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The Leftist Assembly History Project: Episode 1# The Great Split

Cedoriaís Recollections:

The origins of The Leftist Assembly have their roots in a community called The Communist Region, or TCR for short. TCR was a region with a long and storied history, including several splits, a previous destruction and eventual refounding. By the time our story begins, the region had already suffered much, but had managed to secure longevity and was a community with a large presence. When I first arrived, New CSSR, the Founder of TCR, was still very active in the running of the region. Whilst I did not like everything about the region, I had no particular qualms about remaining there and making it my first home on NS. The community there, and the friendliness of its people, where what interested me in particular.

The delegate who was in power when I arrived in TCR, Kalrathia, had been in power for some time and was less active then one wouldíve liked. The election that brought Socathei to power followed soon after my arrival. Socathei ran on a platform of regional security and strengthening the community from foreign influences. He was easily the most vigorous candidate in that election and won by a large margin. For a period after that, I became somewhat disillusioned about the path the region was taking, Socathei seemed obsessively focused on ejecting nations not being seen as fitting the ĎCommunistí blueprint carefully enough, and very little attention was paid to declining regional institutions, an out-dated Constitution and stagnation. When a new position was created, Minister of the Interior, charged with rooting out those who were not sufficiently Communist, I ran for, and was duly elected, to that position in Socatheiís government. I was still very inexperienced but felt that this position was the first step to greater things and pushing for the reforms I felt were needed.

Whilst I now had a place at the table, it was not a particularly comfortable one. I did not enjoy being the one doing the banjection, and was frustrated that the government made little progress on other issues. Whilst a reasonably good regional roleplay was made for a while, there seemed to be little other activity. At this time, I was not aware of the personal tensions brewing between Socathei, then World Assembly Delegate, and Atealia, then serving as Minister of Immigration and Customs in the same government. However, I did become aware of Atealia calling for elections, which was duly rejected by the regional government, this troubled me slightly, and made me more resolved to work for democratic reform within TCR.

Elections eventually were agreed too, and Atealia ran on a reformist platform against Socathei. Whilst I barely knew Atealia by this point, and only really by reputation, I was deeply impressed by his principles, which I found similar to my own, and the way his thoughts were trending about TCRís future direction. I felt Atealia genuinely presented the possibility of democratic reform that I felt TCR needed, to blow away the cobwebs and invigorate the community into a more open and prosperous one. Knowing this, I believed the election would be a close one.

Indeed, many obviously shared my aspirations. Atealia won many votes, including my own. With less than a day left to go in the election, he was trailing Socathei by just one vote. Had this process been permitted to continue, this story might never have occurred.

But it was not to be, suddenly, and without warning or explanation, New CSSR abruptly banjected Atealia from the region, claiming evidence that he was a spy who had previously been responsible for destroying CSSRís previous region. Angry clamouring voices demanded evidence, my own among them. Socathei claimed he and CSSR had known of Atealiaís treachery for some time, but for some reason had allowed him to run in the election. I was immediately suspicious of their story, and made that very point on RMB, if Atealia were such a dangerous traitor, why allow him to run for election? Socathei gave no answer other than to promise New CSSR had evidence. At the same time, New CSSR disappeared for close to a fortnight, leaving Socathei to argue alone. Atealia briefly returned with a puppet to dispute Socatheiís claims, but then left the region to seek refuge in The Communist Bloc, a previous break-away region from TCR.

Several other members, most of whom are no longer with us, went with Atealia. I initially did not. I still had a post as Minister of the Interior and wanted to plan my response carefully. I was outraged by what had been done to Atealia, and the contempt with which the regionís population had been treated about their democratic rights. The event convinced me that Socathei and CSSR would never permit serious reform of a democratic nature, in effect, I now saw them as tyrants.
Instead, I telegrammed Atealia privately, offering him my support in the crisis and asking him what his plans were. Atealia replied he didnít know whether he wanted to stay in The Communist Bloc, and was inspired by my suggestion of creating a new, democratic Leftist region, one which would be molded along our vision of an egalitarian Leftist region, operating according to democratic socialist principles, without the tyranny, secrecy and abusive nature of TCR at the time. This became the Democratic Socialist Union (DSU).

