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Dagordh Class Nuclear Attack Submarine

Dagordh Class SSN

Name: Dagordh Class

Builders: Hunter Defence Systems

Place of Origin: Noronica

Cost Per Unit: $1.01 billion

General Characteristics

Displacement: 7,700 tons

Length: 384 ft (117.04 m)

Beam: 40 ft (12.19 m)

Power & Propulsion:
- 1 x OCES LinkPWR reactor
- 2 x Quentin 600 kilowatt diesel generators

- Surfaced: 20 knots
- Submerged: 30+ knots

Complement: 92

Range: Unlimited

Endurance: Unlimited except for food and maintenance

Sensors and processing systems:
- LinkType S5 Sonar
- Echosounder
- 2 Optronic masts
- IFF System

- 2 x 12-cell VLS (Thunderbolt missiles) tubes
- 4 x 533 mm torpedo (LinkRedshark) tubes

Dagordh Class SSN


The Dagordh Class SSN is a Nuclear-powered Attack Submarine produced in Noronica by Hunter Defence Systems for the Noronnican Navy. It was designed to ensure low visibility, radar signature and infrared signature. Based off of the previous Noronnican Grand Class, the Dagordh Class is Noronica's second nuclear submarine, fitted with some of the latest regional technology, including the Thunderbolt cruise missile and a OCES LinkPressurised Water Reactor.

The ship is named after the word for 'war' in the Nyssic language.


Grand Class SSN (c. 1991)

The Dagordh Class programme initially began in 2000 after the Ministry for Defence conducted an investigation into Noronica's submarine capabilities. The class at the time was the Grand Class submarine which was the first Noronnican nuclear attack submarine. The Grand Class was developed from an old submarine from Keomora bought by the Ministry for Defence in 1986. As Noronica did not have the capability to construct the vessel, the Ministry enlisted the aid of the Keomoran Navy to assist construction. The Grand Class was riddled with issues, most notably the torpedo tubes which would jam often. The Ministry for Defence ruled that Noronica's submarine capability was extremely undervalued and was desperately needing to be rejuvenated. The Ministry then set up the 'Dagordh Class Program' in 2001 for a new class of nuclear submarines. Reinhardt Shipbuilding & Engineering won the contract to develop and construct the submarine. Several other companies were contracted for various parts of the submarine, most notably OCES, a company from Ostehaar which built the pressurised water reactor for the submarine.

The Dagordh Class is fitted with two 12-cell VLS tubes and 533 mm torpedo tubes. The submarine typically carries LinkRedshark heavy torpedoes and Thunderbolt cruise missiles. The Thunderbolt missiles are Athara Magarat made submarine-launched anti-ship, coastal anti-ship (AShM) and land-attack cruise missiles (LACM) developed by the Akash Company. The Thunderbolt only travels at subsonic speeds during its entire flight, although the range is longer than that of the supersonic versions accordingly. The Thunderbolt is fired from the VLS tubes meaning that 24 missiles are ready to fire at any one time. The Dagordh Combat Management System is an updated version of the previous management system on the Grand Class. The DCMS receives data from the submarine's various sensors and the results appear on the command consoles. The submarines also have high-precision echosounders, two non-hull-penetrating optronic masts which replace the need for a periscope, and an LinkIFF system.

The Dagordh Class is also fitted with the Type S5 Sonar made by Noro Systems & Armaments which is connected with a passive/active search and attack sonar suite. These are fitted to ensure the detection of enemy vessels.

The Dagordh Class is powered by a OCES LinkPressurised Water Reactor and is is fitted with a pump-jet propulsor. The reactor was developed by OCES specifically for the submarine and it has a 25-year lifespan without refuelling. The submarine is also fitted with two backup Quentin diesel generators.



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