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Religion and the Varushi Faith


The Varushi Faith

The varushi faith is based off the concept of balance and duality. In fact, the name comes from the ancient Kadrani word for “balance/order”. The Varushi Faith has a creation myth, where a being simply known as Qar was once mortal, and upon his death, his soul was in the most perfect state of order and duality that his soul contributed balance and order to the world, creating the cycles of Night and Day, the creation of man and woman, and the duality of the Sun and Moon. He was the First to live, and the first to die, creating the universal laws of Life and Death. Meaning that Life and Death are as important as the other.

The Varushi believe that Qar continues his mission of maintaining balance and order to this day. However, those who seek to also contribute to balance and order must do so in life, in order to be prepared to do so in death. If you lead an evil and wrongful life, you will contribute to war, crime, and famine after death. If you lead a good and peaceful life, you will contribute purity, dullness, and repetition. If you live a life that’s the balance of the 2, you might contribute attributes from both to the world, knowing when nations should fight, knowing who should live or die. Varushi is such a potent faith in Qardania, that symbols of Duality and order are seen in the modern nation of Qardania, and all throughout the history of the previous kingdoms and republics of Pre-unified Qardania.

The Qardino
The Qardino (Qar Sent) are the married religious and royal heads of Qardania who stand as symbols of unity and national identity. They are always a man and woman, keeping with the values of duality and order. Same sex relationships and marriage are extremely taboo amongst the Varushi, and it’s seen as unbalanced and unorderly. The Qardino can name a married couple as heir only if they are blood related. If the Qardino dies and they have no apparent heir, the ‘Wartakk Council of Clergy’ will democratically vote for a new Qardino, but the new Qardino must be married in order to be voted on, and must be willing. Contributing to the civic and spiritual duties that come with the title.

The Pavi Faith

The Pavi are an offshoot minority religion of the varushi, who instead of believing in order and balance, believe that Qar’s soul contributed chaos and conflict through achieving inner medium. They believe that this made Qar go mad with a split personality. They believe that the world must all be 1 thing or the other. The world must be united under 1 banner, with a strict set of rules and laws, or order must perish and leave individuals to their own devices. This leads to groups of militarist extremists and isolationists, who wish to keep to themselves, or it may also spur Purist nationalism, rebellion, and terrorism.

Religious breakdown of Qardania

75% Varushi (ranging from Moderate devotion to Complete devotion [Monks])
12% Atheist/Agnostic
9% Christian
<1% Pavi
3% Other

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