We made plans together for this regionís formation, but I initially did not join Atealia and the other exiles who had fled the region, I waited several days for the region to become established before making my allegiances known. I did not wish to give Socathei a chance to justify himself, so I remained a few days after the banjection to argue with him and pin down what I considered to be his dishonesty in public. When I felt I had done all I could to expose him with his own lies, I announced my abandonment of TCR, and my government position, to join Atealia in DSU. I had urged other comrades to follow me there, and be free of the two tyrants.

Although our numbers were at first very small, several other exiles from TCR trickled in over the weeks that followed, some of whom are among our number today, Auven, Radestan and a few others abandoned TCR, with New CSSR being absent for almost a full fortnight, by desertion and Atealiaís banning, along with the severe disagreement this generated, rendered TCRís government inoperable for several weeks.

In DSU, we began the process of implementing the same program Atealia had hoped to accomplish in TCR, but by building from the ground up. Many of us were shocked, hurt and in confusion over what had happened, but from that frightening beginning, we had made a start to the story that would lead to the great community we have here today.

Personal Thoughts on others involved:

Atealia: Whilst I didnít know Atealia at this time, my respect for him went up immeasurably as a result of his candidacy and standing up to Socathei. I was outraged by what happened to him as I had begun to think of him as a genuine and sincere reformist, willing and able to make important changes. I think thatís why I approached him after his banning, I wanted to reach out in support for him, and in doing so I created a connection that did not exist before. He couldíve said no, he couldíve turned me away when I telegrammed him (as far as he knew I couldíve been Socatheiís lackey, I had voted for Atealia, but didnít know him apart from that virtually at all, I donít think we even had a conversation until this point). The fact that he did not was the start of a great friendship and I am extremely proud to have worked with him ever since.

Socathei: This individual earned what I believed to be an undying hatred from me for his actions. To set up an election, allow people to vote and then kick him out too prevent himself from losing struck me as sheer cowardice and arrogance. I felt sure he would ruin TCR in our absence and the fact saddened me. Many months later, he got what I felt was a just-comeuppance at the hands of the Mods, and his fall from power I did not view with any great pity. Comrade Socathei has since returned to TLA, under a new name, in more recent times. He has pledged to make no attempt to run for office again and I hope he honours that pledge (he has so far). It was generous of him to agree to participate in this history project, and I am pleased to be able to include, for the first time, his personal account of the events that occurred.

Do I forgive him? No, I donít feel able to do that. I donít really ever feel able too, the bitterness of what he did is too deep, and I have always been a better hater then Atealia ever was. But if he has truly reformed, I will give him some credit for being willing to do so. In saying that, I do recommend everybody read this account of his actions as a warning, and a message to never again allow he or anybody else like him with that sort of power.

New CSSR: Has since left Nationstates, with his region having fallen into ruin shortly after its abandonment for TLA. I have never had a conversation with CSSR since then. I do believe he ran out of energy shortly after that event, and heard a rumor he was struggling with some RL issues. If that is true, I wish him the best and hope he overcame them. Now I am more aware of his insecurities that were preyed upon by Socathei during that time, I view him with slightly more understanding, if not exactly sympathy. He does not deserve forgiveness from those of us he wronged, but I feel that he did what he felt too be right. Just a shame he was so wrong. I donít know where he is now, but I wish him well in his life beyond NS, and if he ever reads this, I hope he gets that message. In a way, his story is a pitiable one, since the events described in this episode all his old comrades have moved on, with he himself making only fleeting returns to NS as his region slowly crumbled over the months that followed. His comrades abandoned him due to his own actions, but it sparks a little pity for him in me that I donít feel for Socathei in the same instance.

Tuva SSR: Now New Tuva SSR. A former enemy of Atealiaís back in his TCR days, I thought he could be used as a proxy to damage Socathei when I left TCR. He did indeed cause some damage to the regime, and I am grateful for that. He eventually followed us into DSU, becoming one of the more colourful members of that community. He remains in TLA to this day, and our relationship has had its ups-and-downs, but he has become a permanent part of this region, and, I hope he doesnít mind me saying, has grown up a lot since the time described in this episode.

