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Imperialean National Armed Forces | Grand Imperial Army

Grand Imperial Army

Office of the Chief of General Staff

GS Frans-Malte Raeder (Mr.)
Chief of General Staff

Army High Command

FM Inga Meier Strauss (Ms.)
Deputy Chief of General Staff, Operations

The Army High Command is the operational command authority for all military assets of the INAF under the Grand Imperial Army. Contrasted with that of the Force Projection Commands of the Universal Defence Command, the main role of the Army High Command is to provide additional support for the Force Projection Commands, although it is capable of staging in its own operations in a completely independent theatre.

Army Reserves Command

FM Jonathan Fenrik (Mr.)
Deputy Chief of General Staff, Reserves

The Army Reserves Command is responsible for all reserve personnel under the Grand Imperial Army. It oversees all matters of national service as well as reserve equipment in storage. In times of peace, the Army Reserves Command is relatively small in size, although its mission is to ensure that the mobilisation process for the Grand Imperial Army is immediate and effective.

General Staff Board

FM Evan Dotzler (Mr.)
Deputy Chief of General Staff, Management

The overall development of the Grand Imperial Army lies with the General Staff Board, which also provides staff support to the Force Projection Commands for army units attached to units outside of the Grand Imperial Army. The doctrine of the Grand Imperial Army is designed by the General Staff Board.