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Current Rps

I have several rp ideas in the works currently, including possible reboots.
Past Rps/Interest Threads

Times Are'a Changing:OOC/IC: An rp taking place in WW2 involving a joint Superhuman squad between Soviets and Allies.
Mellow-Brook Academy:OOC/IC: An rp about students at an academy for a new school year followign the death of a student last here. The Academy is home to Metahumans
Once We Were Villains:OOC/IC: An rp about groups of Supervillains bringing their kind back into a position of power.

Of Artefacts and Antiquities:OOC/IC Magic was once prevalent in the world, but after the Death of Dracula, magic started vanishing. Recently something Woke up, and Magic came with it, Artefacts and other items of great power have started to emerge and become active.

Shades of Baker Street:OOC/IC: Since the death of Sherlocke Holmes, Scotland Yard has been swamped with a series of Strange Crimes. Meanwhile Watson has brought a team together at the urgings of Mycroft Holmes, while recovering from the death of his wife.

Gotham The Coming Storm:OOC/IC: Batman has gone missing and most of his old adversaries have left Gotham. His Allies, old and new have come to Gotham, while Villains increase their hold on the floundering city.

The Compound:OOC/IC: There are many schools for Superheroes and Villains in this World, but some are harsher than others.

Emergence:OOC/IC: The Three most powerful Heroes, have gone missing. Their allies try to keep the peace i their absence, but the villains are gaining ground. A somewhat science based Superhero Rp.

After The Reckoning:OOC/Interest: Monsters emerged on Earth, Humanity was not prepared, but they survived, as they always have.

Hot Lead and Cold Hearts:Interest: A Film Noir Style rp taking place after the death of one fo the City's greatest Private Eyes, as well as the Son of the City's greatest Crime Boss

The Motley Crew:Interest:

Academy of Legends:Interest: An Academy home to those that harness the pwoer of the Gods, of all pantheon, but are their blessed or descendants rather than their children.

Ashes Of Aethion:Interest:

Thelrose Academy:OOC/Interest: Rp about an Academy of monsters and humans.

Death Came to Call:OOC: a murder mystery rp

Planned Rps/Reboots

Superheroes first emerged into public view during the early 1900ís. The true abilities and potential however were not known until a certain, now renowned British Super awakened his powers and saved the life of much of his Tank battalion during WW1. He later took the moniker the Colonel due to his bearing and his eventual rank. After his story emerged Supers from all over the world went public. For a time people were both skeptical and fearful, but their actions both in War and outside of it helped with them being accepted by the people.

After WW1 nearly every major battle and War involved Supers to some extent. Not all Supers participated in the Wars, however, many stayed in their Home Countries, this was especially the case with many American Supers. Over time, as wars got more aggressive and the opponents became more concerning, this changed. During the Cold war Era, the vast majority of Supers in the US and elsewhere joined in the conflicts. This was because the fight between the two major powers, America and the Soviet Union, was a major concern, for not just those a part of the continents effected, but everywhere.

After the events and atrocities that happened during the Vietnam War, Supers were banned from participating in Warfare. Both the government and the public reactions lead many notable supers to retire, and some even became Villains. During the 90ís new Supers popped up and they became popular again, and with the New Heroes came Villains. Though the conflicts between the newer villains and Heroes, were just as if not more destructive, the reception was strangely better, just as the world changed so did the people within it. During all this, the first Heroes and their counterparts were forgotten, understandably this ticked them off.

Curiosity Killed the Cat. Nearly everyone is familiar with this phrase, most likely because it was used as a warning to us by figures of authority. Most if not all of us ignore it, we all probably came out fine, which unfortunately is not always the case. There are things about this world that most of humanity, set in our ways as we are, cannot hope to understand. Many of the things that go bump in the night are very eager to take advantage of humanities disbelief in the supernatural and disregard for warnings.

In the Early 2000ís a group formed, they were all friends and each in possession of a curious nature. They called themselves Enigma Investigative Solutions, as the name implied they investigated mysterious. Many of the mysteries they solved had some seemingly supernatural elements to them. Soon enough those cases became what they were known for solving and their bread and butter as a company. After a time, the leader, a certain enterprising young man called Rodger Ashmoore, became bored with the ease of which they solved their cases, and grew obsessed with the occult and supernatural. He was the most popular and charismatic of the group.