Auven: The first comrade to join us in DSU, and still an active member of this community. Still somebody who is willing to get involved and make a difference. I have always respected his bluntness and willingness to speak his mind. May the future be kind to him, as he showed him a true believer in the vision we had on that day.

Atealia's Perspective:

TLA is a long-term dream for me. I started out in TCR over three years ago and the idea of a democratically run region was in my mind the moment Socathei won his first term as delegate against Columette. I never had a problem with Socathei at the time but I was wary of his calls for the removal of suspected capitalists. But I kept quiet and let things go on, even helping orchestrate a major purge of over twenty citizens while serving as Minister of Customs/Immigration (Something I've since come to regret).

By the time three months had rolled around it seemed as though everyone had forgotten about elections, I figured it was cause for concern but as long as I noticed we can still get them started. After making mention of it on the RMB I was spoken to in Private by Socathei who had told me that He and New CSSR had decided that elections were no longer needed because things were going well, I'd rejected this notion which began a heated argument between the two of us. I still have the last message of the interaction where he referred to me as a ďDemocratic Pain in the AssĒ which is one of my favourite descriptions I've heard somebody give me.

Once again I kept quiet as I figured that if the region wanted elections then others would bring it up. Sure enough, a member named 'The Great Norse Empire' made a call for elections and others followed suit. I had initially made no plans to run in the elections but seeing as Columette was gone and Radestan, who was the person I most heavily agreed with back then decided not to run I took it upon myself to do so in protest of Socathei and CSSR, I wrote out my goals for the region (all of which would be implemented in DSU and TLA with only the party system failing) and began defending my positions from Socathei supporters as well as CSSR and Socathei himself at times. When the elections began I did much better than I had expected to (in hindsight I had the third most endorsements and was very active in the community so it shouldn't have been that surprising to me). I was only a vote under Socathei when the event occurred.

When I woke up the next morning I had found ten messages from members of the region and those outside of it I had been in contact with, I don't remember all of them but I definitely remember Communist Bloodia (who has since joined Imperium Slavicum) and I believe I had talked to Zenya as well. All of the messages were about my banjection, I returned with a puppet to find out the reason for this directly from Socathei and CSSR. Two separate claims were made. One was that I was an old member of the region named Communist Ukraine (Who as far as I'm aware is only connected to me via leftism and my Ukrainian ethnicity which is a pretty thin connection to make) and later that I was two people controlling one account and that this was connected to me being a spy. After arguing with them for a few hours I left with about seven or so members to join The Communist Bloc (Suggested by The Great Norse Empire), they were nice enough people but the region didn't really feel right to me and I thought others in TCR who wanted to leave would be wary of joining. Cedoria confirmed this theory as He was not interested in joining TCB, but instead suggested we create a new region, for some reason I never thought of this. With that, the Democratic Socialist Union was born.

Thoughts on others I was influenced and affected by at the time:

Cedoria: My closest ally and friend on NS for nearly three years now. We had no interaction before he spoke to me on my building a new region. But we've been working together ever since, He helped me build DSU by attracting more members to our community and further hurting CSSR and Socathei's position by abandoning the region with all those members, TCR was inoperable for nearly two weeks thanks to him. His involvement with me throughout the years has been invaluable to the success of our community and I'm forever thankful to have him as a comrade.

Socathei: I like to think of Socathei as my only true rival I ever had, I don't know if he sees it that way but to me, he's my antithesis. He was anti-democratic, manipulative and rather self-destructive in many cases. Honestly, though, I have no issue with Socathei anymore. At the end of the day, he lost so heavily in the battle of ideas that I have no reason to retain a grudge, TLA is built on my primary goal of a democratically run region free of a controlling founder and any for of dictatorship. Everything he stood to defend lost, what I fought for won. No point in hating him anymore.

