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The Gateway

Greater Olympus Gateway

Mission Statement | Regional Maps | Citizenship Process | Role-Playing | Regional Government |Regional Consultants |

Welcome to the Gateway of Greater Olympus. From here you should be able to get to anyone of the many different areas of interest in Greater Olympus.

Mission Statement

Greater Olympia wrote:The Mission Statement of Greater Olympus is to create a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds to enjoy and contribute to the creation of regional role-plays and to establish a region that allows and encourages realistic constraints within a custom environment. We encourage our members to look beyond and challenge utopian ideals and to sink into the issues and conflicts that arise within their nations. We strive to be a community of not just Role-players but of friends as collaboration and good relations can lead to great work.

Regional Maps

Our maps are created by our Cartographers Winst and Velkanika.

One of Greater Olympus' greatest draws is our regional map. Unique in Nationstates, our map features the details of an Earth Map with the creativity of a custom one. This is achieved through the addition of resources and development level giving each player the ability to create a well-rounded and interesting nation.

Citizenship Process

Citizenship in Greater Olympus allows placement on the map as well as access to our Canon Role-Plays. The process helps us make sure everyone has a similar basis upon entering the region and serves as a database for our members to easily access information on their neighbors.

Role Playing

The heart of our region is our Role-Plays. The limitations on what can be Role-Played canonically are based on the regional tags and for the most part, should be closed in nature. If you are planning a role-play outside of the tags we will try our best to accommodate and are fairly flexible.

Regional Government

The Regional Government is less of a government and more of a group of volunteers helping to keep the region running. There are two groups the Thesmothetes as well as the Archons. Each has specific duties and responsibilities to help make the region run smoothly. If you'd like to contribute feel free to sign up to do so.



    • Citizenship

    • Participation in Role-Plays or a reason why they want the position.

    • Must have a working knowledge of how the Region Operates

    • Fill out Consultants Page Information

    • Approved by an Archon


    Thesmothetes mostly just to help the region run. Helping new people learn about GO and NS as a whole. They are featured on the consultant page as well as the Archons. They may have specialties or some skill they are willing to help you with. They also deal with smaller things that Archons don't want/have time to do can be handled by them and so forth. It's a good place to help lead the region especially for


    • Citizenship (serving as a Thesmothete is not required but highly encouraged.)

    • Major Participant in Role-Plays in Greater Olympus

    • Must have created at least one RP in greater Olympus of substantive quality

    • A Writing Evaluation (may be waived if work within a Role-Play is deemed enough to gain an accurate understanding of their work by reviewers

    • Explanation of why the want to be an Archon and what they bring to the table

    • Fill out Consultants Page Information

    • Unanimous approval by existing Archons

    To Maintain Archonship

    • Be involved in two Role-Plays, one of which you must be hosting.

    • Run an event every year.


    The Archon's are dedicated members who help create and preserve the canon of Greater Olympus. They are tasked with helping coordinate and assist Role-Plays in Greater Olympus, from consulting to helping solve disputes. Issues of canon are addressed by them.

    Their secondary role is to lead the region by example. This means hosting and participating in Role-Plays. Each Archon must host an event at some point during the year. It can take many forms but should be a large scale RP in nature with thought and detail put into planning it.

    Finally, they are useful sources of information on the region and Role-Playing available to talk about building your nation and how to RP.

    Lastly, Archons are not permanent positions they leave and come back as time allows them to participate in the region. Don't feel pressured to be or stay in the position if you don't think you have time to do so.

Regional Consultants

Have you ever felt like you could use some help of a more experienced NationStates player? Below you'll find a list of active, knowledgeable, and friendly people who are willing to answer any questions or even just hang out and talk.

Feel free to send them a TG or leave a question at the LinkHelp Desk (Discord Channel).








Tero malstreciga/Meronnia




Adapted from: The Western Isles Buddy System (TWIBS)