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by The Sonacist State of Neo Rome Republic. . 166 reads.

Pros and Cons

Pro: Sonacism, Statism, Ideocracy, Progressivism, Meritocracy, Principled Realism, Civic Virtue, Civic Universalism/Cosmopolitan patriotism, Pan-Humanism, Internationalism, The Good of the Community as Harmonious and necessary for the Freedom of the Individual, Communitarianism, Ethical and (Mixed-)Market Socialism, Ethical and Morally conscious economy and society, Common Civic Identity/Ethos, Political-Cultural Unity, Cultural integration, Rational Critique of Individual and Cultural Character, Social Justice, Social State, Social Order, Social Dividend, Pragmatic Levels of Economic Planning and Market Autonomy, Progressive Taxation, Rule of Law, All Good People Regardless of Class or Race, Technorealism, Sensible Gun Regulations and Background checks, Fairly Run Businesses, Share of ownership and participation in management for workers in businesses on basis of merit and contributions, Employee-Owned Corporations and Cooperatives and similar models, Pragmatic Economic Patriotism, Nationalization of Key Industries and Essential Services, Alter-Globalization, Nuclear Power, Practical Environmental policies, Legalization of Light Drugs, Freedom of Speech (this includes "hate speech"), Independent Thinking, Being Tough On Crime, Death Penalty (in the circumstances the convicted is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt), Aiding The Poor And Downtrodden, Abortion, Euthanasia, LGBT Marriage Rights, Sexual Equality, America, PKK, Kurdish National Liberation, Rojava Revolution, SDF, Crimea is Ukraine, Secularism, Balancing humaneness with pragmatism migrant policy, Non-Fundie Religious Sects, Humanism, Adamant Criticism of Superstitious Dogma and the "Supernatural", Science, Naturalism, Empiricism, Compatibilism.

Con: Aristocracy, Monarchism, Liberal Democracy, Individualism and Egotism to the Detriment of the Whole, Pragmatism without principle, Blind Reactionism, Plutocracy or Corporatocracy, Theocracy, Ethnic or Racial Nationalism, LinkRacialism, Racial "Theories", Pseudo "Science", Conspiracy "Theories", Alt-Right, Xenophobia, Libertarianism, Libertarian Party, Anarchism, Randism/ Objectivism, Neoliberalism, Laissez-Faire Capitalism, Neoliberal Globalization, Eco Freaks and Eco Destroyers, Technouptopianism and Technophobia, Fiscal Conservatism, GOP, Tea Party, US Green Party, Unethical Business Practices, Corporate Greed, Hate Speech and Blasphemy Laws, Run away cultural and political Pluralism, Cultural Relativism, EU, UN, "White guilt", Spineless Appeasers and SJW's, 3rd wave Feminism, ACTUAL oppression of Women and sexual discrimination, Fascism, Marxism/Communism, Legalization of Heavy Drugs, Impractical or inhumane migrant policy, Religious Conservatism, Fundamentalism, State Religion, Christian Right, ALL Religious Fundies, Creationism, Anti-Intellectualism, Sunni and Shia Islamism, Jihadist-Salafism, Religious Law (Biblical, Sharia, etc.), Daesh (ISIS), Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Putin's Russia, Erdogan's Turkey.

Neutral: Weapon Bans, Social Democracy, Social Market Economy, US Democratic Party (only because I dislike the other parties more and there is no other existing alternative), Multilateralism, Unilateralism.