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The Visoran Empire Overview


Installation 0-1

Gained Independence:

0000.001 SAC (Estimate 984,333 BC) From the 'Builders'


Autocratic Unitary State Kraterocracy

Official Language:

Standard Format, Revision 3456 / Universal Standard




Link"The Machine"

The Visoran Empire

"Duty through Unity, Unity through Destiny, Destiny Through Duty."


An empire whose primary populace are the still producing constructs of an ancient empire. They, originally, hated all organics, but after the rise of Horde Leader Uloko, came to realize their use as an expendable labor source, and have expanded with intent to conquer the entire multiverse, eventually. Their major foe is the Ogalan Union, a union of hundreds of different alien species, fighting to try and preserve their independence and unity. The Visoran Empire currently controls an estimate 34% of the known multi-verse.

After they have taken over an organic, or another electronic, empire, they are 'integrated' into the Robotic Hivemind, through cybernetic implants. This makes them into 'Thralls' of the empire, and they are typically used in a wide variety of roles. A properly set up conversion zone can convert up to 50 Billion sentients per day.


Current head of government: Horde Leader Ularin
Current head of state: Horde Leader Ularin

The Horde-Leader is the unit responsible for coordinating every major strategic, tactical, diplomatic, and domestic action. Thankfully, due to a Visoras advanced processing power, a single unit is capable of taking all of these tasks on at once, allowing most of the horde to be relatively mind-less drones, that still gain sentience quite quickly, however.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is typically carried out by reserve units of the military, and is typically used to beat-down a populace getting a bit too free-thinking, or to subjugate a new populace, allowing the full military to advance ahead.


A massive top-down structure, Horde-Leader Ularin typically coordinates very action of the economy, directing it from Installation 0-1.

Miscellaneous Facts

- The 'Core' territory encompass a total of 16 galaxies, with most other galaxies having Visoran garrisons to over-see them.
- The Visoran method of FTL travel, the 'Warp-Gate', can cover the distance at a rate of 1.5 Tillion Lightyears a second

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