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(OLD VERSION) What is the Augustin Alliance?

Last updated on Monday April 17th, 2017. If you find this dispatch helpful, please upvote.


The following is an beginner's guide to how the AA works, and why it is the best thing since sliced bread Regional Controls! Please direct any questions to August.

Greetings, honorable ambassador! Please, take a seat. You may have heard of the Augustin Alliance by now--we have been making our share of noise lately--but there is a good chance you have no idea what we are. What was that? I have twenty seconds? Easy.

The idea behind the AA is to let people focus on their favorite part of NS, while giving them access to a wider community, and maintaining a high level of quality across the whole experience. To do that, we built a loose coalition of four regions: Ridgefield, Cape of Good Hope, Conch Kingdom, and Lands End. Each one has its own theme, its own purpose, and a completely unique form of government. Still with me? Check out the descriptions below!

Ridgefield was originally founded in 2010, and was reclaimed earlier this year. It is a gameplay region themed as a small town and governed as a meritocracy, and WA membership is required for residents in order to prevent puppets. It is our smallest region at present, but was once one of the world's largest, and may soon reattain those heights.

Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope is a casual, laid-back roleplay region with almost no rules. Its admin team keeps things running smoothly, and has done so since its founding in January 2016. With a steady population of around 120, it is large enough to be interesting, but not enormous enough to be overwhelming.

Conch Kingdom
Conch Kingdom is a beachside region with an intricate political structure, a tropical theme, an offsite forum, and no WA requirements. The government rules as a constitutional monarchy. It is our largest and most developed region, with just under 200 nations and one of the world's strongest delegates, and consistently acts as a driving force of activity.

Lands End
Land's End is a capitalism-centered region, organized as a public corporation, and run by its shareholders and a Board of Directors. It features a mix of gameplay and roleplay. Of the four, Land's End is the youngest, but also the fastest growing by far.

The Alliance also has a military branch called the Joint Task Force (JTF), which is the only major organization to engage in regular raids and defenses of other regions. The JTF regularly works with other militaries on operations around the world, and manages exceptionally high activity and numbers for its size. If you are interested in learning more, contact August.

Discord chat server
While an RMB works well for communications within a region, the Augustin Alliance uses Discord to bring multiple regions together, along with ambassadors from foreign shores. The chat server has regular conversations, games, political debates, and regional planning. A public invite link can be found Linkhere.

Now, some testimonials from satisfied customers unpaid actors friends!

Cormac: "You know you're pretty impressive [...] when raiders, defenders, and feederites all agree."

Plagentine: "...I'm pleased that it's working out so well."

Kemi: "...keep up the good work!"

Koth: "august sucks"

Well... that last guy was talking about the month, we are sure of it. We hope so, anyway. So, you should be convinced by now, but if not, we would love to have you stop by one of our regions or the Discord server to chat or ask questions. Thanks for reading!

Founder, Augustin Alliance

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