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The Western Isles Office of Information / 📰 Monthly Report

[size=200][color=white]The Western Isles Office of Information[/color][/size]

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[size=200][color=#5d8cb8]November & December 2020 a.k.a. The Grand Annual Report of 2020[/color][/size]
This report covers several time units: while it is the months of November and December's turn, this report may also include some graphs covering the entire year of 2020. As there are many people on this planet who personally blame the year 2020 for everything that went wrong, I considered just leaving it at that and not write anything at all, but I wouldn't be a good Secretary of Information if I did that, so I leave the choice to you, dear reader, whether or not you read this encyclical and delve into your memories of that fateful year.

At the moment I wrote this introduction, it was January 2021 around Blue Monday; scientists calculated that Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year, when the costs of Christmas become annoyingly visible, as well as the apparent failure of many good resolutions. My good resolution for 2021 is to be less helpful to people (yes, you read that correctly), which I so far have had no trouble maintaining. At the moment this report is published, it is Easter 2021 already so I'm a bit behind.

Since the last bi-monthly report (which was a tri-monthly report), we have had November and December (among other months, which will be dealt with in due time). [i]November[/i] was originally the month in which so called [i]vembers[/i] were forbidden. What exactly these vembers were, has been forgotten in the mists of time. [i]December[/i] has no special meaning; it was called that way because it rhymed nicely with November. During these months, we saw many writing activity in our region, and a substantial increase of nations.

As always, the Government, currently composed of [nation]Vancouvia[/nation], [nation]Ostehaar[/nation], [nation]Aizcona[/nation], [nation]Remodio[/nation], [nation]Roendavar[/nation], and myself ([nation]Nhoor[/nation]), thank you all for your contribution and involvement in The Western Isles and hope that you have more of that to share with us!

[size=150][color=#5d8cb8]Your Dispatches[/color][/size]
More than 200 dispatches were dispatched in November and December. An overview of these dispatches can be found [url=]here (under the corresponding months)[/url].

Keep up the good work!

[size=150][color=#5d8cb8]Graphs and Statistics[/color][/size]
So here is the statistical overview of 2020, divided per month. Right-click on the image to open the stats in a larger version. Two recruitment events can be distinguished: one in the summer and one in December, with the total number of nations in these The Western Isles climbing over 200 in August. The influx doesn't seem to have had a noticeable effect on the number of delegate endorsements, or the number of TWI nations that are present on the Map, so if we look at the percentages, the numbers for both the endorsing nations and the nations on the map around the time of the recruitment episodes.

The number of dispatches differs greatly each month. I must make the remark that the low number for January ('5') is because I only got Secretary of Information at the end of the month so I didn't have the opportunity to gather the accurate amount; it likely is higher. A total number of 900+ dispatches was written in 2020. The first half of the year was less productive (even with the uncounted January dispatches) and in the second half of the year only one month produced less dispatches than the highest amount of dispatches in two monhts of the first half of the year. July, October, and December produced the most dispatches: 138-140 over a month. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with school holidays falling in that period (no such development can be seen in spring though), but as 2020 was a Corona-ridden year, I'm not sure if these numbers are 'normal' or coincidental.

The number of RMB pages increased by around 500 over the year and may soon shall have had to have been reached 23,000 (I'm not sure what tense to use to describe an event that will take place in the future seen from a point that is already in the past at the moment it is written).

More next time!

~ [nation]Nhoor[/nation]
[i]Secretary of Information[/i]

[size=150][color=#5d8cb8]About the Monthly Report[/color][/size]
Around the start of every month, the Monthly Report is compiled. This report is presented here in this dispatch. It contains the statistics and most important happenings of the previous month, accompanied by graphical representations of gathered data as well as the results of the Monthly Survey. For historical reports, check out the [url=]archives[/url]!

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