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Local Council Laws


Local Council

Here are the laws dictating how LC elections are run:

  1. Elections will be held every June, October, and February. The exact date will be decided by the sitting LC, but the nominations period must start at some point during these months.

  2. - A Local Councillor may only run for one seat on the LC. Nobody holding the following positions may run for the LC:

    • Cabinet Minister

    • Delegate

    • Chair of the Assembly

    - The CRS can prevent any candidate from running if they deem them to be a security threat.
    - Any nation running must be a resident of The South Pacific, and all candidates must file a Conflict of Interest disclosure, detailing their positions in other regions.

  3. Prior to the opening of the first voting period of the LC election, there will be a period of 4 days where residents can nominate candidates, and candidates can accept nominations, which will commence after a region-wide telegram sent by the Election Commissioner. This will be followed by 4 days where candidates can accept nominations, and can campaign, which will commence after the Election Commissioner has notified every nation that has been nominated.

  4. The election will be three gameside polls, each lasting three days. the winner of each poll will be elected onto the Local Council, and all remaining candidates will move on to the next poll, until three candidates have been elected.
    - If there are three candidates or fewer, all candidates will be automatically elected. If there are fewer than three candidates, the delegate will assign any remaining spaces on the Local Council which need to be filled.
    - If there are between four and eleven candidates, the election will occur as stated.
    - If there are more than eleven candidates, the vote will be split into two three day polls with the top eleven vote-receiving candidates continuing onto the set of normal voting periods.
    - Re-open nominations (RON) must be an option on all of the three normal voting periods
    - In the event of a tie, all tied candidates will be elected unless this takes the number of Local Councillors to greater than three, in which case there will be a separate three day poll for the tied candidates.
    - In the event of RON winning a poll, any candidates elected prior to that poll will be allowed to take their place on the Local Council without running again, and the nominations would re-open for the remaining places.

  5. Any Local Councillor can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. If they serve that maximum, they must wait for one full term before they can run for the LC again. Any former member of TSP's cabinet must wait one full LC term after leaving the cabinet before they can run for the LC.

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