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Conch Kingdom Delegate

The Office Of

Greetings, Conch Kingdom!
As you probably know by now, I am the regional delegate for Conch Kingdom. Despite the beautiful beaches of this region, I intend to get down to work and ensure that our region's World Assembly members vote carefully and properly.

Current Goals
  1. Help get more nations involved in the WA by encouraging them to join, vote, and write proposals with the help of the forums

  2. Gain endorsements to increase regional voting power and influence

  3. Assist our Prime Minister, Tulov, in any way I can

What I Will Do?
With every new WA resolution at vote, I will post my opinion of it to the RMB. Such posts will be formatted with the proposal name, my voting recommendation, and my reasons for that recommendation. Anyone may debate proposals though, and could potentially change my recommendation.
Contact Information
Of course, you can always send me a telegram either here or to Machnod, but you can also send me a private message on the Discord chat, or email me at

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