

Things to note:

I am transgender to female: please use female pronouns.

I rarely engage in political activism due to my disability.

I am unable to give too many details about my disability.

I cannot detect sarcasm, and I do not use it because it may cause confusion.

I am not on any social network to curb internet addiction, and I have excluded myself from accessing social networks for the same reason. Please quote any social media sources that can be relayed under the BBFC 12A rule (the UK version of PG-13).

Ideology and political position:

• Social democracy
• Mixed-market capitalism
• Civic or liberal nationalism
• Soft pro-Europeanism — as in focusing on the things that matter (such as the four freedoms, human rights, consumer rights, and climate change)


• Accepting refugees and vulnerable people
• Freedom and independence for the media and the press
• Multiculturalism
• The right to privacy
• Rights and protections for the LGBT community
• Universal income for the long-term disabled (including Autism)


• European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)
• Christian liberal democracy (centre to centre-right)
• High Speed Railways

Irrelevant or Neutral:

• Conscription (due to poor health)
• Religion (I do not follow any)

Not a Fan:

• Brexit (due to the lack of a unified vision from any side)
• Men’s rights movement (due to the frequent hijacking by misogynistic groups)
• Social media (especially Facebook, Reddit and Twitter)


• Conspiracy theorists, including Sovereign Citizens (or Freemen on the Land in common law countries)
• Denial of climate change
• Neo-Nazism (including the Alternative Right movement) and the denial of the Holocaust
• Mass surveillance and unreasonable censorship in a way that impedes general freedom of expression
• Racism and xenophobia (anti-immigration sentiment)
• Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Specific topics:

• Israel-Palestine conflict: neutral

The State of Minoa