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The Invincible Geese

As the dust settles on the irradiated slag that was the world of Nationstates, one faction, one team stands untouched by the blemish of nuclear fallout.

For 36 hours, the International Geese Brigade wethered the nuclear storm thrown against them by large well-armed factions. Not a single radiation-laden explosive landed on the combined soils of Rushmore, Atlantian Oceania and Esportiva, to disrupt the locals from watching their favourite sports.

Despite this, the International Geese Brigade's remarkable run has passed almost without comment. The news has praised the team with the most attacks, but as any sports fan will tell you, you don't need to score high if you're opponent can't score at all. The Geese weren't idle though, with over 26,000 nukes on target. That saw them come third, and while the team will take bronze as reward for a job well done, the real story is that remarkable clean sheet.

Prime Minister Eura - Victor
Field Marshal Astograth - Chief of Operations (*)
Field Commander Electrum - Global Strike Chief (*)
Lieutenant General Apox - Chief of Morale
Lieutenant General Damukuni - Chief of Covert Operations
Lieutenant General Eastfield Lodge - Master of Puppets (*)
Lieutenant General Valladares - Chief of Evilness (*)
Brigadier General Ethane
Brigadier General Redblackiland
Brigadier General Equestrian States
Colonel Darmen
Colonel Free Republics
Colonel Tumbra
Captain Silexhera/Audioslavia
Morale Officer Nephara (*)
Lieutenant Barunia
Lieutenant Mercedini
Sergeant Santa/Gregoryisgodistan
Sergeant Eshan
Sergeant Mattijana
Sergeant Qasden
Sergeant Quebec
Sergeant Yttribia

(*) - Participated in the final attack[/quote]

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