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The Union Post Issue 3

The Union Post

The UDS News

Issue #3
Sunday, 29th May

Prime Minister Resigns in a Dignified Manner.
On May 17th 2017, a shocking event stunned the Union. A vote for a Vote of No Confidence was held against Prime Minister Zion imperium. Many citizens where confused and bewildered at the bill. The Vote of No Confidence was initiated by The Noble Thatcherites because Zion imperium was completely absent on the regional message board and in the region's discord server since April 30th. The Prime Minister has not attended the Council of State since then. This absence was originally justified by the real-life situation of Zion, who was ill and waitin for his the birth of his child.
However, noticing the poll, Zion imperium resigned from his post and called a by-election to the position of Prime Minister, the election will also be used to fill a new seat in the Council of State, which was vacated after the Vote of No Confidence against Cha phapolo. In his incredible speech of resignation the day after the opening of the vote, he acknowledged that he was far from the region, but that he loved the Union and was very proud of what he did for it. Here is an excerpt of his speech, "I'm not going to make a proper Speech, sorry but I'm not in a good place.I really love this region and love this game, it's wonderful. [The] UDS has grown and changed so much under my premiership, and I'm proud to have you served."
Zion imperium further stated that he was doing this to dignify himself, which was recognized by countless nations who acclaimed the work of the Prime Minister and would miss him. On the discord server, Zion claimed he was a disgraced Prime Minister, which was denied again by countless nations, who also demonstrated their sadness at his exit.
The premiership of Zion imperium began with a by-election convened after the resignation of Ayeris islands from the office. At the time the future Prime Minister was Speaker, Zion won the elections with plenty of clearance. As Prime Minister his first efforts were to create a military force for the region, known today as the UDS Armed Forces, he also created the Democratic Intelligence Agency.
He is also the Prime Minister with the most bills proposed and approved during his tenure. In his leadership, the Union of Democratic States left the International Trade and Defense Alliance and became more involved with FORGE, even becoming Chancellor of the Alliance.
But, Zion imperium did not escape scandals during its premiership. During his time in the highest office of The Union of Democratic States, the Prime Minister saw his party (the Liberty Party) become dissolved. This occurred because of the Supreme Court's decision to withdraw the then Speaker, Quantumland and the former Domestic Affairs Committee Chairman, Ethanoria for treachery and hacking, respectively. This caused fragility to the party, which was eventually dissolved by the Prime Minister.
Finally, Zion headed the Unionist Constitutional Reform Convention, which created the third constitution of the Union of Democratic States, this constitution ended the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Domestic Affairs Committee and created the Council of State, as well as redefining many functions of already existing offices.
Unfortunately his second term was marked by his absence due to illness and family matters. Regardless of whether it is shocking or surprising, there is no doubt that Zion imperium will be remember in the history of the UDS as a great Prime Minister who has transformed the region from a small region to a large and expressive power in NationStates.

Uncertainty about the Council of State

In the first week of May, The Union Post did a survey on government approval, 17 citizens responded to the survey. Suprisingly, most of the people responded that they “do not know how to respond” to most of the Councillors. With the response rate ranging from 11.8% to 35.3%, a strong pressure is now placed on greater transparency within the new house of the legislature.
Regarding Kanglia, 11.8% did not know how to judge his job. However, Cha phapolo, Lia-jennes and The united alioth states received 23.5% of responses from nations that did not know how to respond. Who showed the highest “do not know how to respond” rate was Zaegrad, who had 35.3%.
Regarding the disapproval rate (Bad or Terrible), only Kanglia, the general at arms, faired well above everyone else with 47,1% considering him good and 41.2% considering him excellent, totalling to 88,3% of approval. No nation considered him regular or below regular. Unlike Kanglia, The united alioth states had a low approval, with only 35.3% of the respondents considered his term as good (5.9%) or excellent (29.4%), but his disapproval is moderate with only 5.9% of respondents considering his time as councilor as bad. However, among [Alioth states’s] his partners in the house, he had the highest percentage for a regular term (35.3%).
The citizenry’s most divided opinion was on Lia-jennes whom had 11.8% of disapproval (5.9% for bad and 5.9% for terrible), this was the same percentage of respondents who considered her excellent. A large number of nations considered her work as good (35.3%), totaling 47.1% of approval. 17.6% consider the term as regular. The second with the highest approval, Zaegrad, had 52.9% (17.6% excellent and 35.3% good) approval and 5.9% disapproval (5.9% considered bad). The council also had a low number of nations considering it regular, only 5.9%.
From this data, it can be seen that the first Council of State is clearly unknown by the region and has relatively low levels of approval. In short, at this point, the Council is only an uncertainty of the Union of Democratic States.

