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Countess Ambrosia Von Carstein

Name: Ambrosia Von Carstein
Date of Birth: 23 July 1986 (Age: 33)
Species: Vampire
Assigned sex: Hermaphrodite
Nicknames: Red Dove
Height: 174.32 cm
Birthplace: Sylvania, Bloodshade
Martial Status: Single
Children: None
Siblings: Serath Von Carstein (Female) and Helena Von Carstein (Female)
Occupations: Bloodshade's head of state, art model, tutor
Alma Matar: University of Sylvania, Altdorf College of Magic, The Moot's Academy of the Arts
Political alignment: Blood-Fire party
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Religion: Irreligious

Political compass


Ambrosia is the current democratically elected 'Countess' of Bloodshade. She's known to be one of Bloodshade's most outspoken, progressive and charismatic ladies. Also, her beauty hasn't gone by unnoticed. It is believed that her allure is due to her young age, seductive nature, friendly demeanor and aversion to using force and violence to solve a problem. In fact, Ambrosia is known to be a pacifist. Every race in Bloodshade has a history of martial ambition and prowess. Ambrosia is trying to prove that the sword isn't always the best way to deal with an issue.

Long has Ambrosia been a target for marriage by the high society of Bloodshade obviously due to her stunning beauty and influential position but most unusually, many elites claim that they wish to ensnare Ambrosia because her aversion to the theatrics of high society makes it challenging to acquire her. To them, the more challenging it is to acquire a prize, the more desirable it becomes. To Ambrosia however, marriage is nothing but a crutch and a curse as she believes that commitment will break her down into a demure, submissive house wife. Instead, Ambrosia prefers to have passionate but short relationships. Sometimes though, Ambrosia has long term relationships with people she cannot get enough of.

As seen in her official state portrait, she wears her signature black dress during official occasions and daily life. Despite the overwhelming amount of derogatory remarks coming from quite a spectacular number of people both inside and outside of Bloodshade including a number of foreign leaders, her comfort is clearly more important to her than the opinions of prudes and conservatives.

At the end of the day, Ambrosia is just a young and naive woman trying to have fun while making sure others can live a comfortable and happy life until they expire. She's a sweet and nice person to those who deserve it and an asshole to those who also deserve it. She will never hurt you physically unless you endanger her family and friends. She also comes off as an apprehensive and troubled lady at times mainly because in the nation's administration, she's surrounded by nationalistic humans, fanatically spiritualistic and militaristic Lizardmen, pretentious and egotistical elves, stubborn and obdurate Dwarfs, predatory vampires and finally, the unflinching Tomb Kings. Luckily for her, there are plenty of people in each race that are not stuck to the traditions and rivalries of the past, hoping that their nation can enter a new era of power through science, vigilance and cooperation.

Interactions with Deities

Isis, Nehekharan Goddess of Magic, Fertility and Motherhood: Ambrosia and Isis have an odd, pleasant two-way relationship where both serve each other's interests and desires. Ambrosia allows Isis to use her body as a vessel in case she requires Isis's powers to overcome any attempt at a violent takeover of the government, especially from the likes of the Queen and the deities supporting her. Isis, while not known for her charitable nature, shares pieces of her wisdom and power to strengthen Ambrosia in order to keep her a step above their mutual enemies and to gain good-will with the vampiress, hoping that she would allow Isis to merge with her soul permanently, giving birth to a new goddess on Earth.

Isis was able to hide away in the deep recesses of Ambrosia's mind but after a few months of irregular behavior, Ambrosia probed her mind and was able to discover the goddess's presence. Despite Ambrosia's disgust at such a transgression, Isis was able to soothe her nerves and set her sights on another threat, the Queen. From that point onward, the two would tolerate each other's presence and Ambrosia would never be alone, as she know the goddess lurking inside of her skull would be watching her every step with interest and in the case that Ambrosia felt lonely, the possibility of speaking to the goddess would never disappear. Over the course of three years, Ambrosia and Isis would warm up to each other and eventually have their morality and values come into question. Initially, Ambrosia strongly believed that absolute pacifism would always be the value she would cherish throughout her life time but upon meeting the opportunistic, hawkish goddess Isis who simply had to mention the threat of the fanatical Divine Queen or simply bring any warlike being that wished to eradicate her kind, Ambrosia's cherished values are slowly transforming her ideals, morphing her into a militant pacifist and a democratic crusader to some degree. Currently, Isis is attempting to coax and cajole Ambrosia into drinking blood by playing around with her sense of morality, using the argument that opposing her nature, no matter how repulsive it is to her, will only lead to disaster that could result in Ambrosia bringing harm and death to many individuals if fate wills it.


Despite Ambrosia being part of an affluent family with royal blood, Ambrosia refuses to live in the many Von Carstein family estates, living off of her annual salary of 70,000 Blood Echoes. Alongside her salary, Ambrosia makes a living by being a muse for creative artists and also holding group tutoring sessions for undergraduate students from the University of Valyria in subjects such as economics, mechanics and statistics. She charges 5 Blood Echoes an hour per student. Currently, she lives in a small, cozy studio apartment in downtown Valyria, which costs her around 8,000 Blood Echoes a month.


Universal Health Care, Marijuana Legalization, Living Minimum Wage, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech, Polyamory, Abortion, Clean Energy, Criminal Rehabilitation, Net Neutrality, LGBT rights, Equality, Constitutional Monarchies, Wine, Pacifism, Globalization, Foreign Vampires, Free Love, Space Mining and Exploration, Nordic Model, Cats, Gun Control, Cultural Diplomacy, Freedom of Information, Right to Privacy.

Fossil Fuels, Homophobia, Social Conservatism, Marriage, Artificial Intelligence, Religion, Alt-Right movements, Corporate Lobbying, Sexism, Racism, Animal Cruelty, Absolute Monarchies, Crackpot Dictatorships, Military-Industry Complex, Gunboat Diplomacy, War, Royalty.

Fun Facts

  • Ambrosia's a staunch pacifist even if that makes her a disgrace to vampires!

  • Ambrosia easily comes off as a childish girl but there are a few rumors claiming that she has an alter ego where she's a ruthless, pragmatic, sadistic, manipulative and stoic. Some say that she is deadly as she is beautiful but so far, there's no evidence to this and this is all slander.

  • Ambrosia loves board games and she has around 400 different board games in her family estate's basement. She hasn't played all of them but she plans to!

  • Believe it or not, Ambrosia's hermaphroditic being. Just remember, it's not nice to talk about someone's parts unless you're interested.

  • Despite being superior to a human in terms of power, almost every other vampire in the nation is more proficient and powerful than Ambrosia. Ambrosia's juvenile cousins can also manage to overpower her but that could probably be attested to the fact that Ambrosia wouldn't want to accidentally bring harm to them. Still, no one would dare touch Ambrosia because her uncle, Konrad, and grandmother, Isabella, are at the top of the food chain and are ferociously protective of her.

  • Ambrosia, as well as all the other vampires of her race, are not your typical vampires. They’re not helpless against sunlight, silver, wooden stakes, garlic and whatever stereotypical vulnerabilities you’re thinking of although some do prove more effective than conventional methods

  • Ambrosia can go from sounding like a typical valley girl to a sultry and eloquent British noblewoman, depending on her audience

  • Ambrosia's hair is around 1.5 meters long. It can almost reach her ankles if she lets her hair flow freely.