It was he, along with his twin brother, who was the more cynical and supernatural minded of the two that formed and held the group together. Their success had lead the group to believe they were untouchable. Fate would prove them wrong, and that Curiosity did indeed kill the Cat. It was when they were investigating a once supposedly haunted Hotel in Arkansas that it happened. The Hotel, once renowned for being haunted, had recently suffered from a series of thefts and vandalisms, seemingly supernatural in nature. Most of them occurred in the Morgue that the Hotel was built on top of.

It was said to have once been controlled by a mad doctor who performed inhumane experiments on rather unwilling subjects. The other team members present had been covering the rest of Hotel when an unearthly howl resounded throughout the building. It originated from a room that Rodger and his twin Cameron had just entered not long before. The rest of the team arrived to see a heavily injured and blood covered Cameron stumble out of the room, carrying the nearly pristine form of his dead brother. After that incident, Cameron became mute and for years has been in a mental hospital; due to the seemingly mad ravings he spewed about what happened.
(possible revisions to the Premise)

The members of the group each went their own ways, leaving the past behind. Recently though, things and forces have been at work. Slowly the group that was once shattered has been brought back together.
(possible revisions to the Premise)

It was said to have once been controlled by a mad doctor who performed inhumane experiments on rather unwilling subjects. Certain things happened there, things that opened their eyes to truths about the world and each other. Things happened that resulted in the mysterious death of their leader, with his brother becoming a mute. The members of the group each went their own ways, leaving the past behind. Over the years they have changed, some embracing their nature, others rejecting the truth of the world. Recently though, things and forces have been at work. Slowly the group that was once shattered has been brought back together.

Gotham has Changed, both on the surface, and beneath it. Batman has been absent from Gotham, for many years, though both he and other members of the Bat family check in on the city from time to time. Recently however nearly every major hero associated with members of the Justice League is off world dealing with a great threat. Most of the other Heroes that Batman had contact with are occupied with other things, not being able to check in on Gotham, making sure it has held itself together. This is just the time; the hidden Villains have been waiting for.

While most of Batmanís villains have left Gotham or change their ways, some have stayed. Others while having stopped being criminals have allowed or trained others to take up their mantle. Some of these newer Villains are prodigies of the originals, while others are their progeny, regardless they have have taken up the legacy of their predecessors. One of these Villains is Bruiser, Baneís prodigy, he took up Baneís business in Gotham and has even created a newer better strain of Venom, though he himself does not use it, he has enough strength normally.

Others who have taken up the legacy include the Gambler, a Cajun Villain who holds certain peculiarities unique to Two-Face. Another is the prodigy of a Villain that many of the Justice League had run into, Shade. Erebus was his name, and his powers were almost as great as his teachers, at his peak. Arguably, the most dangerous of them all is Verdant, a Villain who draws lineage from two dangerous Villains. Though Verdant had been defeated in the past, he kept coming back, much like Solomon Grundy, never seaming to truly die.

Regardless, they each bided their time until Gotham was at its most defenseless. Thankfully the Dark Knight had a failsafe in place, just in case such a thing was to happen if he was gone and his trusted allies and compatriots were unavailable. A message was sent out calling available Heroes to Gotham. Some of them are newer, or not that well known, but they would still be helpful to Gotham. Thankfully a Hero, who had been put into contact with Batman through certain members of the Justice League, had recently made his way to Gotham.

Mellow-Brook Academy was founded in the early 1900s in the Northern Midwest. It was founded in the state of Wyoming, One of the least populous yet most expansive states in the Union. Its relative isolation from all civilization but the nearby town of Beaver Bay serves its purposes well. For decades it has served to educate all kinds of students, from privileged youths whose parents are too soft to send them to boot camp to teens who have had to settle for a less than ideal educational institution. Others still range from delinquents to the children of drifters and wanderers or even the occasional worth runaway.

This is not the true purpose of the academy however. The true, secret purpose is to house and secretly train those of rather unusual talents. They are Metahumans, those with abilities beyond those of normal humans. Unfortunately, humanity shuns what it does not understand, and the vast majority of them are in hiding. The Founder and the Subsequent headmasters of Mellow-Brook have secretly gathered these Metahumans to train and keep them safe. Unfortunately many Metahumans have troubled pasts and more than a few have entered the Academy bearing the title of Delinquent or Troublemaker or some similar judgmental title. For many years Mellow-Brook has peacefully operated, until recently that is.

During an in-town party held by Seniors of Mellow-Brook, tragedy struck. The party itself lasted until the early morning. When the bleary eyed youths awoke with massive hangovers, they were shocked, finding the body of a dead party-goer. It appeared to be and was ruled as an overdose, the strange thing was the Student, Sebastien Morrow had ben famously known for his lake of partaking of such things at parties. In the months since the youths death, federal agents have shown up on occasion and a new school year has started.

