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Featured Warden: Birdkeeper

Instead of doing a formal interview, this time we opted to just hold the interview for our featured Warden in the public channel of our Discord server. The choice of Warden to feature was easy - Birdkeeper happened to be around at the time, so he was it. Birdkeeper joined the Order in September 2016, becoming a reliable Warden-Lieutenant and a great asset to our community. What you see here has been heavily edited to retain a semblance of sanity and continuity; the actual interview was much more chaotic, hilarious, and a reflection of the community we've built on our Discord server. High Constable Deadeye Jack commented on that interview simply with "This is so Wardens".

Benevolent Thomas: Chubbz, you are the featured warden, congratulations
Birdkeeper: Oh my
Birdkeeper: Because I am running XP? lol
Benevolent Thomas: Because you are online
Roavin: And responding
Benevolent Thomas: For the sake of the uninitiated, what is the origin of the name Birdkeeper?
Birdkeeper: Birdkeeper came around as an alternative name to Butterchubbz, as I wanted something different
Benevolent Thomas: I thought it had something to do with Pokemon. I guess you learn something new every day.
Birdkeeper: Naw dude
Benevolent Thomas: How did you come to find out about the Wardens?
Birdkeeper: That was through Roavin
Benevolent Thomas: The First Warden brought you in?
Birdkeeper: Originally I was part of SPSF, and through Roavin I discovered the Wardens
Deadeye Jack: Did Roavin make you defend after he started defending with SPSF?
Birdkeeper: He didn't make me, no
Birdkeeper: He gave me reasons and a break down to R/D
Deadeye Jack: And you actually joined the Wardens before Roavin did correct? What led to that decision?
Birdkeeper: I was spending more time on TGW discord than SPSF, plus I was a fan of the Dragon Age games, it seemed like a good fit.
Birdkeeper: SPSF also did some raiding, and after discovering that there are instances where SPSF military were on both sides of a conflict, I chose to resign and join the Wardens as a Defender only Org.
Benevolent Thomas: What is your favorite thing about being a Warden?
Birdkeeper: My favorite thing about being a Warden is just being a part of it. The people are great, the times here amazing during and after update, even while there is down time between.
Benevolent Thomas: What is your class?
Birdkeeper: As in my Rank, or?
Benevolent Thomas: Mage/Rogue/Warrior
Benevolent Thomas: Specializations work too, if you have one.
Birdkeeper: Hah that's easy
Birdkeeper: I am a Cleric
Benevolent Thomas: If you could raid any region, what would it be?
Birdkeeper: I would raid Kaiserreich, for the hilarity of it.
Benevolent Thomas: I like that answer.
Deadeye Jack: What is your proudest moment in NS to date, Birdkeeper?
Birdkeeper: My proudest moment in NS to date, if this counts, is that one post update where I became known for my stupid laugh. I still remember the image and comment.
Nakari: Do you have any regrets?
Birdkeeper: Do I have any regrets? Not really, I am enjoying my time here, just kind of wish I was more motivated to partake in Update when the time rolls around.
Benevolent Thomas: Nakari, Imki, Roavin. Coup, Marry, Kill - GO!
Benevolent Thomas: Very easy question.
Birdkeeper: Oh yeah, totally easy question
Birdkeeper: Coup Roavin
Benevolent Thomas: Coup is the NS equivalent to sex.
Deadeye Jack: Wincest
Benevolent Thomas: We've got Wincest
Birdkeeper: Best kind
Vincent Drake: Vincest
Benevolent Thomas: anyways, we need Bird's Marry and Kill
Deadeye Jack: tough choice since both people will see if you want to kill them.
Nakari: and will judge!
Birdkeeper: Marry Imki, and lead the sorrowful funeral of Nakari.
Nakari: ;_;
Birdkeeper: Sorry Nakari, I know Imki longer, I can deal with her crazy.
Imki: <3
Benevolent Thomas: Nakari is ded
Birdkeeper: Nakari <3
Deadeye Jack: Honestly Nakari is a national warden treasure not sure we can make you featured anymore :P
Benevolent Thomas: Tim do you have any stupid questions?
Benevolent Thomas: calling in the master
Tim: Coup TNP: Y/N
Benevolent Thomas: too stupid. my bad, everyone
Deadeye Jack: So what do you see in your future as a Warden and what would you like to see the Wardens do in the coming months?
Birdkeeper: I see myself leading Libs, and would like to see more Wardens participate in Update, myself included.
Canton Empire: I have a question?
Canton Empire: Can I ask one?
Benevolent Thomas: you're not a spicyboi
Benevolent Thomas: but I'll allow it
Benevolent Thomas: make it good
Benevolent Thomas: this might be the finale
Canton Empire: Out of all the big GCRs (Feeders/Sinkers), which would you serve as Delegate in and why?
Benevolent Thomas: BOO
Benevolent Thomas: thats a question you ask a normal person
Roavin: That is such a boring generic NS question
Benevolent Thomas: This discord is not for normal people
Canton Empire: How good are you at handling the warden's level of [explicit]posting?
Benevolent Thomas: we're all the best at it
Canton Empire: Do you even have enough salt to be a Warden?
Canton Empire: How much salt does it take to be a warden?
Birdkeeper: Lots of salt
Birdkeeper: and I am one salty bitch
Roavin: Not salt. Spice.
Roavin: There's a difference.
Birdkeeper: Its subtle
Roavin: Hawks are salty, we are spicy :P
Canton Empire: What kind of spice?
Deadeye Jack: Cinnamon
Benevolent Thomas: I'm a peppery spice
Deadeye Jack: I'm a sporty spice myself
Nakari: I'm ginger.
Birdkeeper: I am Cilantro
Benevolent Thomas: I think this wraps up a rather stunning interview
Benevolent Thomas: Next unplanned period of time, we will ask Nakari: Sugar, Spice, or everything nice?
Benevolent Thomas: Thanks for tuning in, everyone.

Benevolent thomas