  • Ambrosia is known as a 'friendly neighborhood vampire' because of her positive interactions with the depressed and mentally ill of many vulnerable communities. She's been known to spend much time with depressed individuals until they're able to pick themselves back up again.

  • If it somehow wasn't obvious, Ambrosia shows symptoms of being a nymphomaniac.

  • Ambrosia loves cooking but she's rather mediocre at it. Complimenting her 'food' makes her elated but you'll probably have to eat it to prove it.

  • Ambrosia is in love with alcohol. Her favorite type of alcohol is wine and she probably drinks around two bottles of it a day.

  • Ambrosia has managed to not drink blood for her entire life so far. She believes it's barbaric to do so since she doesn't need it to survive.

  • If Ambrosia drinks any blood except for her own, she’ll go mad and probably kill you. That’s the price she pays for not getting used to drinking blood early on in her life.

  • Ambrosia’s grandparents terrorized human and dwarfish civilization during their many years as Count and Countess of Sylvania, which started centuries ago.

  • Ambrosia loves meeting vampires from foreign lands since it humbles her to think the vampires on Bloodshade aren't the only vampires to exist.

  • Ambrosia loves meeting aliens or people not from her home-world as she hopes that they'll be able to elevate the nation into the stars someday. Also, Ambrosia especially enjoys interacting with charming alien hunks or babes.

  • Ambrosia has always been irreligious since her family has always been opposing the gods throughout history in an attempt to become ones themselves.

  • Ambrosia is a masochist and the fact that she's a vampire makes her able to tolerate this trait due to her strength.

  • Even though she believes in equality, Ambrosia definitely prefers vampires over any other race when it comes to love.

  • Ambrosia has rejected 347 official marriage proposals so far. This doesn't include all the informal messages she's been getting on social media

  • Ambrosia really likes kissing. Sometimes, she might not be interested in the person she's kissing. She'd actually just be interested in the pure sensation of kissing itself. As you can probably guess, a lot of hearts have been broken as a result but she's improving by stating whether or not she's interested in the person in front of her before attempting to get close to them.

  • Despite being a vampire, Ambrosia practices High Magic, also known as Qhaysh. It is strange because almost every vampire practices the Lore of Death, also known as Shyish, and only Elves, Skinks or Slann could access Qhaysh, until Ambrosia came along.

Family and Early Life

Childhood and Origins

Ambrosia was born into the aristocratic and ancient family known as the Von Carsteins, in the financial district of Sylvania. Her father, Vlad Von Carstein, was the mayor of Sylvania and the CEO of Blood Dragon Industries, an arms manufacturing company, while her mother, Serena Von Carstein, is a fashion designer, working in Nefara Chanel. Ambrosia was named in honor of the edibles that were known to be consumed by the Greek pantheon to retain their immortality.

Young Ambrosia began despising the prospect of war ever since she was taken to war museums as a child, depicting the number of wars that Bloodshade had been a part of since the beginning of its creation. At that age, she had once asked her father whether any statues were erected in the names of those who would advocate peace. She received a sly remark and a denunciation of those who are afraid of the necessary evil of war, calling them inexperienced babes who would not handle the sight of blood. Despite that, she continued to separate herself from her father's ideals of violence.

Ambrosia's earliest exposure to education occurred in Sylvania, where a governess, Emmanuel Von Liebwitz, attempted to teach her reading, writing and mathematics. Her first book was "Perks of Being a Nightshade". Due to limited contact with her parents as a child, Ambrosia became very close to her governess. Von Liebwitz served as her confidante, nurse and mother substitute. The two spent many happy hours playing in Demigryph park. Despite that, she still had to attend public school according to the law. Ambrosia's governess was more or less a tutor for Ambrosia.

Ambrosia has two older sisters. She interacted with them during her time as a toddler up until they became young adults. The three were your usual loving sisters. None of them felt too jealous or intimidated by the other. However, Ambrosia leaned to Serath's side most of the time since she was much more emotional and tender, as compared to the aggressive and strict Helena. Since Ambrosia was the youngest of the three, she'd always look up to the two for guidance in life. Serath was always there to comfort her during her times of strife. Helena treated Ambrosia as if she was a loving drill instructor but more often than not, Helena would end up abusing Ambrosia without realizing it, thinking she was simply hardening Ambrosia.

Upon having the choice of making a living in Bloodshade or travelling the world, Serath and Helena decided to go and make their mark around the galaxy as well as spread the Von Carstein name. Ambrosia was too frightened by the idea of leaving her only home into lands unknown. Today, Ambrosia has sporadically communicated with her sisters to make sure they're alive and free. Otherwise, the three have never been together ever since they completed their education. They do occasionally come back home during Mondstille.

Education and intellectual influences

Independent and rebellious by nature, Ambrosia generally had a poor academic record at school. Fortunately, her governess managed to instill into Ambrosia the love of reading and music. Unfortunately, Ambrosia was known to skip school a number of times to practice the piano back home or simply lock herself in her room to read up on some of her favorite books, much to the disappointment and anger of her parents who eventually dismissed the governess, seeing her as a bad influence on Ambrosia. Ambrosia ended up being forced to swap schools, from the cushy private school known as Sylvania School of Secondary Education to the nationally recognized and demanding public school known as Valyria High School of Science and Technology. Her parents made sure Ambrosia put enough effort to be recognized so that she was put into the school's top division. Due to her entry exam scores, she was recognized as being the top of her class when it comes to mathematics. However, despite being able to achieve high grades for the sake of her parents, Ambrosia's lack of contact with her governess and parents coupled with the excruciating demand of high school caused her mental health to rapidly decline.

Despite being a part of a notable family of vampires, Ambrosia hardly had any incidents regarding her nature. In fact, you'd confuse her for a human if it wasn't for her fangs being noticeable every time she opened her mouth and to some perceptive minds, her eyes were clearly not human at all. However, these features combined with her friendly nature only made her more irresistible in the eyes of her human, dwarfish, elvish and vampire peers. Ambrosia was seen as a Madonna as one could say that she was rather narcissistic but unfortunately, to keep up appearances, Ambrosia had to bottle up all her pain and emotions just to maintain her image but eventually, she simply wasn't up to the task.

Due to her helicopter parents, Ambrosia had to always keep on switching to even more prestigious high school every time her parents felt that Ambrosia's limits were not being challenged enough. To cope, Ambrosia learnt to take initiative when making friends and would fall in love with whatever boy or girl she found to be endearing enough. She claims to have had around 40 partners, both male and female, during her time as a secondary school student.

Ambrosia steadily found herself sampling every high school clique whether anyone liked it or not. She was a 'Queen Bee', garnering attention from almost everyone due to her status and personality.

Ambrosia always tried to be friendly to everyone and never judged one based on their appearance or activities. As a result, Ambrosia now enjoys playing D&D due to her time mingling with the brains of the school.

Ambrosia has always been a dedicated athlete and whenever she wanted to let go, she'd mingle with jocks and engage in whatever sport she had in mind with them. She'd also look to the them for sexual pleasure due to her own licentious nature which would've been a scandalous affair for her family had she not made sure that none of her significant others talked about their adventures. This'd be achieved through a mixture of coercion and persuasion which would mean that she'd threaten them with false accusations of raping her, sleep with them periodically to keep them content or make their lives in school miserable by isolating them from their peers by using her clout. At the time, Ambrosia justified this behavior to herself because she felt that it was the only to keep herself relevant among her peers.

