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State and Interior Departments

In varietate unitas - United in diversity




Minister of State: Amacoly

Ambassadors to:
[1] Group of embassies #1-15 - America JB
[2] Group of embassies #15-30 - Pavanpur
[3] Group of embassies #31-43 - Fifj

The State Department shall deal with recruitment, embassy development and foreign relations across NationStates. The head of the State Department is the Minister of State(MoS). The Minister of State will be assisted by a Director of Recruitment who will be in charge of managing the recruitment based policy of the State Department. The Department will also be assisted by 3 ambassadors/diplomats who will represent the region to their designated embassies. Representing the interests and policies of The Democratic Republic.

Department Policies

Embassy Requirements

The following are the requirements for establishing embassies with our region:
1. The region must have an RMB post from atleast 30 days ago.

2. Must have regional population of 25 nations with 5 of the 25 needing to be WA members. The consul may make an exemption to this rule as long as it benefits the region.

3. The region must have either comstitutional articles or be for the idea of increasing human rights.

4. They must have a democratically elected government, with most of their government positions being elected.

5. If a region requests to build an embassy with TDR, they must send a telegram on why they want an embassy with TDR

6. We will no longer construct embassies based on just special interests.

7. Must not be a puppet or storage region.

8. Can be either raider or defender just as long as they keep TDR neutral in their conflicts.

9. If we close an embassy, the region can appeal to the state department and consul to keep the embassy open.

10. In order for embassies to be constructed, the region must have similar values to TDR, such as democracy and roleplay.

11. The Democratic Republic consul can change these requirements or update the requirements with an unanimous decision of Aye from the senate.

Levels of formal Diplomatic relations

An embassy with the Democratic Republic does not equal being a formal ally but it is the first step in building formal relations with The Democratic Republic on a diplomatic level. Regional relations shall only be with regions that have an embassy with The Democratic Republic, with exception of category of "Opposition regions".

Regional relations shall be split into four different categories:

Regional Governorate - These are regions who fully joined and are administered by The Democratic Republic and are residents thereof. Will also be known as Governorate regions.

Regional allies - These are regions who have proven themselves close to The Democratic Republic with information sharing and mutual defense.

Friendly regions - These are regions who have had productive talks with The Democratic Republic and taken active steps to involving themselves in closer relations with our region. Also have a diplomat in our discord server.

Opposition regions - These are regions who have repeatedly shown to be a threat to The Democratic Republic.

Regions may be promoted or demoted by the Consul and/or Department of State.

Governorate regions of The Democratic Republic

  • Governorate Regions:

    • Commonwealth Federation

    • European Imperium

State Departments

Name of Department



Department of Recruitment
Manages the State Departments day to day recruitment efforts and coordination.



Department of ......



Where you go, We grow




Minister of Interior: Coastal Republican States

Herein lies the Department of Interior. The Department of Interior is responsible for the general upkeeping and managing of the Interior culture and aspects of the region of The Democratic Republic. The head of the Department of Interior is the Minister of Interior of The Democratic Republic, he also has the general job of advising the Consul on legislation while working with Speaker to achieve the administrations legislative agenda.
Interior Departments

Name of Department



Department of RolePlay Affairs (Made by Legislation)
Handles the day to day operations and set up of the regional RolePlay. The Director shall preside over the RP Committee.

Coastal Republican States


Department of Regional Sports
Manages the administrations sporting events and fun activities.

America JB


Department of Education
The University of the Democratic Republic is the official aid in any questions citizens, members, ambassadors, or any government official may have regarding their tasks, events, things to do, etc. It also is the primary learning system where you can learn about The Democratic Republic (TDR) history, learn effective leadership skills, learn how to use the different dispatches and factbooks used in our region, and so much more.