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The History of Qardania


The Old Kingdoms, Republics, and Duchies of Qardania

A Kingdom that existed in the southwest of Qardania that had extensive trade with neighboring kingdoms and regions outside of Qardania, leading this kingdom to be the most culturally diverse in Qardaniaís Pre-unified history, with itís capital Galilia, which still stands to this day, and remains as a major seaport, and center of cultural diversity in Qardania.

A Kingdom which acted very Spartan like, mainly due to itís Pavi controlled government, who valued order under their sole rule, and seeking to expand their purist ideology raided and attacked, many neighboring Kingdoms and Republics, which were all varushi. A coalition war finally bought a swift end to the Kingdom of Poltakk, and lead to a mass extermination of Pavi believers, and kingdoms would continue to fight for control, resettling new varushi communities under each of their respective banners. This area would eventually give birth to a new neutral varushi City-State called Wartakk, where the Act of Unification would be signed, leading to the birth of the first kingdom of Qardania.

The first Qardani Republic, with its capital being the port city of Tirrol in the northeast of Qardania. Tirrol is still a coastal port city, but not as big compared to a city such as Galilia. Grazza today as a province still keeps all of itís previous borders it had before Uniting with the rest of Qardania in 1722, but only as an slightly more autonomous Province. They agreed to join Act of Unification in 1722 under the condition of keeping and maintaining independent trade deals, which was 33 years after the Act was initially signed in 1689. their was a slight disagreement between The government of Grazza and the central government of Qardania in 1791 over foreign trade issues, but it was eventually worked out and Grazza remains the most economically independent region in Qardania.






The First Kingdom of Qardania

The Confederation of Varushi Republics

Unification - 1689 C.E.

The United Kingdom of Qardania

The Diarchy - 1700 C. E. - 1822 C.E.

The Republic - 1822 C. E. - The Present

The United Republic of Qardania

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