Eventually though, Ambrosia would find 'peace' with groups known as goths. Mixing with them caused suicidal tendencies to enter her mind as their self-destructive and hopeless nature rubbed off onto her. This led to her abusing drugs and causing harm to herself. She only began to enter these cliques at the age of 16 when she was nearing college. Drugs that can take a hold on humans cannot affect a vampire in the same way due to the significantly higher tolerance of a vampire's liver to such toxic substances. Ambrosia constantly consumed these substances out of her own free will in order to dull the pain of her newfound depression.

Ambrosia began writing books at the age of 12. Despite being considered as a negative influence by her parents, Ambrosia still kept in contact with her governess who had helped her publish a book called "The Ebb of Time" when she was 16. It sold relatively well for a book written by a teenage vampire, selling around 10,000 books in the first few months. Her mother and father had discouraged her from continuing as they had other plans for her. Vlad sent her to the University of Sylvania to study law and trade. Ambrosia's years on campus were punishing. She fell into depression as she kept on repeating the same behavior that she exhibited in high school where she would resort to life of drugs and sex while also managing to reach the standard that her parents had set for her. She was well known as a pleasure seeker in college and couldn't care less if the rumor was spread or not. Ambrosia was the founder of a academic sorority known as Zeta Chi, gaining almost 7,000 members in just one term. Most members were simply hoping to rub shoulders with a woman like Ambrosia, since she comes from a prestigious upper class family. This was where Ambrosia's intelligence would finally benefit people other than herself and her parents. Ambrosia was known to organize lectures where famous men and women of the business world would come to spread their knowledge and offer opportunities to members of Zeta Chi. While one would believe that Ambrosia finally wished to grow and let go of her emotions, Zeta Chi was simply another opportunity for Ambrosia to sate her social and erotic needs, grooming anyone that was desperate enough to desire her attention.

After four terms of university, her father died at the ripe age of 593 on a reckless monster hunt. Ambrosia became miserable and on the verge of suicide. Her mother allowed her to apply for the Moot's Academy of the Arts, giving Ambrosia, who had always wished to get into liberal arts, some hope. She majored in the Fine Arts and Dance while minoring in History, excelling in all three areas of study. Ambrosia also opened up another branch of Zeta Chi which was solely dedicated to giving students of the liberal arts the opportunity to improve their skills by mingling together. Upon graduation summa cum laude, she went back to the University of Sylvania and majored in law, in honor of her deceased father's wishes. She managed to find interest in law as she had studied history passionately and managed to link the two subjects so she wouldn't get bored out of her mind. She managed to graduate from the University of Sylvania cum laude.

Years later, as Ambrosia was already Countess of Bloodshade, she was admitted to the Altdorf College of Magic as she began to show signs of innate magical ability. It was 4 years of worthwhile melancholy for her. The teaching of magic gave her a newfound source of wisdom. You could say she felt enlightened by her stay at the college. Currently, she has a personal tutor who teaches her the ways of High Magic.

Becoming the Countess

A few years after her graduation from the University of Sylvania, her mother had also succumbed to death. Suicidal tendencies emerged once more but her uncle, Konrad Von Carstein, entered her life. He was Vlad's much younger brother. Konrad gave Ambrosia the opportunity to run for Parliament, promising to aid her all the way. Upon asking him of his intentions, he clearly stated that the Von Carsteins should do their best to come out on top and helping her would be the first step for greatness. While not saying so, Ambrosia had genuinely thought that Konrad felt sympathy towards her.

Ambrosia's bizarre and surprising stances on a number of policies made her popular among young progressive voters, with a majority of her votes coming from humans, surprising a number of current MPs in her swift rise to power. She also went on a high risk/high reward path, calling for increased transparency of the government's actions and even managing to receive support from conservatives that had fears of the government harboring corrupt and dishonest individuals that might or might not be dabbling the taint of Chaos. She managed to organize a number of protests in front of the Parliament during her presidential primaries and using populist rhetoric, which further increased her general popularity. One other action that increased her support tremendously was her support of the Dwarf Miner Union, which had seen its bargaining power weaken over the decades. Ambrosia accused a number of Dwarf guilds (particularly the miner, goldsmith and carpenter guilds) for exploiting their own people and using them to further their own selfish interest without concern for the well-being of their fellow dwarf brothers and sisters. Such an accusation was backed by eye-witness accounts of poor working conditions and records of stagnating wages. Despite the traditional and skeptical nature of Dwarfs when it comes to outsiders interfering in their affairs, once a number of incriminating documents were leaked to reveal to have confirmed the vampire's suspicions. A grumble arose within the ranks of the Dwarfs and a number of guild leaders had to concede to her demands or risk being shamed and exiled by their own people.

To most government officials, she sounded like a paranoid anarchist. However, her rhetoric and actions had captured the attention of the Blood-Fire party who offered her to become their candidate for becoming the Count/Countess of Bloodshade. She won the election with a slight edge over her opponent, a xenophobic human war-hawk from Reikland who was known for his ties with the military-industry complex of Bloodshade, much to the surprise of the nation's elite, including Konrad himself.

Some Valyrian political scientists attempted to explain her odd and unpredictable rise to power. They claimed that the breaking of tradition, from a noble, encouraged the people, both young and old to support her rise as her base believes that they have been dealt an unfair card by the elite of society, particularly those who are humans, elves and vampires . Others claimed that the prospect of a female running as Countess would be a revolutionary event in Bloodshade's history, spurring the populace into achieving the impossible. Ambrosia's charisma, wit and charm were also said to be major factors of her ascent. Some also say that her rebellious nature and energy made her a lucrative candidate as she'd be a breath of fresh air among the ancient fossils in the Senate. Some conspiracy theorists claim that she slept her way to the top, engaging in illicit acts with Bloodshade's rich and powerful. It could be possible but Ambrosia has angered most of Bloodshade's elite which acts as evidence against this conspiracy.

Political Stances

Ambrosia Von Carstein has declared her position on many political issues through her public comments and legislative records. The Von Carstein Administration stated that its general agenda was to "stimulate the economy, provide affordable and accessible health care to all, strengthen our public education and social security systems, define a clear path to energy independence and tackle climate change, strengthen our defense forces and serve justice equally".

Ambrosia is an admirer of the German economic model and she strives to turn Bloodshade into a similar welfare state.

Powers and abilities

Ambrosia possesses many of the typical powers of vampires. She exerts super-strength when facing her opponents and can move so fast that she appears as a blur of motion. Her senses are far beyond those of humans, allowing her to tell one's emotional state through their scent, hear things imperceptible to humans and see clearly in total darkness. She is very athletic, possessing great stamina, reflexes, and agility beyond that of humans. Her healing factor grants her great resilience and allows her to heal rapidly from her wounds. She's also immune to most illnesses and toxins. Ambrosia is an immortal breed of vampires, known as Higher Vampires.

She has the power to grow a giant pair of chiropteran wings to allow self-propelled flight. Her stare and voice are hypnotic and seductive, particularly to males. She can even induce sexual arousal in men and women simply by being in their presence but Ambrosia always attempts to suppress this aura by using her willpower.

Ambrosia is an accomplished and consummate user of High Magic. LinkShe is currently able to practice most spells of this lore but she is not as experienced and talented as most other users but considering those other users are absolute titans of magic (High Elves, Slann and Skink Priests), Ambrosia is still a force to be reckoned with and the simple fact that her mind is capable of manipulating such a wind of magic already makes her more powerful than any human mage.

