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The Union Post Issue 2

The Union Post

The UDS News

Issue #2
Wendesday, 19th April

Prime Minister Wins Intense Election for FORGE Chancellor
After two days of intense voting, the FORGE community elected Prime Minister Zion Imperium, as the second Chancellor of the FORGE Alliance. In this heated race, Zion Imperium defeated Adossi, the representative from Kappa Region, by a margin of 7-3 votes. Zion Imperium succeeds Krypton Nova who left the position saying, “I will be taking a short break from the responsibilities of NS”. In this historic moment, Zion Imperium wrote in his address to the FORGE community, "I wish to build on these lessons [the UDSAF] learned to establish a strong army. We can bring down the Invaders, the KGB, the Black Hawks and Firehelm. ". His opponent Adossi congratulated him after the election result, thanked the people who voted for him and promised that he intended to return to run for the position in the future.
For readers that may be unaware, FORGE is a cultural and military alliance of regions which helps and protects regions across NationStates, of which the Union of Democratic States is a proud member. The Union is the sixth member region of the alliance that has now grown to 18 members. The Union continues to promote its’ democratic agenda of a stronger alliance, military, and the expansion of our freedoms.

April Fools Day Prank Shocks Union

On April 1st, April Fools Day, Founder The Noble Thatcherites made a joke that lasted an hour. He said that the region was becoming a communist state and that the region would need to abandon its democratic ideals. In his address, the Noble Thatcherites wrote, "Today is a glorious day for the region and a momentous turning point in its history. Operation Thatcher Down started exactly one year ago, when I founded this region. Since then, I have worked recruit more and more nations, telling them that the UDS is a "democracy" and that nations have "rights". It is now time for us to toss aside our liberties and our rights, and to forfeit them in exchange for a more rewarding form of government. I introduce to you ... Communism. This form of government has long been misunderstood, and its many failed trials, have long been stained its name. Today, this glorious day, we will realize true liberation for all. If you want peace, if you want equality, join your comrades and fight the oppressive government. Join with me in establishing The Union of Communist States !! "
Some nations did not believe it at first. Others doubted it and some were afraid that it was true. One nation wrote, “Uh, yeah, good luck with that mate.” and another nation wrote, “Really?”. Most saw through the joke as just another April Fools Day prank. The Founder proceeded to reveal the joke in his statement, “This is an April Fools Joke :D Gotcha!”

The ABC’S of the ULC

A new extension of the National Commonwealth Party, the Unionists for Liberty Caucus, has been created by Prime Minister Zion Imperium. The ULC is a pressure group chaired by Zion and features Councillor Kanglia as a member of its leadership committee. In a regional Telegram, the ULC promoted itself as a Caucus that is focused on protections of free speech, a smaller government, and the increase of personal freedoms within the region. The caucus currently has 7 members including three members of the Council of State, the Attorney General, and the Prime Minister. Because of this, the ULC seems prepared to take a prominent role in the government of the Union of Democratic States. However, it is important to note that the ULC is not in any way or form an opposition party of the NCP.
In short, the ULC appears to be on pace for a leading role in the spring government of the UDS. Understandably, the excitement around the ULC is brewing and present. The creation of this new caucus leaves many citizens wondering why the Prime Minister keeps jumping between parties.

Historic Proposal to the Congress

One of the many nations of the General Assembly, Neulacia, submitted a bill to Congress. The proposal is an amendment to the Bill for a Set of WA Delegate Rules (CL-005) and proposes the improvement of functions and provisions for the World Assembly Delegate. The Prime Minister, Zion imperium, sponsored the proposal to be sent to the newly created Council of State. If the bill passes the Council of State, the proposal must be submitted to the General Assembly where it will be either approved or rejected.
This should be the first proposal to be voted on in the spring government and will be of paramount importance for the future of the WA Delegate position. The proposal is the first of its kind, as it is the first ever proposal submitted by a citizen of the region. All other proposals have been submitted by government officers. This bill will forever change the history of the region.

The Post was granted an exclusive interview with Neulacia, the author of the proposal. Here is the interview.

Exclusive Interview
The Union Post
What led you to want to create a proposal of amendment for the CL-005?

After looking through the current laws of the region, I thought that there was a gap in the intent of CL-005 and the situation in reality. The bill states that all WA members should endorse the delegate, but there are no enforcement or monitoring mechanisms provided to ensure that. There is also no formal way for the WA Delegate position to be transferred after an election. This is evident as of the time of writing, our new WA Delegate Relfa has not yet taken their position because of the amount of endorsements currently on Powhatia. My proposal to amend CL-005 will resolve these issues by setting up a process to quickly transition the WA Delegate position and requiring that every WA member endorse the Delegate. While creating a list of WA nations as required by my proposal and monitoring endorsements could be considered an expansion of government, I strongly believe that getting the most endorsements possible on the WA Delegate is vital for the security and influence of the region.

The Union Post
Did anything inspire you to create this proposal?

As a member of the region who is fairly new, I defer much judgement to the more experienced members who have done so much already. However, I thought that the rules around the WA Delegate seemed dangerously vague and lax. This inspired me to draft the proposal, as I want to make sure that this region that I now call my home operates in a smooth and efficient manner to the benefit of all of its citizens.

The Union Post
In the region, it is difficult for someone who is not from the government to present a proposal, why do you think this happens?

I think this is because people either do not have the time, or they are unsure of whether the government will like their proposal. Additionally, they may not know all of the processes that have been spelled out in our current laws.

The Union Post
What do you think can be done to reverse this situation?

I'm hoping that this very proposal can show other nations not in the government that if they draft a proposal it will be given a good reading. I have had nothing but positive and friendly interaction with all members of the government that have reached out to me about this proposal over the last few weeks. This could be the start of a whole host of good ideas coming from the citizens of the region.

The Union Post
Why do you think your proposal is necessary for the UDS?

I think that my proposal is necessary because of the uncertain world of NationStates. Although we have an active Founder to protect us from raids and invasions, problems with the WA Delegate could still have disastrous consequences, especially with several close votes in the WA lately. Formal transition processes for the democratic handover of power also help to show that our election results are quickly acted upon and can help our region attract nations disillusioned with corrupt or unresponsive governments in their own regions.

The Union Post
Anything else you would like to add on the subject?

I would like to thank the Union Post for reaching out and allowing me to elaborate my feelings about the proposal. A free and vigilant press is a vital component of any democracy. It really goes to show how committed the region is to a transparent and active operation, and I hope the best for this publication in the future.

Inauguration Begins New Quarter for the Union

At the beginning of April, the Spring administration took office in a beautiful inauguration of the new officers and of the old ones for their second terms. The ceremony was led by the founder of the region, The Noble Thatcherites, and began a new cycle for the region.
The ceremony took place on the afternoon of last Sunday (04/02) and brought together hundreds of nations from the Union of Democratic States, the ceremony began with a role-play, wherein the elected officials arrived at the innagural ceremony through open-roofed cars and then took to the stage to take their oath of office, with their hands pledged against the Union Book of Law.
A great controversy involved these elections for we did not have any actual elections. There was a lack of candidates per position with each opening only having the minimum number of candidates run. The government believed that an election would be useless and a waste of time. The attorney general, Khevo, sent a telegram to all the nations of the region explaining the situation. Khevo said, "With the limited number of citizens running for the Union of Democratic States political offices, we have noticed that only the minimum amount of candidates are running for each position. This time. Congratulations to all winning candidates for your positions."
Director - Relfa
Publisher - The Noble Thatcherites
Chief Editor - Brittalia
Writer - Khevo
Writer - Kanglia