When the rumors of dinosaurs being sighted on remote tropical islands, no one believed them. These beliefs changed however when a certain company, specializing in genetics revealed a specialized park they had created revealing extinct creatures. There was only one Dinosaur, a rather small pack predator, the Compy (Full name to be added later). Though that was a far cry from the array of dinosaurs mentioned in the rumors, it still provided credibility. The first park, was called the Park of Wonders (Name to be changed), it was both what the public called it and what it was named by Genecorp, the company that made them.

Over time the company expanded the array of creatures at the first Park and began construction on a new one. It was to be built on one of the Hawaiian Islands, one of the largest, and the largest privately owned one. It was called (Name to be added), it was one of the largest private and public business ventures in the history of the world. It was to be set up in a way similar to a zoo, but much more secure and had many vendors and the like. There were also exhibits that would feature interactions between a human and dinosaurs.

It was on the opening day of the park and everything was going well. Suddenly everything went haywire, first a protest began concerning the treatment and creation of once extinct animals. Fortunately the guards were able to subdue that fairly quickly; unfortunately that was merely the beginning of the troubles. During a showing of the Raptor exhibit the power cut, then came back on as the sub generators kicked. That was when things really changed, every single generator exploded, along with several of the ships and boats stationed there in case of emergencies. That, That was when the troubles truly began.

During the aftermath of one of the Shinobi Wars, a Mercenary company composed of once exiled Shinobi and Samurai is on the run. They once worked for one of the smaller allies of the Four Great Countries. The group had been in that countries employ for some time, unfortunately the country grew to fear them and attempted to betray them. The group was heavily injured and not many of their members survived, fortunately they were able to escape and damaged the forces of the country who betrayed them. The rulers of the country falsified evidence and presented it to their more powerful allies.

The Great Countries had let the Mercenaries operate as they had done a great deal of good, but this evidence, false though it was, spurred them into action. A task force of sorts, compiled of Shinobi of various countries and villages set out after them. They have been on the run ever since.

An original Superhero setting i am working on. It is abre bones, but will be somewhat unique i hope.

Emergence Reboot

We have all read superhero comics and watched superhero movies, but those were fake, and Superheroes and Metahumans donít actually exist, or so we thought. It was in early spring of 2003, that we found out how wrong we truly were. In eight cities across the U.S. several massive attacks and crime sprees took place. There was chaos for a time, as the criminals and attackers were capable of things no one had ever seen before, there was a man who lifted an armored truck and walked away with it, bullets bouncing off him.

This chaos went on for a week until they emerged, the Heroes. Around the US, a dozen or so Men and Women, with powers from all walks of life came out of obscurity and fought against those destroying buildings and committing crimes. The conflicts between the Heroes and Villains,a s they would come to be called, went on for weeks, if not months, before the Villains were driven from the Cities, fleeing. Curiously, each of the Villains fled towards the same place, a City called Cross Timber, located squarely on the Pennsylvania-Ohio border, along the shore of Lake Eyrie.

The City was rife with crime, though most just saw the flourishing vacation and resort town as just that. The heroes showed up at Cross Timber, and for a time they did not discover anything, until they did. They were trapped by the man behind the attacks, a man who would later come to be known as the Puppetmaster. Eventually, they were able to escape, and captured all the Villains, including the Puppetmaster, though their imprisonment was not to last long. Over the next several years, many things came to light involving the Metaís.

Over the years, many Metaís emerged, as Heroes and Villains, some making their identities public, others keeping theirs secret. There was much controversy about how they should be treated and such, but it was only in 2010, that Laws were set in stone, and Metaís become true members of society. Worldwide many Metahuman groups have formed, the one in America, was formed by the surviving Heroes of the initial Emergence. They called themselves the League of Heroes, though there were only the 10 or so of them, over the years many smaller affiliated groups have formed.

Just as there are numerous Hero groups, there are just as many if not more Villain ones. Some are affiliated with the long existing organized crime groups, such as the syndicate, which holds deep ties with the Italian Mafia and Mob. Other similar groups exist elsewhere in the US, and in the world. For the most parts the groups, Hero and Villain alike, keep to their countries and continents, a sort of unspoken agreement. In recent weeks Villain activity in the US has been escalating, and there hasnít been any contact with the Leadership of the League for months.


If you are interested in Rebooting or re-purposing one of my ideas, Tg me and we can work something out. I dislike when my rps end before their time, so i will be happy to see someone take the idea and work with it. First Galactic Republic did this with Emergence: Future Imperfect