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Secretary of Information Election Speech

This is my speech for the upcoming election for Secretary of Information of The Western Isles.

My fellow Western Islanders. Most of you probably know me from the regional message board, on which I enjoy pleasant conversations with everyone on a daily basis. Those of you who know me well, will already know of my loyalty and my contributions to the region and her community. To those who do not know me all that well yet: allow me to convince you why you should elect me as your new Secretary of Information.

As a proud member of the community, I'm always here for my fellow Islanders. Whenever someone asks a question or needs help and I am online to read it, I do my best to help them, or contact someone who can if I am unable to. I like to believe that I contribute to making the regional message board a place where everyone in the region feels at home.

As a Senator, I authored and voted for several vital pieces of legislation that secured the safety and integrity of our region. Even though these laws were repealed when the entire constitution was replaced by a new one, the essences of those laws were adopted by the new constitution.

As Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate, I led the Senate through numerous debates and votings, supervising and assisting my fellow Senators and others throughout the legislative process. I also actively sought out fresh new candidates for the Senate in the hopes of refilling the Senatorial ranks.

As Vice President, I not only continued contributing to the region as I had before as Speaker Pro Tempore: I also actively sought to work together closely with and within all branches of government in order to make our region as tight and role-play friendly as possible.

When our Founder Vancouvia wrote and presented a proposal for a new constitution, I quickly became closely involved in the debate surrounding it. When it had taken a form I found myself agreeing with, I publicly endorsed it, even though the new constitution would remove the very office I was serving in. When the debate went sour after a failed first voting on the new constitution, I took it upon myself to moderate the debate. This proved successful: the debate turned civil again, and the new constitution was adopted after a super-majority of the region approved it during the second voting.

As Statistics Expert in the Office of Information, I am primarily concerned with curating the exciting The Western Isles Hot 100, for which I developed an application so that anyone can now generate such regional rankings for themselves. Other than that, I've also developed several other applications for members of the regional government and NationStates users in general, such as an auto-telegrammer and an embassy checker.

Should I be elected Secretary of Information, then I will do my best to approximate the fantastic standard Pacific Peace Union has set for the job. I will honestly admit that I will not be able to spend as much time on the website as he was able to, nor are my artistic skills even close to his. However, our constitution encourages secretaries of the region to form committees to support them with their responsibilities, and so I shall seek and find the most competent and enthusiastic people in the region to help me make the Office of Information into something we can all enjoy and be proud of!

- Agadar

The Eternal Realm of Agadar