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The Visoran

All Visora stand at 3.6 meters tall, and come mounted with in-built weaponry right off the factory line. This includes the Mandibles, designed to punch through 5 meters of a Titanium-Diamond-Carbon mixture, the in-built 'Spinner Drone' launcher, and not pictured in this example, are the two mounted 'Casters'. To prevent reverse engineering, upon the incredibly rare case of a Visoran being destroyed, a small ‘pulse matter’ charge will instantaneously detonate, and destroy the Visora in its entirety. Tactics are also a critical part of the Horde, with highly advanced degrees of coordination meaning that the Horde can overwhelm foes set into even the most stubborn defensive line with ease.


Created out of massive 'Forge-Worlds', the Visoran are examples of Builder ingenuity. It only takes two minutes to take a Visora from 'raw-material' to 'complete'. They're uploaded with a basic personality, and highly advanced combat matrices.

Casters are the primary long-range arsenal of the Visora. Firing a bolt of 'Variable Energy', this energy can be made to replicate any form of energy, including plasma, dark-matter, and light. However, primarily, this is Anti-Material Pulses, which work by deleting the quantum bonds which hold atoms together. Due to the unique nature of the Visoran Casters, however, the energy can be made to curve around cover, and can be made to follow targets. They fire bolts at up 760 RP/M, and are accurate up to 9300 Kilometers away. But, these are being replaced with the ultimate super-weapon of the Visoran Hordes. The 'Adaptive' Patterns. This pattern of bomb, caster, etc, is being rolled out en-mass to replace the older generations of weapons. What does it do? Simple. It adapts to the target it is firing at, to be able to destroy it instantly. A mass replacement program is underway, and all new combat-units are being built with this...

The next weapon system to cover are the 'Spinner Drones'. These drones serve as the in-atmosphere aerial support units of the Visora. Small, agile drones capable of slicing through the atmosphere at Mach 34, they use speed and agility to overwhelm hostile air-units. They all have a single-mounted caster, but can be adjusted to take on alternate 'base-forms'.

The 'Mandibles' on Visora are intended for close quarters brawling. Armed with 'Molecular Blades', they can slice clean through any kind of armor at the sub-atomic level. They can close on a target with a combined force of 150,000 Newtons, enough to literally shatter hostile tanks.

Another type of special weapon employed by the Visora is Axxide Acid. Created specially for use against ships, this acid is typically fired in a torpedo. After hitting a target, it begins to chew through armor at a rate of 16 meters a second. These torpedoes are very common within the fleet for taking down nimble targets.

A secondary type of close-quarters weapons are the 75 MM Grenade Launchers, using a wide variety of ammo synthesized on the spot. It has a ROF of 120 RP/M. Six of these are mounted on every Visora.

Another type is the dedicated Mid-Range 'Audial Assault' weapon. It creates a vibration frequency so high that it can boil water, and can be used on a wide variety of targets for similar effects.

Another type of weapon installed is a small-scale 'FTL Dart'. This gun, firing a dart 15 MMs long, and 1 MM wide, at .9998 C, is capable of punching clean through any hostile armor.

Out of everything the Ogalan fears about the Visora, the most feared thing isn't the manpower, or the Velore suit, or the FTL cannons. It's a strain of synthetic venom known as Hordaka Venom. Hordaka venom is feared by any soldier with a ounce of common sense. The venom strain can be deployed in a number of ways- But the most common is by deploying two sets of spinner drones, one of which does 'slashing' attacks, cutting open hostile armor and exposing skin, and then the second spinner which sprays a fine mist of said venom.

For Hordaka venom, the presence of hostile armor simply makes the process even more painful. The venom, which starts working the moment it comes into contact with an organic substance, is capable of borrowing through armor to get to the skin of targets, which is where it starts. The venom quickly injects sections of DNA into the sequencing, and begins to quickly force an evolutionary change. These changed creatures are known as Hordaka by the Visoran, and as monsters by everyone else. First, the bone-structure begins to shift and change. New bones creating themselves, and forcing themselves into place. Skin, muscles, and organic armor growing around the new additions. Eventually, the soldier begins to grow outwards, and change visibly. Armored spikes begin to jut from the spine, and then the size increases begin. Typically breaking through the armor the soldier used to be wearing in an incredibly painful process. The change also destroys portions of the mind- Over-writing them to become more feral-like. The process is typically finished in as little as two minutes, and afterwards, there is no sign of the soldier that was once there, only a raging monster, with an insatiable hunger...

The average effects can be qualified in a few ways- Size tends to increase 3.5x, muscle-mass 15x, and intelligence decreases by nearly 7500x.