In addition to her supernatural abilities, she is an expert hand to hand combatant and has some experience with small firearms. However, she's never had the need to use these skills in combat since she never wishes to engage in combat.

Despite all this power, Ambrosia is a responsible user, abiding by the laws set by the federal department known as the 'Guild of Extraordinary Citizens'. She finds little reason to use her powers. She also finds it distasteful to use her powers in an attempt to lure people into an intimate relationship with her. Either way, using her powers against other people's will is punishable by the law.

However, when one decides to provoke the Countess and push her into a corner with no chance of escape, Ambrosia can turn herself into a humanoid monstrosity, multiplying her own power as well as temporarily gaining the ability to use blood magic and being able to dominate lesser vampires or even weak-willed, frightened higher vampires. One believes that Ambrosia would turn into Linkthis kind of creature

Religious Beliefs

Ambrosia is a vocal and staunch 'heretic' as some priests have decided to call her. She has frequently projected her beliefs on live TV and can occasionally be seen ridiculing a number of different religions, including, but not limited to, Christianity, Islam and the Imperial Pantheon of the Nine Divines.

Ambrosia is irreligious. She doesn't deny the existence of higher powers. She refuses to worship or do the bidding of one but she does interact with them. The gods of Bloodshade have shown themselves occasionally throughout the land yet Ambrosia doesn't fear their power or influence. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them.

Thanks to her daring nature, an increasing proportion of Bloodshade's youth have joined Ambrosia in the way she thinks. However, Ambrosia has clearly stated that she refuses to become a figurehead for the irreligious populace as that'd make her no different than the Fay Enchantress, a Grand Theogonist, an Ar-Ulric and so on.

Ambrosia hosts a talk show every Mani's day (Monday) where she talks about religion and the gods. There have been times where she descends into rage, cursing the gods with every language she knows. Other times, she'll attempt to enlighten worshipers and attempt to make them forgo their loyalty to the gods through discourse and conversation.

Whenever she's in the mood, you'll often find Ambrosia organizing parades all around Bloodshade for the sole purpose of mocking and taunting the gods. She's even written plays where actors and actresses dress up as the depictions of the gods and find themselves in awkward situations. Ambrosia has taken part in these plays on countless occasions.

Thanks to her, Bloodshade has experienced an increase of irreligious people, most of whom are youth. However, a large majority of Bloodshade's population are religious. This has caused conflict between the conservative and progressive members of society. MPs have called on Ambrosia to solve the mess she made but she has clearly stated that she won't pander to the the gods. Some have claimed that she wishes the population to become a secular one nearing the end of her term so that she may secure another term. When questioned, she said that she hopes people see the folly of following a religion and begin to depend on themselves, instead of the gods. Some think she's just mad because Aphrodite has been picking on her for quite. This has been assumed because Aphrodite is the one Ambrosia enjoys ridiculing the most.

Ambrosia has been the figurehead in criminalizing or pushing to criminalize a number of religious practices such as sacrificing, dowries, infant baptism, the caste system in areas such as Bretonnia, cannibalism, infant circumcision, exorcism and self harming rituals. In fact, she'll go out of her way to ban any religious practice that she finds abhorrent. Even if she's not successful (this happens quite a bit), she'll inspire animosity towards the religious figureheads who continue to practice it and pressure the Parliament into banning it by hosting organized protests outside of the Parliament building. However, Ambrosia has made sure that any violence or harassment to individuals of a religious community would not be tolerated.


Ambrosia is widely known for passing policies promoting greater inclusiveness of homosexuals, ethical and religious minorities. She is hailed as a bastion of privacy as she has restricted law enforcement agencies from a engaging in invasive actions such as wiretapping, unauthorized call documentation, torture and eavesdropping.

She is known for being an avid defender of civil rights, particularly women's rights and children's rights, through the complete legalization of abortion and passing child abuse laws. Prostitution was legalized and those work in the sex industry were also given greater protection from harassment while also ensuring that safety and health standards were met, which theoretically should decrease the transmission of STDs.

Dedicated to saving the planet and not enraging the spirits of nature to rise against everyone, Ambrosia has enacted laws to protect Bloodshade's fauna and flora extensively to the point where a significant percentage of unnatural deaths were caused by wild animal attacks.

Ambrosia has stressed that the fauna and flora of Bloodshade run the risk of being endangered, due to the violent nature of their home-world. As a result, Ambrosia helped push for the creation of zoos and nature reserves dedicated to protecting Bloodshade's most endangered animals and plants

Ambrosia has also pushed for banning certain animal products. This would include force feeding ducks to create foie gras, slicing shark fins in order to create shark fin soup, fur farming and so on. Each ban, however, had to be preceded by a phase out period before it was put into effect.

Ambrosia has decriminalized the consumption of all drugs. Within the first few months of her reign, she was able to legalize the sale and distribution of soft drugs such as LSD and cannabis.

To Ambrosia, it's better to allow drugs to be sold through a legal channel that can be monitored or regulated, rather than let violent drug cartels do as they wish.

The social elevation of working class citizens can be partially credited to Ambrosia since she imposed laws that helped improve income equality and also created stronger safety nets for the impoverished. This came as a result of shifting the tax burden away from the middle and working class and towards the upper class, particularly the billionaires of Bloodshade, which does so happen to include a few members of her own family.

Ambrosia has also helped spearhead the creation of a welfare program, simply known as 'Poverty Relief', dedicated to providing assistance to poverty stricken families or individuals that do not have the capability to meet their basic needs by granting them a monthly stipend, access to a homeless shelter and opportunities to find work so that they may be able to support themselves in the future.

Ambrosia has approved of Bloodshade's long-standing policy of directly staying out of the petty affairs of other nations. Ambrosia also practices militant pacifism when it comes to politics. She is an advocate of the military so long as it used to guarantee peace for the people and make sure their livelihoods aren't disturbed, instead of throwing them to die at other nations for the sake of imperialism. Instead, she believes that the military should be used in response to the dire threats that has faced Bloodshade for so long, even before the formation of the nation.

Over time however, Ambrosia has suggested that the military be used more increasingly in an attempt to stabilize nations and ensure that the successor government of the target nation holds up the dignity of its own people. This came as a pleasant surprise to many war-hawk politicians in the Senate who were more than ready to support the Countess in her bid to directly remove crackpot dictatorships and ensure that foreign nations would have their dignity upheld, with civilian casualties kept to a minimum while the country's infrastructure and education are improved in order to cope with the transition into a stable state that looks after its own citizens first.

However, despite this, Bloodshade has a number of colonies in far away lands. While Ambrosia was not able to give independence to the nation's vassals, she was able to pass laws that would give colonial natives more autonomy while also decreasing the ability of multinational corporations from exploiting Bloodshade's colonies. Also, Bloodshade has not acquired anymore colonies under the leadership of Ambrosia so far.

Ambrosia continues to uphold the volunteer system and she is extremely critical of any politician that believes Bloodshade requires a conscription system unless the country is in dire circumstances (I.E: A Chaos Invasion, a planet-wide Greenskin WAAAAAAGH, Skaven Unification).

Ambrosia Von Carstein sought to improve the health of the Valyrian citizen, succeeding to increase the average lifespan of humans to around 80 years of age by enacting ‘Medicare for All’, a taxpayer funded, single payer healthcare system. The implementation of such a system significantly improved the affordability of healthcare, preventing patients from paying out-of-pocket costs and guaranteeing healthcare to uninsured citizens who previously could not afford insurance rates. Also, by placing calorie limits on fast food and forcing fast food joints/restaurants to provide important nutritional information to customers on menus, the obesity rate of the nation has been cut back.

