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Paramilitary Reserves Command

Paramilitary Reserves Command

Office of the Joint Chief of Paramilitary Forces

AS Florin Codreanu (Mr.)
Joint Chief of Paramilitary Forces


Military Justice Tribunal

ADM William Myer (Mr.)
Judge Advocate General

The Military Justice Tribunal manages the military justice system of the armed forces. In times of war, the Military Justice Tribunal is also in charge of the management of the civilian justice system in occupied territories.


Military Police Command

FM Gilbert Dieschbourg (Mr.)
Commander, Military Police

The Military Police Command is in charge of policing the armed forces and ensuring security and discipline at all levels. Military personnel are first placed under the custody of the Military Police Command before handing over to the Military Justice Tribunal. The Military Police Command is also responsible for the policing of foreign military personnel in Imperial Royal Union.

Defence Investigations Agency (DIA)

VADM Erich Dudley (Mr.)
Director, Defence Investigations Agency

DIA is responsible for all criminal investigations involving military personnel and concerning classified military information. DIA has full authority to arrest and detain military personnel, but must coordinate such operations with the Directorate-General of Public Security for the arrest of civilians. Depending on the case, persons under the custody of DIA may be handed over to the Military Police Command or the Directorate-General of Public Security.

Occupational Secret Police Corps (OSP)

VADM Aloysius Brunhart (Mr.)
Corps Commander, OSP

OSP is the policing authority in territories occupied by Imperial Royal Union. Prisoners of war are also under the custody of OSP.

Imperialean Civic Guard Corps (CIVCORPS)

AG Doris Possignol (Ms.)
Corps Commander, CIVCORPS

CIVCORPS performs civic guard duties and engages in a role primarily in public safety. The Interior Troops under CIVCORPS are paramilitary forces designed to contain large scale insurgencies, or to augment disaster response units in providing order and humanitarian relief, while the special forces under the Joint Public Safety Command provide additional strike capabilities to assist public security forces.

Special Protection Corps (PROCORPS)

AG Julius Cambor (Mr.)
Corps Commander, PROCORPS

PROCORPS is responsible for the security of all military infrastructure in Imperial Royal Union, inclusive of army camps, naval bases and other defence installations. It also provides armed security officers to key memebrs of the military leadership, or generally all officers with a 3-star ranking and above. Where diplomatic missions of Imperial Royal Union may be located in conflict zones and areas of instability, PROCORPS is also responsible for providing additional security as well as evacuation teams for diplomatic and consular staff of Imperial Royal Union.