The plating on Visora, a 250 MM 'Mollet' creation, originally made by the Builders, is capable of taking incredible amounts of punishment. 1 MM Of 'Mollet' armor is capable of absorbing 750,000 Newtons of force. And thanks to Mazzin Style Dispersion, it can disperse any kind of energetic attack, up to and including dark- and anti-matter. They also have heavy shielding, known as 'Dimensional Shielding'. This heavy type of shielding essentially creates a pocket dimension around the Visora. It can be used to absorb any type of attack, up to 1.848^e95,000,000,000,000,000 Gigawatts, per generator. All Visora have four generators.

The base Visora computes at a speed of 30 Petaflops.

With advanced sensors capable of detecting organic life up to 250 Kilometers away, down to a microscopic level, you cannot hide from a single Visora either.

To deal with Thaumatic warfare, which is a noted presence, Visora have heavy 'K9993' generators mounted. This projects a field 3 Kilometers in a sphere around the Visora, which nullifies all Thaumatic energy inside the sphere.

Visora are capable of moving overland at 170 KP/H. Variable anti-grav engines do allow Visora to engage in ’aerial’ warfare, of speeds up to 12,300 KP/H.

NAN-02 Swarm Units

The NAN-02 Swarm Units, referred to as NAN in short, as small, sub-molecular nanite swarm units. They can be deployed en-mass from any unit- Visoran, BIP-88s, you name it. They are designed to be self-replicating, and semi-self guided. As they deploy the 'eat' or 'convert' the mass of targets into more NANs... And leads to a massive spiral.

NAN-02s can also be used to mass convert other sentients into the Visoran Hivemind, and are often used as such on captured worlds.

The Visoran Military is based off the 'smallest' tactical unit determined to be effective in combat- 1 Visoran.

From there, it leaps to 10, then to 50, then to 100, then to 1,000, then to 10,000 then to 100,000, and then to 1,000,000, and then to 10,000,000, and so forth until it reaches the largest formation size. The infamous '15 Zero'. 1,000,000,000,000,000.

The rough break-down of sections is nicknamed the 'Zeroes' by the Ogalan, with the largest being the '15 Zero'.

Combat landings are done in a simple way.

Thousands of swarm-craft carrying Five-Zeroes are deployed, and sent towards the target. Even if the large bulk is shot down? There will still be enough to cause chaos.

Visoran tactics, shockingly, are not to keep throwing bodies at something until it dies. They send in Vahki, recon, orbitally bombard targets, bomb targets with Anti-Carbon, send in BIP-88s to wipe up the major resistance, and then Visoran go in to clean up what little survives that.


Produced in a total of 5,41,398,222 foundries, each of which pump out 15 Zero formations at a rate of 192 a day, 1,559,226,879,360,000,000,000,000,000‬ Visora are produced per day. These foundries are fed directly by ‘Matter Synthetic Foundries’, drawing trillions of tons of raw matter from the very fabric of space-time to fuel the war machine. The location of these foundries also makes them impossible to destroy. They exist outside ‘real-space’, sitting in the void between universes themselves, inside ‘pockets’ set up by the ancient Builders. These 'pockets' simply have one-way exit portals, which can be adjusted to literally pour forces onto hostile planets.

The actual 'intelligence' of the Visora is protected by one of the most advanced encryption systems in the known universe. A massive, 4.015524852720233816377636290185^e6781340387374718100293837374738191010102928363636738101098373748390000111837474747488374626189283 string encryption, actually breaking this has been theorized to be impossible. This encryption entirely changes every 1/1000000000000th of a second, on a truly random variable set. Not to mention the fact the Visora can use their vast amount of swarm units as proxies- And often do so, putting VIs as barriers around the few weak-points which show in the network to serve as a warning.

More than this is the 'Cyber-Warfare' section... Which is really any Visora. Thanks to the basic nature, every Visora, Vahki, and BIP can act as a massive brute-force cyber warfare division. This is complemented by the specifically created 'Alpha’ class AI, Quantum AI who exist only in the digital realm. They can serve as infiltrators capable of destroying physical AI systems from across the entire universe. However, despite what one might think, the Visora are not a blunt force hacking endeavor. Each Visoran alone is match for the entire hacking force of the Ogalan union, a nation which spans 67% of the universe.


However- Despite all of this information, even the Visoran Horde, which can already be described as the Soviet Union on steroids, has its own dedicated swarm units which outnumber even the Visora.

The BIP-88 is a redesign of multiple previous units. Designed to be infinitely cheaper than the Visora, the BIP-88 stands at 2.1 meters tall, and carries a down-sized caster. Intended for rapid fire, at a dramatic cut in power, the downsized caster is jokingly referred to as an 88% cut. Despite this, it is still capable of slicing through 95 meters of titanium. And despite their smaller size, they are just as mobile as any human- if not more so than average. Capable of sprinting overland at 85 KP/H, and jumping up to 53 meters vertically.