Ambrosia believes that quality education is a right to all, not a privilege, and has enacted a number of policies in accordance to her view.

Ambrosia pushed for a policy that would essentially offer free, healthy, nutritious breakfast and lunch options to all schools across the country to lift the cost of feeding children away from working families and ensuring that all children in the nation have the ability to develop their minds and bodies without having to worry about the cost.

During her term, the Information Technology industry bloomed due to her cabinet’s wish to modernize the Imperial Legion, education system and healthcare system. Several government contracts were awarded to relevant corporations in order to fulfill this grand goal. This cemented Bloodshade's prominence as one of the largest and strongest economies in the Pacific, forcing many nations to be dependent on its IT industry to get a lead in modernization as monumental government spending was responsible in stimulating technological growth, resulting in more advanced AI and a new generation of cellular technology. Paired with Bloodshade's many university programs that promote the STEM fields, Bloodshade has a permanent and influential spot in the Pacific's IT industry as many people from across the region of the Pacific come to Bloodshade’s universities to pursue career in the field of STEM.

To keep such powerful corporations in check, Ambrosia has passed laws that would enable trade unions to bargain fairly with corporations and make sure that employees are not exploited. Any companies that attempt to shut down trade unions illegally are heavily fined and usually end up on a government watch-list so that national intelligence agencies could monitor a corporations transactions and communications, allowing them to check if business owners are illegally breaking up unions or punishing people for joining a union.

Ambrosia was always a lover of the arts as shown by her generous grants and tax reliefs to struggling communities of artists, painters and musicians. She's always paid fortunes out of her own pocket to 'artists in the making' in order to witness their work which led to an increased number of people studying art and music at college, inspired by their Countess's approval of the arts. Undoubtedly, this soon led to a new age of Bloodshade's culture proven by the influx of masterpieces being crafted such as Leriana's famous "Dance of the Manticore" artwork which was sold for $200,000,000 Blood Echoes in an auction house. An illustrious and upcoming composer known as Flerianos De Trout managed to garner 500,000 Valyrians to his concerts over a period of 5 year for them to witness his legendary orchestra performances.

Ambrosia is a significant customer of the book industry, supplying 1 million books solely for the Winter Palace's library which is available to the public. She's also visited a number of Valyrian high schools in an ambitious effort to press more students into realizing the benefits of reading, usually giving away books to any student that expresses an interest. Most of the time though, Ambrosia makes sure that every student is given a book, whenever she visits a high school. Ambrosia has also donated thousands of age appropriate books to nurseries across the nation. It's safe to say that the book publishing industry is soaring partly due to Ambrosia's efforts.

Notable relationships

Ambrosia is a promiscuous, charming, amusing, open-minded and lovable character. These are all qualities she knows she possesses. For that reason, she's been involved in countless relationships, including some with notable individuals such as foreign leaders, musicians and actors. Ambrosia has 20 current and concurrent relationships. Also, she's got friends from all across the multi-verse and while one would expect that she'd exclusively affiliate with like-minded, she has a diverse array of friends from different backgrounds and races.

Frøya: Frøya is the queen of Blodrike and Ambrosia's most beloved sweetheart. She is one of the few that Ambrosia contemplates living with just in case she somehow gets herself exiled or is disowned by her own family.

Ambrosia believes that vampires are the most beautiful and sexually pleasing creatures in the universe. While she is a staunch advocate of equality, she strangely can't let go of that viewpoint. The introduction of Frøya into Ambrosia's life only proved that point even further.

On one Winter Solstice, Helen and Serath Von Carstein, as per usual, visited Ambrosia and their family. However, this time, they came back with stories of a beautiful vampire queen known as Frøya. They sold Ambrosia on Frøya by saying that she's just like Lady Godiva but unfortunately, her grandmother Isabella and uncle Konrad were not too pleased with the fact that their little one was interested in a 1138 year old foreign vampire, despite them both being much more older than Frøya. To Ambrosia, her uncle and grandmother were simply insecure which drove her even more to meet this bewitching lady.

Ambrosia and her sisters took no time to begin their journey and finally meet this queen in person. They managed to arrive just in time as a new railway station was being opened, noticing that Frøya was rather ecstatic about that. Ambrosia begged her sisters for some privacy which soon ended up in an argument about who should be the first to enrapture the mystical Scandinavian vampire queen. Ambrosia won with a genuine sob story about how lonely she felt and her sisters conceded the opportunity for the sake of sisterhood. Soon after her victory, Ambrosia shoved her way to the front of the crowd and finally saw the queen in all her glory. Their eyes connected and Ambrosia was sure they'd meet again.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for Frøya to fall in love with Ambrosia's eyes too and soon after the opening, she offered Ambrosia a personal tour around Regnbuehavn. Ambrosia happily accepted! The two went around the beautiful steampunk city of Regnbuehavn and while Frøya was busy describing the areas they'd pass by such as the red-light district, steam locomotive factories and even the grand summer palace. From the start, Ambrosia had been subtly cuddling with the queen which she did not mind at all. Afterwards, the two hopped on Frøya's own personal luxurious train so that they could travel all the way to the city of Nattfjord. Ambrosia was treated to a romantic dinner with Frøya and you could say the two were quite passionate about the romance bit! As they finally arrived, it was night time and all that was left to do was spend the night at Frøya's palace. The place was rather extravagant and even outshone the Von Carstein residence known as Drakenhof Castle. Ambrosia was enamored by the place just as much as she was enamored by Frøya. For a while, Ambrosia had been helping Frøya build a model railway. The activity did feel rather bizarre to her but she found Frøya adorable for having such a hobby and she played along with her. As midnight approached, Ambrosia and Frøya slept together and you can assume what the two did that night!

This was definitely not the last time Ambrosia met her though. The two would continue to meet on a number of occasions afterwards. Dates would usually end up being a day of horseback riding, train rides, carriage rides, an evening at a theater or even just staying at Frøya's palace and building model railways! Ambrosia has grown fond of Frøya immensly. It also helps that Ambrosia's got a sultry British accent that she uses whenever she tries to flirt with Frøya which turns her on. Being an intelligent and naturally beautiful vampire also helps Ambrosia look desirable to the queen. She even helps Frøya with mathematics whenever she gets the chance.

The one thing Ambrosia's having trouble with is drinking blood. She often avoids looking at Frøya when she does drink blood because she wouldn't want to think about entering a blood-lust and harming her or other people in any way. Ambrosia usually covers her mouth whenever Frøya's enjoying a blood beverage as a result of her fear.

Regardless, Ambrosia is in mad love with Frøya and it doesn't seem like she's getting any less passionate about it.

Zen Pyrrus: Zen Pyrrus, one of Ambrosia's most ardent of lovers (at least before he eloped with his current husband) and still one of her most intimate friends in the universe, is the imperial consul of the Ignis States.

