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Qardania's Political Structure

Political Structure

The President

The President is the Executive Head of Qardania. The president is entitled to all powers granted him/her under Qardanian code and law, the president has the power to veto decisions by the National Congress, unless at least 60% of representatives and rinisters made the decision. The President is the head of the Qardanian armed forces. The President is answerable to the Qardino during times of impeachment or national crisis.

The District Governor

The District Governor is appointed by the President to play the role as Mayor of Wartakk, as well as to be able to appoint Ministers to the House on behalf of the Capital. The District Governor also acts as a representative for Wartakk in the National Assembly.

If the President were to resign, die in office or otherwise be removed from office, the District Governor would become President as well as continue his duties as District Governor for 6 months until an election can be organized, or just until the next election cycle, if it's less than 6 months away. The District Governor can also appoint a temporary replacement in this case if he so desired, and wanted to focus on running the country as President.

Provincial Governors

A Provincial Governor is the Executive official of a Province, and head of the Provincial government. They are entitled to certain powers given to them under Qardanian code and law. They are elected every 4 years, and have no term limit.

The National Congress

The National Congress is a bicameral legislative body which currently hosts 213 representatives and Ministers. 30 in the National Assembly. 183 in the House of Ministers. Very rarely does the entire congress meet as a whole, as 1 single house.

The House of Ministers
Provincial Governors appoint Ministers to The House of Ministers based on overall population, 1 Minister for every 500,000 people, regardless if they're citizens or Immigrants working to become citizens. To cut down the power of the capital (Wartakk) in political say, the amount of Ministers that are appointed by the District Governor are cut in half (rounded up).

The number of representatives used be based on every 250,000 people, but was changed in 1898 due to a rapidly growing population, and the overcrowding of the House.

The National Assembly
The National Assembly includes 2 representatives for each province, each one appointed by the Provincial Governor, and 2 more representatives from each province voted on every 3 years. In Wartakk, their power is once again halved, the District Governor becomes the representative for Wartakk in the Assembly, along with another representative elected by the city of Wartakk.

Election and Appointment Cycles

Presidential Election Cycle
Every 6 years. No term limit, unless approval rating falls below 30%, in which the President would not be allowed to run for re-election.

Provincial Governor Election Cycle
Every 4 years. No term limit.

National Assembly Election and appointment cycle
Every 3 years. No more than 2 consecutive terms for appointed representatives. Elected representatives have no term limit.


President Vindios Tirr

District Governor Terri Pojk

Provincial Governor of Grazza - Rennay Qei

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