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Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Nemo I

Empress of Northern Ateria

13 September, 1940 - Present

    15 September, 1940

    Prime Minister

    Preceded by

    Emperor Hendrik II

Crown Princess of The Empire

20 January, 1937 - 13 September, 1940

Personal details

    Born: 25 October, 1923 (1941; 17, 1961; 37)

    Gender: Female

    Name(s): Her Imperial Majesty

    "The Lioness"

    "The Battlefield Princess"

    Nationality: North Aterian

    Parents: Emperor Tragan (father)

    Unnamed Empress (mother)

    Relative(s): Hendrik I (grandfather)

    Hendrik II (half-brother)

    Spouse(s): Unnamed husband

    Children: Arthur Aterius

    Jacob of Marin

    Daenerys Aterius

    Position(s): Empress of Northern Ateria

    Allegiance: Northern Ateria

    Height: 5'5" (1941) / 5'9" (1961)

    Weight: 112 lbs (1941) / 130 lbs (1961)

“If you see something wrong in the world, you can either do nothing or do something...and I have already tried ‘nothing.’”
- Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Nemo I

Nemo I is the former Crown Princess of the Empire from 1937 to 1940 and the fourth currently reigning Empress of The New Empire of Northern Ateria after the end of the thirteen year long civil war known simply as The Rebellion in 1940. She is the granddaughter of Hendrik I, second child and daughter of her late father Tragan I, and the half-sister of late Emperor, Hendrik II. She is the last surviving member in the Imperial Family after her half-brother was assassinated in the former Imperial capital of Cariston, a city which had been besieged and destroyed by the Rebels during the war. She is the mother of three children: her first child and son Arthur Aterius who is the present Crown Prince, Earl Jacob of Marin, and a three year old daughter named Daenerys Aterius.

Born the second child and half-sibling in the Imperial Family, Nemo enjoyed her status like most monarchs including her father, mother, and her half-brother. A year before the Rebellion, Nemo and her mother fled from the capital city to a small Imperial community called Recoil Ridge in the Northern Frontier, disguising themselves as civilians. She and her mother lived a quiet, uneventful, and yet safe life in their new home as farmers; both daughter and mother eventually enjoyed farming together and with their neighbours.

Nemo’s peaceful life shattered in the Imperial-Raider War when a mass of Raiders, under the command of Warlord Gantas and his Three Lieutenants, launched an all-out assault upon her town, killing fellow townsfolk and friends. Nemo survived the onslaught, her mother did not. She, like most of the survivors in Recoil Ridge, fled to the safety of the Outpost where she can wait out the rest of the war; anticipating the war to end for the Imperials. The Imperials commenced a massive assault upon Warlord Gantas’ Fortress, decimating the fortress from its very walls to the very core of Warlord Gantas’ home, defeating the Warlord himself and sending him in retreat, thus finally ending his terror on the frontier.

Nemo rules over the nation as its new Empress, along with conservative Prime Minister Norton Fraser, who handles the nation’s affairs while Nemo serves more as a figurehead than a direct ruler.

Born in Cariston, the former and major capital of The Empire, Nemo was raised in a nation where words of popular rebellion spread among the peoples of the conquered nations under the imperialistic, authoritarian Empire. She was tutored at the age of three until she reached the age of six, her mother, the unnamed Empress of Emperor Tragan, grew fearful for her daughter’s safety over the predictions of a future civil war. A prediction she was right about.

Not long before the first shots have yet been fired, the Empress and her daughter fled from the Imperial capital, travelling across the continent and, upon reaching the Northern Frontier, hiding in the town of Recoil Ridge while posing as common citizens. Nemo attended the town’s local elementary school and volunteered for community service in Recoil Ridge which involve trash picking and farming. She developed a fond affinity with farming mostly due to the fact that the results of proper farming grew food for the community, much to her gratification.

Ten years have passed, while hiding in the relative safety of her town with her mother, committing herself for volunteer work, the war finally reached her. The 95th Rifles Company of the Imperial Third Army were sent to the Northern Frontier under the direct orders of her half-brother and current Emperor at the time, Hendrik II; stopping by Recoil Ridge to supply themselves for the long trek across the desert. Curious about the soldiers in her town, Nemo went up to a few Imperial soldiers, asking questions about their presence in her town and what their assignment is, questions they were not going to answer to her because of the secrecy of their mission. Despite this, she went to other Imperial soldiers and asked the same questions to them so that she knows what they were all here in the Northern Frontier. Noticing her daughter with the soldiers, the unnamed Empress escorted her away from them, apologizing for her disturbance in their mission.

While questioning the soldiers, Nemo proclaim to them that she is the daughter of former Emperor Tragan, the lost Crown-Princess of the Empire, believing she can use her status to force them to answer her questions, much to the soldiers utter confusion and soon their adoration for her adorableness. She became more frustrated and indignant (in a cute way) towards the soldiers when they didn’t answer, rather they commented her for being so adorable. When the 95th Rifles Company left her town, she grew more stubborn and determined to learn about the situation taking place.

After several months have passed since the 95th Rifles Company had left, Nemo continued living her life like normal with her mother and the townsfolk of Recoil Ridge, until her normal, tranquil life shattered. Her town became subject to an assault mounted by the Raiders under Warlord Gantas and his Three Lieutenants during the Battle for the Northern Frontier between the Outpost and their allies against the aforementioned Raider leader, Warlord Gantas. In the midst of the conflict, Nemo joined the scattered Militiamen by supplying them food and water from her home and encouraged them to fight on until help from nearby towns arrive to reinforce them. Help did arrive to her town, in the form of the Imperial Army from an Imperial outpost nearby who were ordered to drive out Gantas's Raiders. Her town was safe but it claimed the life of her mother and most of her friends in the battle.

Realizing she can no longer live safely in her town, Nemo packed whatever she can carry in her luggage and joined the refugees on their way to the safety behind walls and machine gun nests of the sprawling Outpost.

Upon arrival, she lived alone in a Tenement in the Far West sector of the Outpost with a clear view of the sector’s hubs and seaports and the Imperial Navy defending their territory from potential seaborne and airborne assaults.

Acceding to the throne, Nemo rules the New Empire from the new capital city of Marin alongside the provisional, military-dominated House of Parliament, the supreme legislative body of Northern Ateria. Though she rules as the monarchic head of state over the New Empire, she does not hold the same power and authority once held by her predecessors and, instead, her authorities are bounded by the High Command Council of the Imperial Guard.

Nemo is characterized by her humble and modest demeanour, she is often magnified for her capacity for inhumane kindness and gentleness.