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Report: Eugenics [WIP]

The Supreme Authority operates a substantial eugenics and selective breeding program, which oversees all human reproduction, and is directed by O-11. At birth, all subjects are scanned for a variety of birth defects, and whole-genome sequencing is performed. Babies failing quality control are packaged for recycling. At this point, the baby may be taken immediately for a specific role (such as Slayer cadets), or returned to the family unit. The child lives with his or her biological parents until four years of age, when he or she takes the G.O.A.T. (Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test). Depending on the child's G.O.A.T. scores, genetics, and behavioral reports, he or she is assigned a general role in the Supreme Authority society (e.g. Military, Industrial, etc.), and is transferred to an educational facility for the rest of his or her childhood. The child will most likely never see his biological parents again.
Genetic results and G.O.A.T. scores are stored within government databases, and used to assign family units. Optimization algorithms are employed to pair male and female subjects together in the way most likely to produce subjects with skills and talents in needed areas. Additionally, females are occasionally given artificial insemination, most commonly done to the daughters of Slayers and other elite military personnel (Slayers' sperm is banked before their implantation, to preserve their genetics). Contraceptive use is mandatory for all family units, unless they have been ordered to conceive. Unauthorized conception within a family unit is punished by forced abortion and re-education for both parents after the first offense. Conception outside of the family unit or a repeat violation within the unit is punished by forced abortion and sterilization, and either torture or enslavement of both parties. Rape is punished by death, and abortion is mandatory.
Although selective breeding has been in place for a few generations thus far, nearly all newborn subjects are close to the human baseline, and internal controls are present to mitigate excessive homozygosity or genetic drift. However, genetic modification, originally pioneered by the Slayers, is being increasingly used in several areas of Supreme Authority society.

"Genejack" Laborer
The "Genejack" is likely the first civilian application of Supreme Authority genetic modification to reach prominence. Male subjects scoring in the bottom one percentile of the G.O.A.T. for intelligence and below the 50th percentile in all other mental categories are considered for this modification. Genejacks are first provided with a basic education, with extra focus on obedience. They are then given several doses of radiation to their frontal lobe, markedly reducing their intellectual capabilities. They are given bilateral amygdala lesions to assist in docility and obedience, and castrated to abolish their sex drive. A spinal injection permanently impairs conductivity through the lateral spinothalamic tract, reducing (but not eliminating) their sensation of pain. Finally, they are given the Ceramic Ossification and Inducible Myostatin Inhibitor genetic modifications originally developed for the Slayer program. The end result is an unconditionally obedient and extremely strong manual laborer, capable of comprehending basic commands but with severely curtailed higher cognitive abilities.

Diplomatic Servants
Despite the Supreme Authority's notorious hatred of fr**d*m and d*m*cr*cy, the Overseer Council has long recognized the occasional need for diplomacy. However, the regime held many grave secrets, chief among them being the Council's existence. Therefore, Supreme Authority scientists developed a suite of modifications to create the ideal high-level diplomatic servants; skillful and attractive hosts who are incapable of betraying critical state secrets.
Future servants are selected from female subjects at 13 years of age, who consistently score high in beauty and emotional intelligence but low in ambition. They are provided with an intensive curriculum and conditioning in many aspects of refinement, hospitality and diplomatic protocol, ranging from languages, fine dining and entertainment, to sometimes even prostitution. In addition, plastic surgery is provided to enhance their appearance. But the most drastic modifications are given when the young women turn 18.
A series of intracranial electrodes is placed under the skull, connected to a remotely-controllable nervous stimulator implant. Particularly notable are deep brain electrodes placed to reach the bilateral hippocampi. When the implant is turned on, these brain areas are temporarily stunned. In addition, the women are given drug pumps that can make them cheerful and pleasant by remote control. Microphones are also implanted in the ear canals for eavesdropping purposes.
During diplomatic events, the electrodes and drug pump may be remotely activated on-demand. Disruption of hippocampal activity induces transient anterograde amnesia, rendering the servant unable to remember any confidential information from the event. Any shock and horror at her sudden neurologic deficit is suppressed by the drug pump's slow release of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (which may be combined with a weak opioid if the servant develops SSRI tolerance). Afterwards, her implanted recorder is downloaded for analysis by Unconventional Division technicians.
It should also be noted that some servants are given plastic surgery to make them closely resemble Unconventional Division agents, facilitating UD covert operations at diplomatic events.