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Ministry for the Colonies

The Ministry for the Colonies

The Ministry for the Colonies, or simply the Colonial Office is the main government agency charged with the administration of the different colonies and overseas territories of the Kingdom of Jeltronia. Prior to May 08, 2017, the Colonial Office was under the Minister for the Home Office. Following changes made by His Majesty, Jotham II, the Colonial Office was split from the Home Office and elevated to a full Ministry in its own right.

The Ministry directly controls colonies that have no colonial charter, or those which do not enjoy autonomy. Their administrators depend upon policies and directives that are crafted by the Colonial Office itself, as these colonies do not have their own colonial legislatures. While some administrators are granted vast discretionary powers, they ultimately report to the Colonial Office and to the House of Representatives. Colonies that have their own charters, (which would also mean having their own legislatures} enjoy varying levels of autonomy. The Ministry would then just exercise supervisory functions over their administrators.

The Ministry is also responsible for screening appointees to colonial positions; reviewing policies and programs of the different colonies; recommending bills to the House of Representatives and the King and conducting announced and unannounced inspection of the different colonies.


The Rt Hon. Thomas Cutler, Baron Passfield
Minister for the Colonies

Henry Chamberlain
Deputy Minister for Colonies

Sidney Weber
Senior Associate Deputy Minister

Olivia Macleod
Assistant Deputy Minister
Colonial Service

under the Colonies and Overseas Territories Act of 1946, as amended, the following are the current classification of colonies and territorial holdings of the Kingdom of Jeltronia

Type of Colony/Territory


Current examples

Royal Colony

The highest classification, royal colonies are prosperous, stable and have a responsible government in place.


Charter Colony

Colonies with charters have enjoyed a level of economic and political stability, such that they have their own charters which detail their self-government.

Colonial murundi

Proprietary Colony

Colonies that owe allegiance to the Jeltronian Crown but are in reality personal holdings of private individuals or corporations that have been given a royal patronage by the Crown.


Unincorporated Territory

Territories are holdings which lack any stable and functional civilian government. Commonly headed by a Military Governor.

New Isumeno Territory

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