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Expeditionary Command

The Expeditionary Command
A Unified Command of the Jeltronian Royal Armed Forces

The Expeditionary Command is one of the royal unified commands of the Jeltronian Royal Armed Forces (JRAF). It centrally manages current and future readiness, resources, manning, training, equipping, deployment and command of the military's expeditionary forces. The Expeditionary Command works closely with the Colonial Office to secure colonies and overseas territories of Jeltronia, with most of the former's commanders always becoming military governors or administrators upon the establishment of colonies and or territories.

General Christian Rouleau

Expeditionary Army Command

Expeditionary Fleets

Expeditionary Air Command

Marine Expeditionary Forces

272nd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
25th Theater Combat Support Command
-16th Engineer Brigade
-15th Military Police Brigade
-409th Army Field Support Brigade

2nd Expeditionary Fleet
Taskforce 50 Carrier Strike Group
-JRS Mucien (aircraft carrier)

Taskforce 51 Amphibious Assault Force
-JRS Darwin Cenon (amphibious assault ship)
-JRS Ponce (amphibious transport dock ship)
-dock landing ship

Taskforce 52 Marine Expeditionary Unit



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