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Your Embassy Policy

We are a unique region. The nations in The NewsStand are people's puppets, set up specifically to deliver other regions' newspapers. Because of this, we have only a small number of nations, and no WAs. This may mean we don't meet the standard criteria for an embassy with you. It's for you to decide if we're worth making an exception for.

I think we are ;)

Embassy RMB Policy

We know that nobody likes their RMB to be spammed, so we try to follow these guidelines when posting our adverts:

  • We limit posts to at most once a week

  • We avoid double posting

  • At most two of the last ten posts should be ours

If you feel you're being spammed, contact us, and we'll try and find a solution.

Our RMB Policy

Adverts only, please. Unfortunately our​ RMB is not for chat.

Adverts should:

  • clearly state the thing being promoted

  • be under 60 words. (Like this policy)

  • link to whatever you're advertising

  • comply with NationStates rules

  • not put others down

Linked polls should be open to all.

Linked Factbooks / Dispatches must have audience appeal.

Questions? Contact us.