These two spirits met each other at a feast held in the land of Bloodshade. According to Ambrosia's memory, the feast was held for the sake of alien visitors that were not native to the Tegon, the world in which the people of Bloodshade resided on. At that day, Ambrosia was hoping to mingle with the crowd, parading herself around and letting her charisma work its magic but as with every social event, Ambrosia's personality couldn't bear being a sycophant to the many dignitaries and officials at the feast and ended up retiring for the night by relaxing at a corner of the venue along with the rest of her inner council. At that moment, Zen spotted Ambrosia and decided that it would be naive of him to pass up this opportunity of a lifetime, despite the fact that Ambrosia's inner council were staring daggers at the poor Ignisian as he was approaching Ambrosia, in the hopes that they could dissuade him. However, Zen's charming nature proved to have been too much for Ambrosia to ignore and the two engaged in playful banter which wasn't appreciated by the others around them. This simply gave Zen and Ambrosia the excuse to transfer themselves into a much more private setting: Ambrosia's studio apartment. The Countess excused herself and the Ignisian escorted her back home.

One could say that the moment the two laid eyes upon each other during the feast, they were infatuated with one another because once their privacy was guaranteed, Ambrosia and Zen could not hold back their ardor and lust. It was certainly a night to remember for the two as the two made love while the night was still young. However, what made that night even more memorable was the fact that the love Ambrosia showered Zen with resulted in him having a dreaded feeling return to him: Empathy.

There in the Countess's own home, the Ignisian lay on the floor, writhing in pain while guilt flooded his mind once more and in one moment, Ambrosia's consciousness was transported into the deep recesses of his mind where she witnessed the Ignisian's apprentice confront him for the destruction of a human-inhabited planet known as Earth but she was easily dispatched by her master or so he thought because up till this day, the sense of intense guilt she's inflicted on him still persists till this day, even after she met her demise. She still continues to haunt him and a worried Ambrosia now has to care for him and ensure his mind stays in one piece, considering that she was just able to prevent the Ignisian from taking his own life.

Meeting Amaki Astela nar Suurewie: Amaki, who Ambrosia usually loves to describe as a cinnamon roll, is the civil dictator of Fallen Albali and one of Ambrosia's most treasured and enigmatic friends and a potential lover if Ambrosia's social skills manage to break down Amaki's mental wall which has finally been broken recently and now, the two are extremely passionate lovers who see each other better halves nowadays with them also not being afraid of being intimate with one another.

Ambrosia found out about Amaki by chattering with her alien contacts and friends. One alien, a former grand admiral of a currently extinct galactic empire, spoke about a civil dictator that was able to resist and fight back against even more alien invaders outside of their galaxy. Upon demanding to know more about this civil dictator, Amaki, the former admiral obliged and gave her access to a data-pad, containing information about herself and her likeness. Paradoxically, despite Ambrosia's pacifist nature, she admired her ferocity and this pleasantly reminded her of the past warrior-aristocrats of her homeland. Thanks to the admiral's grand stories about this mysterious lady, Ambrosia managed to grab the attention of a famous smuggler. She had to attest to his exorbitant demands just so she could be smuggled into the Free City of Roulons and finally meet Amaki.

Ambrosia was implanted with a language chip to speak Albalian automatically and through the smuggler's professionally crafted forged paperwork, guile and a bit of stealth, Ambrosia was delivered almost directly to the home of the lady that Ambrosia was desperate to meet. However, it turned out Amaki was tipped by Ambrosia's admiral acquaintance, who vouched for her character. The smuggler managed to make up an excuse about having meet up with another client before Amaki could interrogate him but it didn't seem like she cared.

Upon meeting the notorious lady herself, Ambrosia was rather surprised to encounter a cold and hostile demeanor who also seemed rather suspicious of Ambrosia's intentions. It didn't matter to Ambrosia and she got down to business, simply taking a seat right next to Amaki and only slightly scooting away from her every time she gave Ambrosia the "I'm about to rip your fangs off" look.

Ambrosia humbly introduced herself as the leader of a far away confederation of nations in a planet that's light years away. She talked about the gods that inhabited her planet and she even showed Amaki pictures of her being smashed at a divine party which was apparently taken by the God of Wine himself, according to Ambrosia. She pointed out the many other gods present at such a party. To Amaki's surprise, Ambrosia instantly said she's irreligious despite all the proof that divine beings exist (Divine to Ambrosia at least). The vampire went on to explain her platform like as if she was the hipster reincarnation of Plato and to her delight, Amaki responded briefly but positively about Ambrosia's stance. However, Ambrosia detected Amaki's somber tone, which only made Ambrosia aggressively curious about what she was trying to hide. With this little bit of approval, Ambrosia recklessly tried to bring up some risque humor to the table, in an atrocious attempt to woo the fetching canine dictator, which was only met with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. Ambrosia retreated but she could've sworn she saw her face go red. Regardless, Ambrosia just wanted to playfully indicate that she was not a prude and hoped to reel in Amaki with one fell pick up line.

After hearing Amaki's very reserved, prepared and robotic personal story as well as her tales of valor, Ambrosia came to the conclusion that Amaki has a powerful fortification built in her mind, ready to push back any dangerous memories lurking up from the deep recesses of her brain. It was rather obvious to Ambrosia. She had dealt with many sufferers of PTSD and Amaki was clearly one of them. Being the delicate, bold and compassionate lady that she is, Ambrosia took another risk by getting close and personal with Amaki, laying a hand on hers, and gifting her words of comfort. Amaki reacted in the only way she could to prevent herself from opening up old wounds and that was by angrily distancing herself from Ambrosia and attempting to provoke her. Ambrosia only gave her a warm smile, accompanied with a calm composure, and extended her a hand. Ambrosia decided it'd be better if she changed the subject and asked Amaki if she'd like to go back to her home planet and experience the beauty of planet with a plethora of biomes. She said they could use a friend's ship so long as she didn't ask any inquisitive questions about his career, life or his tall noisy furry mercenary friend.

Ambrosia simply delegated all her duties and tasks for an entire week that so she could take Amaki to every corner of her home planet. They went encountered almost everything that there is to see, from encountering living forests and titanic sea creatures to just simply kicking back in the nation's coziest and coolest night clubs. At one point in their trip, they even encountered a hostile band of diabolical Skaven but thankfully, Ambrosia was a fast flier since she's able to grow a pair of bat wings. Despite her wish to smite the rodents, Ambrosia managed to fly away, carrying a devilish transformation of Amaki, who was throwing every possible Albalian curse at the filth. All in all, it seemed like the diverse number of experiences that Amaki was put through turned her into a much less aloof individual, at least to Ambrosia. At least now, Ambrosia was allowed to enter Amaki's personal space and being the rascal that she's known to be, Ambrosia made sure to abuse that power so that with every unwelcome hug or touch, Amaki could slowly understand that Ambrosia was as harmless as a paper tiger.

Despite her appreciation of the trip, Amaki was eager to go back home and Ambrosia made sure that no time was wasted in organizing a trip back to the city of Roulons. Unsurprisingly though, Ambrosia was adamant to accompany her. She announced to Amaki that she'd like to shadow her for a month, in the hopes that she could learn more about alien culture and cultivate another relationship with a foreign galactic civilization. However, that was what her nation's senate wanted. In reality, Ambrosia wanted nothing more than to get closer to Amaki and see if she can break her the stone wall in her mind. Ambrosia promised that she'll be on Amaki's good side, communicating that intention in such an unashamedly sultry tone which probably made the canine dictator go a tad bit rosy.

