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The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago Link Hub

This is the Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago Link Hub where you can find mostly everything about our region. Please send a telegram to Fresh prince of bel-air, if you want me to add or remove a link, or if you have any questions.

Region Awards
All of the awards this region has won.

Game Corner
Take a look at the games you can play with others.

Rules & Regulations

The rules of this region.

Delegate Elections
The Constitution of Delegate Elections stating how Delegate Elections work, the rules of them, and how you can be qualified to be in one.

Delegate Elections (Readable Version)
A readable version of our Constitution of Delegate Elections.

RMB Etiquette
The rules of what you can and can't do on the RMB.

The Three Strike System
A system of punishments after you get 3 strikes/warnings.


The Glorious People's Red Army
A dispatch on how to join The Glorious People's Red Army.

The official regional Jukebox with guest singers and bands.

In Soviet Russia
Songs and videos about Soviet Russia.

LinkCafe Radio Station
The official regional radio station.

LinkNational Anthem
The regional national anthem.

LinkBathroom Music
The music that plays while you are in the bathroom.

LinkDrink Menu
Our menu for drinks.

LinkFood Menu
Our menu for food.

LinkDessert Menu
Our menu for desserts.

NSC's Guide On Coloring Disparches
A guide on how to color your dispatches.

- Fresh prince of bel-air
- Inspired By LCRUA

Fresh prince of bel-air