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Raiders and Defenders(under construction)

Mallorea and Riva initially stayed away from the Raider/Defender War until invited by Unibot to join a new Defender organization, the United Defenders League.

United Defenders League:

On July 22nd 2011 M&R was officially accepted as a Merryman within the UDL. As one of the starting nations within the organization M&R was trained by Unibot in the art of Defending, and was an active spotter and updater. M&R rose to the rank of Lieutenant of the UDL along with Harmoneia, and reported to Spartzerium the Chief Lieutenant. M&R soon went inactive due to unexplained reasons, and CTE.

After several weeks of inactivity M&R was restored and came back once more to the UDL. Although no longer a lieutenant, M&R continued to defend and became one of the primary spotters of the UDL. It was during this time frame that M&R decided to branch out in the world of Gameplay, and contacted The Black Hawks raiding organization. M&R's time as a defender was rapidly drawing to a close.
Defender record:

  • (Liberations)-10

  • (Failed Liberations)- 5

  • (Successful Defenses)- 28

  • (Failed Defenses)- 7

  • (Post Liberation Support)- 4

  • (Detags)-18

  • (Successful Refounds)-1

The Black Hawks

On January 16th M&R prepared to raid in disguise as a member of The Black Hawks. Under the cover of "Walter Zeth", M&R launched its first raid via the puppet Exceeding Expectations. That major update (officially January 17th) M&R became a member of The Black Hawks, leaving the UDL permanently.

Since then M&R has been an active participant in scores of tag raids, and has participated in the majority of the major operations run by The Black Hawks. M&R has been the lead in a few major raids, the first being the invasion of Atheist Empire. After a failed liberation attempt by defenders, the region was successfully held for a full week before being terminated. Since then M&R has served as the joint or solo point in the raids of Hippiedom, Yorkshire, Stargate, Portugal, South Pacific, Japan, Sapphire, and the Proletariat Coalition.

On April 19th, 2013, M&R gained access to the delegacy of The South Pacific through the nation Milograd, beginning the 10 Day Glorious Revolution. Over three thousand nations were purged as the trio of Milograd, JAL, and M&R burned the region. M&R suffered no repercussions from his actions as the governments of TNP, Osiris, and TSP failed to take any legal action following his banjecting approximately 1000 nations from TSP.