Impeachment of Cha Phapolo Approved

This week, the legislature voted on whether to pass CL-24 or not. The bill would declare a vote of no confidence against Cha phapolo. The bill easily passed and she was removed from the Council of State. The bill stated that Cha phapolo has not entered the Council of State Chamber since her inauguration, which does not meet the call of her duty which is required.” as the primary reason for the vote of no confidence although the bill went on to clarify that Cha phapolo has also come frighteningly close to CTE’ing, on multiple occasions.” This bill obviously had plenty of support and it passed with 31 Aye’s no Nay’s and 6 Abstentions.

Executive Officers Appear with High Popularity Ratings

In the aforementioned survey made by The Union Post, respondents also answered their opinion of the government of the executive officers, the result was positive, since all were approved by more than 50%.
The highlight is Kanglia (General At Arms) and The Noble Thatcherites (The Founder), whom where both valued at 64.7% as excellent, highlighting the General At Arms which was rated as good by 23.5%, only 5.9% considered regular and 5.9% did not know how to respond. But the founder, had 11.8% people considering him good and 23.5% regular.
Khevo (Attorney General) and Relfa (WA Delegate) where both not dissaproved by the respondents. Each had 41.2% of respondents considering them as excellent, but Relfa stands out showing 35.3% as good, reaching the same index of approval as the founder, whom was still considered by 23.5% as regular. The Attorney General was considered good by 23.5% of respondents, 5.9% did not know how to respond and 29.4% rated it as regular.
The only one with a disapproval was Brittalia, the Speaker, who obtained 17.6% considered him to be bad, however, his approval was also high, 64.7% (29.4% excellent and 35.3% good), the same approval percentage of Khevo. The Speaker still had 11.8% of evaluations as regular and 5.9% of people who did not know how to respond.
The survey proved that executive officers are trusted and approved by the nations of the Union of Democratic States.

Citizens Not Enamored with Spring Government

While the government of the Union did indeed get some things done this Spring, the citizens of the Union proved to be much more on the fence as for their approval rating
In the poll conducted by The Union Post, it was found that while 11.8% of voters felt the Spring Government did an excellent job, 5.9% felt they did bad. The majority of citizens polled (at 52.9%) felt that the Government was good, but could have been better, while 29.4% felt they were “regular” in the way they governed the Union.
In short, while a majority of Unionists did indeed find this term to be a good, it is evident that the Union’s citizens were unhappy with the inactivity of several government members. It will be up to the Summer Government to rectify these issues, and get a larger support of the Union once more.

Intense Debate Between Candidates for Prime Minister

There were many reactions to the debate, both from inside and outside the Union. Among the ambassadors are Glaciosia and Democratic republic of denland, whom both accompanied and then praised the idea, after the debate Glaciosia endorsed Khevo for Prime Minister. From the citizenry there were many compliments. Everyone seemed to like the manner in which was conducted. The Union Post hopes that our debate helped the undecided decide how to vote. Kanglia even said he hoped it would become a tradition.

Declaration of the State of Emergency by the Founder

After the World Assembly Delegate called for the nations of The Union of Democratic States to vote against the proposal in General Assembly, Washington and fairfax, a new nation at NationStates entered into a discussion with Relfa (The WA delegate). Washington and fairfax began to argue their arguments and the delegate answered them ordinarily. After the delegate's opposition began to accuse him of communist, anti-democratic and dictator, the discussion began to be aggressive and other people had to be imposed so that the fight did not take dangerous routes to the Union.
A conspiracy began to be plotted by Washington and Fairfax, which was supported by three more nations, including the Founder's brother Talamthuaidh and two nations called Berkeley springs and Greater cacapon, all of whom were banished from the region by treachery.
After noting the conspiracy to steal the WA delegacy, The Noble Thatcherites, the founder of the UDS, declared a State of Emergency. His speech in full: "Significant Evdience has been provided to the government showing that Washington and Fairfax is trying to steal the delegacy of our region. I am now declaring a state of emergency as defined by the constitution. Our elections are now at risk. I will take all appropriate action to secure the region against these domestic threats. This means banning Washington and Fairfax, aswell as any supporters. For the record, Talamthuaidh is my little brother and he is trying to harass the region. I support free speech and expression." Now the region is password protected and Regional Message Board and the region's Discord server should not be considered safe to handle regional issues. The right of nations with embassies to speak on the Regional Message Board has also been repealed. To better deal with the situation, The Noble Thatcherites appointed Brittalia, the former Speaker, as Security Officer to help him stop this plot that threatens the security of the region.
The situation is mainly concerned with the fact that it happened in a elections time. Now the names of the nations that voted will be turned over to the Supreme Court that would check if all voters were eligible to vote.
Director - Relfa
Publisher - The Noble Thatcherites
Chief Editor - Brittalia
Writer - Kanglia