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On Dec. 01, 2016, [b][/b] was established by a Royal Decree issued by His Majesty Xavier II to establishing nation first budget carrier. shares started being listed on the [b]Bledllyn Stock Exchange[/b] in December 2017, after it privatized; Hundredstarian own majority shares and the company maintained its role as the nation budget carrier.

Ever since its establishment, has been an essential contributor to the national economy, bringing in hard currency and playing a key role in attracting tourists from all over the world. It contributes 3% of the country's GDP.'s journey has been one of constant progress; during this time, it modernized its fleet, expanded its route network, trained human resources for more efficient work and updated its IT systems. Its headquarters are located in the heart of the capital, Bledllyn, and its flights are operated from [b]Shaftegill - McCooksten International [/b]Airport, with its vastly improved infrastructure and cutting-edge facilities. was a subsidiary by [url=][b]Kingdom Corporation Inc.[/b][/url]

[b][i][u]Management Body[/u][/i][/b]
[*][b]Chief Executive Officer:[/b] Dr. Spencer Crownstein
[*][b]Chief Operation Officer:[/b] Ms. Mila Delvorov
[*][b]Chief Finance Officer:[/b] Mr. James Fairchurch
[*][b]Chief Information Officer:[/b] Mr. Allan Coxspeen
[*][b]Chief Engineering Officer:[/b] Ms. Liza Cornlodge
[b][i]Main Hub[/i][/b]
Shaftegill - McCooksten International, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]

[*] Bledllyn International Airport, Bledllyn, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*]	Lewden Int'l Airport, Lewden, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*]Castlepeak Creek Airport, Lewcaster, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*]St. Bronzeland Int'l Airport, Worldsghyll,[size=85] [nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*]	Lady Ironmeadow Airport, Porthbran,  [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*] Currentshire Airport, Hawside Down, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*] Port Croneborg Skyport, Cape Bermont, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*] Dermont de Vaultmaker Airport, Leoville, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*] Sawyer Brooke International Airport, Owenbridge, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size]
[*] Lisa Oatchurchs International Airport, Enfeld, [size=85][nation]Hundredstar[/nation][/size][/list]

[b][i]International Destination[/i][/b]
[*]Oldwich SkyPark, Oldwich, [size=85][nation]Saltbridge[/nation][/size]
[*]Saltmine International Airport, Cassaholm, [size=85][nation]Stevencousin[/nation][/size]
[*]Estenford International Airport, Estenford, [size=85][nation]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation][/size]
[*]Argentinstan City International Airport, [size=85][nation]Argentinstan[/nation][/size]
[*]John Henry Memorial International Airport, Theros,[size=85] [nation]Military Democracy of Birtonia[/nation][/size]
[*]Passerton International Airport, Passerton, [size=85][nation]Fracels[/nation][/size]
[*]Gallenax International Airport, Government City, [size=85][nation]The Recon Empire[/nation][/size]
[*]Fort Jon International Airport, Fort Jon, [size=85][nation]Jeltronia[/nation][/size]
[*]Sudirman International Airport, Bataka, [size=85][nation]Pasundia[/nation][/size]
[*]Bandaraya Kerajaan International Airport, Bandaraya Kerajaan, [size=85][nation]Sekangkang Kera[/nation][/size]
[*]Unicorn Bay International Airport, Unicorn Bay, [size=85][nation]Ravenweather[/nation][/size]
[*]Twinbridge International Airport, Twinbridge [size=85][nation]Charellia[/nation][/size]
[*]Cape Steelberg International Airport, Cape Steelberg [size=85][nation]Steelbaron[/nation][/size]
[*]Los Anna International Airport, Los Anna [size=85][nation]Kannadrickium[/nation][/size]
[*]Victor I Memorial Airport, Whitelaw [size=85][nation]Toin[/nation][/size]
[*]Aurangabad Int'l Airport, Aurangabad [size=85][nation]Al-Hind Indus[/nation][/size]
[*]Midandia International Airport, Midandia [size=85][nation]Midand[/nation][/size]
[*]Undarat Capital Airport, Undarat City [size=85][nation]Undarat[/nation][/size]
[*]Santa Clarita International, Fort Raleigh [size=85][nation]Khantari[/nation][/size]
[*]General Oxsteel Airport, Iron Nest Shores [size=85][nation]Khantari[/nation][/size]
[*]Premier City International Airport, Premier City [size=85][nation]Coopanonva[/nation][/size]
[*]Bascav International Airport, Bascav [size=85][nation]Jeltronia[/nation][/size][/list]

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