The BIP is even more numerous than the Visoran, due to its ability to produced at a literal thousandth of the material cost. Equipped with a non-learning VI, a single Visoran unit can control up to 50,000 units at a single time. They can also be produced right on the field, making them into even more competent swarm units.

A good rule of thumb for BIP units on the battlefield, is to take the number of Visora, and multiply it by 15,000.


Even further down than this on the horde of endless units, is the Vahki. These ancient 'police' were made by the Builders. They are the dedicated police deployment units of the Visoran Horde, typically following up behind a horde to help pacify the recently annexed planets, or among already conquered territories.

The Vahki also serve a more... Tainted role, in the eyes of some people. They're the information gatherers, and infiltrators of the Visoran. As such, the average infiltrator Vahki can be re-arranged in millions of different ways by a Visora with the appropiate command codes. And due to the Visoras backround of where they came from? A Vahki in infiltration mode is near impossible to detect, capable of faking every biological trigger, along with its incredibly limited Psychonesis abilities...

Another thing feared by the Ogalan, is the Vahkis ability to 'over-write' any data technology... Including organic brains. With their purpose of being infiltration and information gathering, this makes complete sense. Using technology left-over from the age of the Builders, a single Vahki is capable of 'downloading' all information inside an organic brain, and then 'uploading' false memories to said organic, or simply leaving said organic an information less husk, whose only purpose is to distract gaurds long enough for the Vahki to repeat the process over and over again.

Besides being the infiltrators and spies, they are also deployed as the police and pacification forces, in a more normal 'Base' form, inside conquered galaxies. And, in some cases, they serve as even more manpower for the endless Visoran swarm.

Typically mounted with stun-batons, or with rapid-fire casters, these 'police' units are something to not be trifled with, even outside of an infiltration role. They're also built with extensive CQC knowledge, which is also shared and updated among units fairly consistently, so that any singular style can be quickly countered, and learned. They also have a fairly basic VI, with programmed selections of personalities.

The 'Base' forms stands at a typical 2.3 meters tall, while it can go between as tall as 4 meters, and as small as 1.1 meters for its varying infiltration forms.

V-N01 Combat Suits

These heavily upgraded battle-suits are intended for taking on entire hostile armies, singularly. Standing at 12.3 meters tall at their highest tip, and 3.3 at their tallest 'hull' point, they have two in-built X-KL Caster Artillery Cannons, and six 'spinner' deployed automated combat drones, each mounted with rapid-fire Caster machine guns. Mounted underneath the 'chin' is two mounted rapid-fire Super Heavy Caster Machine Guns. Mounted on the back are two Long-Range Caster Anti-Tank rifles, alongside 1.5 Meters of Mollet armor. They can also launch small scale swarm missiles, en-mass. They are up-mounted with 8 'Dimensional' shield generators.

These V-N01 suits are operated by a standard Visora 'transferring' their 'consciousness' into the suits Databanks, and take control from there.

Alpha Class Super-AI

The 'Alpha' Class Super-AI are... Incredible examples of engineering. Built into artificial words, these huge AI are capable of calculating centillions of outcomes a nano-second, and determining the best combat route. They feed information to the Horde, and serve as advanced cyber warfare assets. These AI are capable of out-matching the entire total of the Visoran hordes processing power, by a multitude of 9.7493737380109273636378000012938474747e^98488212474748371747489100847474770001837474748 zero. There are a total of 178,636,999,263,122,045,100 Alpha AIs in service.

The next weapon to talk about, is the MK-93 'FTL' Gun. Firing a kinetic shell, one of the only weapons to do so, this heavy gun is intended for planet cracking. The shell, weighing in at 506 Kilograms, at 99.99% FTL speeds. The impact force alone can be broke down in a simple manner- 15,168,000,000,000 Newtons. 1546.71 Megatons. In impact force.

Another type of weaponry coming to the forefront is ‘Anti-Carbon’. These general use bombs are designed to specifically target carbon atoms inside organic targets, and destroy them.

Besides this acid, is the Axon Acid. Originally a creation from the ancient Builders, this acid was designed to attack the atmosphere of planets itself. The ratio is about 1 ounce for roughly 5000 Cubic Liters of atmosphere- Meaning that it doesn't take much to critically damage a planets atmosphere. Visora carry as much as 15 Liters of this, and can deploy it at any time.

Another favored weapon is 'Anti-Energy'. These bombs destroy the base form of all types of energy- And they are in use widely among every single Visora force. They serve as a general 'Anti-Magic', 'Anti-Psyker', 'Anti-Thaumatic', and a general 'Anti-Existence' bomb. They work by targeting any kind of energy within a target- And then simply destroying it, without any possible way to recover it. They are considered the ultimate super-weapon of the Visoran Horde.