Throughout her time as an apprentice of sorts, Ambrosia was able to prove herself as a competent clerk and was able to make Amaki's life much more bearable. The two would have an odd and fluctuating relationship. Ambrosia could get away with being as seductive as she could be on some days while on other days, she had to act more like a friendly and calm cushion. Hell, there were days where an out of place sound could cause Amaki to snap at her but Ambrosia always tried to be submissive and calm in such situations. By the end of what Ambrosia thought of as a social experiment, Amaki felt oddly happy when around Ambrosia and even though she never expressed such a thing to Ambrosia, her body language gave it all away and from that point onwards, Ambrosia made sure to always stay in touch with her adorable canine friend and visit her on occasion.

Current relationship status with Amaki Astela nar Suurewie: Ambrosia and Amaki see each other close friends although sometimes, Ambrosia's playful nature is too much to bear. The possibility of their relationship turning into a romantic one has always been teetering inside Ambrosia's mind while Amaki seems to be too afraid to make a move, like as if destiny is waiting to take Ambrosia away the moment she becomes Amaki's greatest treasure. Also, Ambrosia feels like engaging in a romantic relationship with Amaki would be too exploitative for now, as a wounded person such as Amaki would no doubt yearn for anyone's touch.

You'll find that while the two enjoy bantering with each other on multiverse forums, there's never been any real conflict or disharmony between the two, particularly due to Ambrosia's compromising nature and Amaki's social know-how. It is believed that Amaki is comfortable enough to allow the relationship to become more intimate, believing that Ambrosia is of no harm to her at all. In fact, one could claim that Amaki sees her as her as a spiritual savior or guardian angel, in the sense that Ambrosia is able to alleviate the pain in Amaki's soul simply by being her considerate, cheery self when around Amaki.

Imagine a dog in a cold, dark room inside shelter that's filled with nothing but the sounds of its own anguished barking, attempting to forget about the pain inflicted upon it by any means necessary. One day though, that dog found an odd being. One that was its polar opposite who ended up adopting the poor thing. A being so filled with optimism and joy that eventually, the dog's deep pain was replaced with genuine, newfound hope over time and with time, that dog would finally learn to live, instead of survive. This scenario could describe the relationship between Ambrosia and Amaki.

Finding a hobby with Amaki Astela nar Suurewie: Considering her workaholic nature, one could say that Amaki is not the type of person who'd waste her time engaging in frivolous activities when she could simply be spending that time bettering her nation. However, upon meeting Ambrosia, that would soon change.

Ambrosia was unaware of the existence of anthropomorphic beings so upon meeting Amaki, she simply believed Amaki to be an evolved sentient canine. While getting to know Amaki, Ambrosia tried to think up of ways to help out Amaki's mental state and a hobby would certainly get her on that path to mental recovery. To Ambrosia, a woman such as Amaki is only setting herself up for an extremely dangerous outburst of anger if she can't find way to let off steam in a safe way that does not include harming others. Ambrosia attempted to push Amaki into finding a hobby that both of them could enjoy. Ambrosia tried to share the joys of cooking with her but that failed as Amaki complained about the inefficient nature of cooking, stating that she could do so much work while munching down on an MRE before Ambrosia could whip up a plate of spaghetti. After being dejected by the rejection of her cooking, Ambrosia attempted to introduce Amaki to the wild side of nightlife but Amaki was simply too rigid and preferred more traditional venues such as bars or pubs where she could drown her sorrows alongside Ambrosia who would worry about the amount of alcohol she was consuming in one night, rather than let her hair down at a crowded night club.

After many failed attempts, Ambrosia accidentally found an odd solution when she stumbled into Amaki's bedroom where she spotted a leash lying around. Amaki was almost going to unleash a barrage of expletives towards Ambrosia for snooping around her bedroom but upon noticing Ambrosia holding her leash, in the span of a second, Amaki went from furious to curious which Ambrosia found rather frightening at first. Ambrosia would be lying if she didn't spot a hint of excitement in Amaki's eyes and that's when the realization hit her, Amaki, despite her sentience, shares many traits with a canine, similar to how humans share traits with monkeys. She realized that the leash was the best way to engage with Amaki and earn her trust. That's what Ambrosia believed though. For all she knew, Amaki simply loved to be at the end of a leash.

Chances are that Amaki simply enjoyed being on a leash and her docile nature emerged when she realized she could trust someone like Ambrosia to pleasure her. On the other hand, Ambrosia innocently thought she was simply walking a sentient dog and saw no problem at all with what could be considered as a questionable, degenerate act of domination by her own people back home, regardless of Amaki's species.

As soon as Ambrosia suggested that Amaki could go for a walk, Amaki's head already went through the leash and was tugging at it which prompted Ambrosia to secure the leash so she could finally take an impatient Amaki for her long awaited walk. At first, Ambrosia thought she'd be harassed by Amaki's people for having their leader on a leash but she was simply met with indifference or approval from the majority of pedestrians that observed them. It seemed that people were surprised that Amaki found joy in something other than her work. The walk with Amaki seemed to be rather enjoyable to Ambrosia too because despite her theory about Amaki being similar to canines, Ambrosia couldn't deny the sense of satisfaction gained from having another woman on a leash. It reminded Ambrosia of her days back in university but she decided to brush away such thoughts and focus on taking care of Amaki.

Her experience from her volunteer work with shelter dogs back home was applicable to her walk with Amaki. She didn't pull on the leash in order to avoid hurting her. Instead, she simply tugged on it every now and then to make sure Amaki's attention wasn't drifting away but she still allowed Amaki to be the navigator, going wherever her heart pleased, knowing that Ambrosia was there to guide her in case she was worried or had second thoughts.

Ambrosia's mind almost (figuratively) blew up on Amaki's first walk. She never saw Amaki readily let her guard down and relish in an activity other than paperwork. It was a rather calming activity for Ambrosia as well and she felt rather proud that she was finally able to let Amaki enjoy something for once. What surprised Ambrosia the most was the leap their relationship took after their first walk. Before, Amaki simply treated Ambrosia as an interesting acquaintance that she could have a pleasant chat or drink with every now and then but after that, Ambrosia felt like Amaki treated her as a trusted companion. Amaki's demeanor towards her permanently changed after their first walk. She was much more tender and kind towards Ambrosia and was willing to pour her heart out more often than not, rather than act cold towards Ambrosia. Much to Ambrosia's surprise, their relationship became more intimate as a result of their walks. Before their first walk, an attempt at a hug would cause Amaki to growl as a warning, causing Ambrosia to awkwardly retreat and apologize. Now, Amaki's ears drop whenever Ambrosia moves in for a hug, indicating her content with such a gesture, and she now even returns the hug! With time, Amaki even preferred to walk on all fours Basically, Ambrosia taking Amaki for walks has caused their relationship to progress to the next level. It is safe to say that the likes of Cesar Millan would envy Ambrosia's expertise.

Zheneyasil Alexandrovna Slakova: Zheneyasil Slakova, or Zhen as Ambrosia likes to call her, is Zitravgrad's Chief Administration Commissar and one of Ambrosia's most treasured lovers although Ambrosia does try her best to make her feel special! Once Ambrosia had snuggled up with the gaffers of Zitravgrad like Kazimir, she thought a trip was in order and while the cold harsh wasteland was not something Ambrosia was accustomed to, she had found warmth one day when she'd fatefully meet Zheneyasil in a bar. Ambrosia, being the predatory romantic lady that she is, sidled up next to her and just started a conversation while also putting up a show by guzzling down vodka like it was no one's business. It's not sure whether it was Ambrosia's allure, impenetrable liver or gregarious nature that captured Zheneyasil's attention but whatever she did, her actions earned herself a first date with Zheneyasil.