New CSSR: Well before I ran in the election CSSR would send me messages questioning my identity, even if Socathei did manipulate him I honestly never trusted CSSR do to his insane paranoia and need for control of the region (He literally wrote into the constitution that we were required to be loyal to him). CSSR from my viewpoint was an immature and rather scummy person that I didn't like speaking to. I hold little empathy for him.

New Tuva SSR: Tuva is a... interesting guy. Our interactions go further than anyone else in TLA and I while I don't want to write out the entire history. I'll definitely say that he has changed and improved a lot from how he was back then. I'm happy to see him changing and still remaining in our community today.

Columette: Most probably don't remember them but I always looked up to Columette. They were smart, well spoken, and was the only person I saw just utterly destroy Socathei in an argument every time without fail. They were the primary inspiration for my political aspirations and for that I am grateful to them.

Radestan: to me, Radestan was like me only more confident and capable. I had always wanted them to run for the Delegacy in this community be it TCR, DSU or TLA but he has never done so, unfortunately. I hope to see it someday.

Communist Bloodia: I always liked talking with Bloodia, they were the first person to tell me the history of TCR and describe the leftist community at large. Bloodia has since changed from being Leftist but he's still a person I see as an important part of our history and for that, they have my admiration and thanks.

Zenya: Zenny is legitimately one of my favourite people to talk to. Not only that but she was key in sheltering DSU's community when it needed to be protected. She and I haven't spoken in awhile due to a problem I have with the Zennyist Ideology but I still thank her greatly for her help and wish her the best of luck.

Socatheiís Recollections:


There was a first call for elections by Atealia, but was denied as it was simply not needed as everything was OK and TCR was growing, especially with help of its new general named Lipno.
Then there was a second call and a bigger one with more members, so Socathei made a regional poll for which people wanted the elections. As the elections were progressing on NS forums (may be still found today if searched for), Socathei was leading only by 1 vote against Atealia. Suddenly Atealia was banned by New CSSR (founder of TCR), claiming secret evidence that he was a traitor and an old nation that destroyed CSSR's other region with another name.

After Atealia's banjection, a few members followed him to the infamous The Communist Bloc (TCB). TCB is another story, with other members way before Socathei's delegacy, that went to create their own democratic socialist region, which turned into a cult of personality around its leader Zenya, and had other problems with corruption that had magnified in this time.

While there was mild chaos in TCR, because CSSR went away psychically and left Socathei alone to lead the region. Thankfully to Lipno and other ministries, things settled down and started to prosper again. After some time, Socathei wanted to bury a hatchet with Atealia with words "Now you have your own region, so we both got what we wanted." and thus proposing an alliance with each other.

(Edited Note: Socatheiís recollection of events up to this point are applicable to this episode. He has very kindly provided a description of later events about his rule over TCR after this event, which will be explored in detail in subsequent episodes.)

Perspectives on the event:

Personal/Socathei: A lot of happened as you may see. CSSR, Lipno and especially I, didn't want to make elections, simply because things were working for the region. We didn't want the region fall into wrong hands, because it was already precious with a long history.

I came to NS around 2012/13, into a New Communist Region lead by New CSSR. My best friend Visegrad Federation was already here for a week and he introduced me to this game. He was more active in RMBs than I. When CSSR announced we can come back to The Communist Region, (I believe we had been kicked out during a raid,) the delegate there became a nation named Russian Federation. People like Zenya were there too. So after there was a conversation in the RMB about races and religions, Visegrad and me joined it, disagreeing with things like Islam and Gypsies. They were much upset and they labelled us racists and kicked us out of the region. The Delegate, Russian Federation, banned us. In response, Zenya and several others formed their own region, TCB, which they wished to be a Ďtrueí democracy. After they departed, New CSSR let us return back. The new Delegate became Kalrathia.

