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The Western Isles Office of Information / ℹ️ Helpful Links

New to the region, but not sure what to do? Interested in role-playing, but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you're just looking for an interesting read? In any case, you're at the right address! Below you can find a collection of links to informative dispatches that will help get you on your way.

Is there a dispatch you believe should be listed here, but isn't? Send us a telegram and we'll consider adding it!

👶 NationStates Basics



Frequently Asked Questions

This website's frequently asked questions - and their answers.

NationStates Guide

A long guide on many different NationStates basics.

The Complete List of NSCodes

A guide on how to utilize the code used on dispatches and the RMB.

View Your Posts

Look over all the threads you've ever posted in.

📜 Regional Basics & Rules



A Welcome and Introduction Dispatch for New Nations

A guide aimed at new nations to help them get initially involved in the region.

What Can I Do? A Guide for New and Intermediate NationStates Players

A descriptive list of almost everything you can do on NationStates, from issues to the challenge game.

The Western Isles Map

The regional map itself, plus a brief description of the map's setting.

Regional Rules and Conduct

A list of the regional rules concerning the RMB, the map, and treatment of others.

Additional Map Rules

More specific map rules.

The Western Isles Constitution and Executive Orders

All of the OOC government: the Constitution, the amendments, and the executive orders.

So You Want to Run for Office

A guide on how to best run for office in the region.

🎭 Role-Playing



Roleplay 101

A guide on what to do and what not to do when role-playing.

Roleplaying Tips and Suggestions

A forum thread on how to create and run a role-play.

Guide to Aerial, Ground and Naval Warfare

A forum thread on modern warfare role-playing.

A Bit about RPing in TWI

An extensive guide on how to get involved in role-play in the region.

On Military Realism

A guide on creating realistic military numbers for use in the region.

So You Want To Design Your Economy?

An expansive, chibi-fueled guide on designing your nation's economy in the region.

For more role-playing guides and resources, visit the Office of Role-Play's resource list.

🌎 The World Assembly



The World Assembly Guide

A guide on everything about the World Assembly, including proposals and endorsements.

GA Proposal Compendium: Rules & General Advice

A thread containing rules and advice on how to draft a General Assembly proposal.

Guide to the Security Council

A thread containing the rules of the Security Council and various advice.

🗃️ Miscellaneous



How to Help The Western Isles Grow

A list of ways to help give back to the region.

Presidential Recognition of Outstanding Nations

A presentation of awards to member nations that deserve special recognition.

The Western Isles Vision Statement and Goals

A list of lofty goals for the region.

Take Up Arms for the Isles: Join the Militia!

Our gameplay military force.