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Federal Office of Appropriations & Budget

Federal Office of
Appropriations & Budget

The Crown Federation of Recon

The Federal Office of Appropriations and Budget is an independent agency under the purview of the Imperial Office that appropriates the Federal Budget for various aspects of government. The FOAB is usually an area to watch when defining new regional initiatives and the region's priorities.

William Ebersole

Federal Budget 2019



Agency Executive

Imperial Office of the Empress


Mr Pierre Kenney, Forteral Palace Chief of Staff

Federal Cartography Agency


Sir Neville Finch, Secretary of Cartography

Ambassadors' Council Administration


Lady Alexis Union, Secretary-General

Office of Appropriations and Budget


Sir Edward Dormoth, Director

Federal Tax Commission


Lady Tiffany Suffolk, Commissioner

Federal Disaster Response Center


Mr Julian Axburrow, Director

Federal Maritime Service


Admiral Simon Bolivar Jr., Commander

Grand Recon Railway Inc.


Benjamin Brent, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Federal Recon Investment Authority


Sir Francis Hopkins, Chairman

Federal Court of Justice


Mr. Treisvan Hrook, Lord Justice

World Assembly Mission


Prince Jacque Eduardo, Lord Delegate

Tanah Melayu Mission


Mr Jamie Jewelcutt, Ambassador

Federal Discretionary Fund


Administrative Costs

Regional Tax Refund


Additional revenue returned to member nations.

Total Revenue: $655,000,000,000

Total Expenditure: $224,646,000,000

Federal Reserve: $103,793,500,000+

The Crown Kingdoms of The Recon Empire