While Zheneyasil's idea of a first date was rather modest, it did not matter to Ambrosia as she found her to be a 'lovable innocent cinnamon roll' which is a title that Ambrosia likes to use on innocent and humble people such as Ms Zheneyasil. Despite coming from grand beginnings, Ambrosia wholeheartedly admires Zhen because of the fact that she was able to pick herself up and make her name known to the people. While Ambrosia's content with the way things are going in Zitravgrad, you could say that she's insanely proud of Zheneyasil's bravery in being the 'odd one out' in the government. Ambrosia is somewhat secretly glad she's an atheist as well but she does hope that someday, she'll be courageous enough to stand against any divine being. Still, she has definitely tried her best to avoid bringing up the topic of religion among Zhen's orthodox family members.

Nowadays, when they're together, the two meet up wherever they want to but it's mostly bars, parks and night clubs. However, Ambrosia has occasionally went out of her comfort zone for the sake of Zheneyasil's pleasure by watching her practice her aim at shooting ranges. Ambrosia does try to subtly discourage her from the use of guns but she is destined to fail in that regard. Ambrosia has an uneasy relationship with Zhen's cat, Cat, ever since she accidentally stepped on her tail one day but she always tries to connect with Zheneyasil's cat for her sake only. Even though Ambrosia's dead awful at it, she has been trying to learn how to ice-skate with Zhen only for her to slip and fall, pulling Zhen along with her. Ambrosia's not giving up but she's certainly not getting any better. Regardless, these kinds of dates make for cute memories between the two.

Whenever the two aren't together, Ambrosia thinks up of love poems and writes them down in a letter which is sent straight to Zheneyasil's doorstep. Ambrosia's cursive handwriting has also helped her succeed at wooing Zhen.

While Ambrosia has had daydreams of her and Zheneyasil being a married couple, cuddling next to a fireplace while Cat judges them for loving each other, she and Zheneyasil can't stop hating the concept of marriage. However, they still do love each other probably even more than they would as a married couple.

Angie Francesca Scaletta: Angie is the daughter of Stanier’s 14th President, Sing Scaletta, and Ambrosia’s dearest girlfriend.

Once Ambrosia had cuddled up to the head honcho himself, Sing Scaletta, he was hospitable enough to invite Ambrosia to Stanier and she definitely accepted. Meeting and greeting the First Family was something Ambrosia and that’s where Angie came in!

Angie had seen Ambrosia for the first time when she was invited to visit the Scaletta residence. To her, it was rather appealing that she met a beautiful, cheerful and relatively old vampire like Ambrosia. It was definitely some sort of dream to her which Ambrosia happily fulfilled as she saw the poor girl go head over heels for her.

Ambrosia managed to sneak a message to Angie, much to her delight, so the two could finally meet up and have some fun together. Since Ambrosia had no clue what this strange place had to offer, they resorted to a trip to the cinema. The whole ordeal involved more cuddling and kissing than actually enjoying the movie but to both, it was much more worth it. Also, the darkness helped conceal them from any prying eyes or paparazzi.

Ambrosia felt affection towards Angie. She's a wild, bubbly and fearless (for a human) soul. It was no wonder that Ambrosia kept on visiting her. Despite the fact that Ambrosia doesn’t want to irritate her parents, that doesn’t stop the two from taking any of Sing’s car for a joyride! You can’t blame Angie for being sexually attracted to Ambrosia. When such feelings arise, Ambrosia would find herself bedding her without a thought in her mind although she does try to avoid doing so at times just so she doesn't look she's treating her like an object.

Ambrosia does her best to make sure that Sing and Angelina are content with the fact that a 30 year old vampire is dating their only daughter. Who can blame them? However, despite that, Ambrosia just can’t seem to stop herself from taking Angie out so the two can just live life and go wild like never before.

To Ambrosia, it’s almost like as if she met the human version of herself and that’s an idea she loves thinking about. There have been thoughts lurking in Ambrosia’s mind about giving Angie the ‘Blood Kiss’ but she usually stays away from that idea and hopes she doesn’t fail to Angie’s charms if the she finds out about it.


Despite how violent or frightening her family is, Ambrosia still loves each and every one of them to bits. She doesn't feel unnerved by the fact that they have fought and killed. The only case where she'd ever use violence is if their lives are truly in danger. Ambrosia's got many distant family members but the people that she's truly close to are the ones listed below. If her relatives were considered, this list would contain thousands of entries.

Isabella Von Carstein: Isabella is Ambrosia's grandmother. She's almost 3000 years old and there's no sign of her age showing. Ambrosia's grandmother was known to be a fierce and terrifying foe back when Bloodshade was split between different races. She and her husband, Ivan Von Carstein, became infamous legends. However, years before the confederation, Ivan died to a cabal of human witch hunters and Isabella went into hiding. Soon after the treaty of unification was signed, Isabella slowly re-entered society. She never apologized for the conquests she had with her husband Ivan. All she did was stay quiet and no one bothered her. Despite the fact that she hates violence, Ambrosia still loves to her about the many tales Isabella had to offer. To Ambrosia, Isabella is definitely a second mother but to anyone else, she's the personification of terror unless she's with Ambrosia. No one knows why she's so pacified when she's near Ambrosia and no one will. The best guess is that Ambrosia's calm and peaceful aura affects her grandmother in some way.

Serarth Von Carstein: Serath is Ambrosia's sister and the eldest of the three. She is probably the only reason Ambrosia didn't decide to take her life early on To Ambrosia, she's her guardian angel. The two have always been super close and they hardly ever fought except for when they were innocent little children 'fighting' over little things, except with more fangs, outbursts of magic and a touch of jumping around. Otherwise, they're soulmates. The only time Ambrosia ever felt disappointed was when Serath and Helena left on their indefinite adventure. Even though Serath told her a billion times that she should join her, Ambrosia still felt a string of betrayal but Ambrosia isn't a Dwarf. She threw that grudge out of the window and cherishes every moment when the two come back home.

Serath is a simple soul with not much desire (unless Helena pushes her on) in her life other than making sure her sisters live their life to their fullest. She does hope that once Ambrosia's done with politics, they can travel across worlds and get their name known.

Helena Von Carstein: Helena is also Ambrosia's dear sister and the middle child. To Ambrosia Helena is, as previously stated, a loving drill instructor. She wants Ambrosia to do her best and sometimes expresses it in ways that can hurt her feelings and body. To a human observer, Helena would clearly be abusing and bullying Ambrosia. For example, Helena does tend to sink her fangs into Ambrosia whenever she makes a mistake back when they studied in college. However, Ambrosia and Helena would not ever believe that they're in an abusive relationship, just a rough one.

Helena is an extremely traditional and conservative vampire as opposed to her two sisters, Ambrosia and Serath. At times, she betrays herself as a vampire supremacist but her elders usually put Helena in her place, not necessarily 'correcting' her thoughts but making sure she doesn't burden the family with negative publicity. Additionally, she loves the idea of being a part of a noble vampire bloodline. She always uses that fact as an ego-booster whenever she's intimidated by someone. Helena attempts to avoid arguing with Ambrosia but they often do find themselves having heated conversations, especially regarding pacifism. Helena is also a rather sex driven creature and that's very well known among her family members although they keep on disciplining and chastising her. However, it's already become a problem as she has already given birth to a number of human-vampire hybrids, during her adventures, because she just couldn't contain her urges.