Another style of weapon is 'Anti-Metal'. These bombs, which work off the principle of targeting metals, fairly obviously, can be used to remove any kind of metallic molecular structure. They serve as a general counter to other robotic empires.

Anti-Carbon, Anti-Energy, and Anti-Metal can all be fired out of casters. This is becoming a much more common occurrence, as the Visoran horde rapidly moves out of an industrial 'slow-period'.

The final, and ultimate, super-weapon of the Visoran Hordes is the 'Adaptive' Patterns. This pattern of bomb, caster, etc, is being rolled out en-mass to replace the older generations of weapons. What does it do? Simple. It adapts to the target it is firing at, to be able to destroy it instantly. A mass replacement program is underway, and all new combat-units are being built with this...

Another notable weapon of Mass Destruction is the navy, in its entirety.

Strike craft, Picket Ships, Line Ships, and Stellar Line Ships.

Strike Craft

The title 'Strike-Craft' is incredibly obvious, automated swarm-ships intended to over whelm hostile fighters, boarding craft, and even serve as missile shields for the smaller Picket ships. They are 7 meter long 'Delta-Wing' craft, typically armed with 8 Casters, and 960 Hard-Points. They have no Dimensional Shielding, but are made with 75 MMs of 'Mollet' Armor. They can slice through atmosphere at 133.0652 Kilometers per second.


The average Picket Ship can 50 meter long flak-barge or up to a 1500 meter long torpedo barge. These ships are intended to serve as a breaking shield, to help protect the Line Ships. They are defended by 850 MMs of Mollet Armor, and are defended by 16 Dimensional Shield Generators. They project an anti-thaumatic aura up to 150 Kilometers away.

Line Ship

The Line Ship is best described as a ship with a 1500 Kilometer radius, and with far too many main-caliber guns. Its primary purpose is to serve as the primary big-gun battle line, with dedicated versions being troop-carriers, or out-right swarm fighter carriers. They are defended by 150 Meters of Mollet Armor, and project an anti-thaumatic aura up to 1500 Kilometers away. They are defended by 950 Dimensional Shield Generators.

Stellar Line

The next is the Stellar Line Ships. These monsters of ships are best described as having a 150,000 kilometer radius. These monstrous ships are the primary inter-galactic transport, and a single Stellar Line Ship can carry dozens of Visoran fleets, dozens of '8 Zero' formations, and an uncountable number of swarm craft. They also have far too many weapons for their own good, often carrying weapons of mass destruction intended to blot out entire star-systems in a single shot. Along with an uncountable number of other smaller guns. They are defended by 1 Kilometer of 'Mollet' Armor, 15,000 Dimensional Shield Generators, and project an anti-thaumatic aura up to 5 LYs away.

Interstellar Line

The final class of star-ship is the massive Interstellar Line ship. This massive ship, coming in with a radius of 2 LYs, serves as a massive hub. Transporting trillions of ships, Visora, and whatever else, these massive star-ships are the infamous image of the Visora. This ship mounts cannons rated to destroy entire galactic quadrants in a single shot, and enough guns to level an entire galaxy through conventional firepower in a single broadside. They are defended by 10000 AUs of 'Mollet' Armor, 150,000,000 Dimensional Shield Generators, and project an anti-thaumatic aura up to 500,000,000 LYs away.


One of the largest guns in service with the Visoran is the MK-MMMMDCCCLXXX Anti-System Siege Battery. Carried on Stellar Line Ships, and above, this gun is designed to take out entire star-systems in a single blast. With an array of 24 emitters, each of which emit burning hot lines of pure energy, before concentrating and blasting off into the solar systems star. It's designed to destabilize, and destroy, the star from anywhere as far as 34000 LYs away.

A fairly standard gun is the MK-MMMMDCCCLXXXV. This cannon, coming in at a respectable maximum engagement range of 5000 LYs, is capable of outputting a ball of energy at a rate of 4800 RP/M. This gun can be used in anti-ship, anti-fighter, and anti-planetary roles, thanks to the nature of Casters. As such, whenever a fleet battle involving the Visoran Horde is around? Collateral damage is extensive.


A total of 541,398,222 foundries produce ships. Each foundry produces 350,000,000,000,000,000 Strikecraft, 30,000,000,000,000 Picket Ships, 15,000,000,000,000 Line Ships, 5,000,000,000,000 Stellar Line Ships a day, and 5,000,000,000 Insterstellar Line Ships per day. This is a total of 189,489,377,700,000,000,000,000,000‬ Strikecraft per day, 16,241,946,660,000,000,000,000‬ Picketships per day, 8,120,973,330,000,000,000,000‬ Line Ships per day, 2,706,991,110,000,000,000,000‬ Stellar Line Ships per day, and a total of 2,706,991,110,000,000,000‬ Interstellar Line Ships per day.