But then Kalrathia "died" and the region was stagnating, so there were elections and I ran, just for laughs. Was shocked that I actually won. I remember coming to my friend's house and said: "Dude, look at your new delegate!" So this is the start, but don't remember anything significant that would happen after a few weeks. The region with a new delegate and ministries was actually growing. More members, more laws. There was a law that was accepted, you couldn't have any private sector, we the government tried to make TCR pure communist, hence the name Communist. Any suspicious nations were banned as they came. We were maintaining healthy 150-200 nations. Then there was a new regional map that I made, of which I was very proud of myself. I believe even Accia was maintaining it here for some time. The government started to be more authoritarian, because we had elections, but I always won and was elected for delegacy. I guess don't fix what is not broken. But after months without elections, we made a constitution law, that we have no elections unless for special circumstances. Wasn't that popular though.

After the first call of elections by Atealia and second time, I decided the make a poll first (also when I ruled I was always making polls with opinions on religions, drugs, social stuff and other political thingies. So elections were won and we began preparations for platforms and started it on ns forums. As said, maybe they could be still found somewhere. I started to be powerhungry I guess, I didn't want to leave the delegacy post, because of power that offered me and I really cared for region's safety and purity, although it didn't look like it I guess. So after the Atealia was banned, CSSR left me, because it was too hard on him, all this firestorm that was around.

Later I stopped checking NS, and my friend Visegrad asked me if he could go to TLA (or DSU, don't remember this much) (Editors Note: It was DSU. TLA did not exist at this point) and impersonate me. I was like: Ok like I care. He made a nation called Socathei Reborn and made trouble there, damaging my name even more. So I was like: stop, you messed up! Again I started checking NS and when I saw how people spoke badly in my name, I had to come. Redeem my name. I wanted to let Socathei die as a nation that did its good, its bad, its mistakes, itís apology. And have a normal nation-life again. I don't ever want to be a delegate or even have any political responsibilities here.

If you are new and want to be a delegate one day, mind this, it's full of responsibilities, time consuming, stressful job and your decisions and actions will be remembered, bad ones even more and it may destroy your name.

Opposition: Not much to say here, many people viewed me as a dictator, oppressor, the worst ruler of all along with CSSR...

Secretly: There were many operations involving me, CSSR and Lipno. Lipno tried to destroy TCB, which we almost did, but Lipno was banned for sharing a nation with some people, so the operation went kaput. About this banjection of Atealia. I didn't want Atealia to win the elections, so I manipulated CSSR and convinced him to ban Atealia.

Last Note: TCR is a history. Socathei is a history too. I wrote this for the true record as many people had a twisted thought and memory of it. History is written by winners, for their own cause glorifying their own ambitions. But not here. History is written by survivors and people that experienced it.

"IRTAE comrades"

Tuvaís Recollections:

I am New Tuva SSR, known as Tuva. A former Minister and common General Assembly candidate, I have mostly been relegated to behind the scenes work. You can still find me reading and posting on the boards, as I care a lot about this region and its members, since I have been here since the start. Which brings us to our subject today, my piece of the Regional History Projectís first episode. Please excuse any bad recollection or name misplacement, my memory is rather rusty.

During my time in The Communist Region, I was a low-level government worker always looking for new opportunities to work in the government, even if literally none made sense. I was quite immature at the time and was not liked all too well by my fellow region members. I often left for long foreign relations trips when I did not get my way and even served a brief stint as a Minister of Foreign Affairs in a long-defunct region unsearchable three years later. Despite my lukewarm reception at home after I tried to become the leader of a publicly-announced Secret Police and head of a rubber stamp Communist Party leadership, I always stuck around no matter what. However, over time I became very disillusioned with the increasingly totalitarian rule of New CSSR, an inactive and useless founder, and Socathei, a ruthless yet blundering dictator. I supported Atealia in his bid for the Delegacy and watched as the Delegate refused to relinquish power. When Atealia and others left, combined with the denial of my entry into the Cabinet despite the Minister of Interior (Cedoria's) express delegation of his role unto myself and my dissatisfaction with the executive branch I joined them soon after to become a founding member of the Democratic Socialist Union."

And that concludes Episode 1# of the Regional History Project! We hope you enjoyed this episode and I thank all comrades who participated in giving their recollections for doing so:) Please feel free to contact me with comments or feedback, and to suggest improvements.