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Q&A about Minilov

Q. Where can I find more information about your nation?
A. See this Linkiiwiki page about Minilov.

Q. What kind of nation do you RP as?
A. Minilov is a small Slavic republic comparable to Slovenia, with political and economical similarities to Croatia. Geographically it is landlocked, comparable to Hungary.

Q. Where does the name come from?
A. Answered here page=rmb/postid=24502513 and there page=rmb/postid=24506075

Q. Is this your only nation?
A. No, I've been active in NS since 2004 as Orioni 2. This is also where you best send any telegrams if you want to get in touch.

Q. Have you always been in this region?
A. No, before joining this region, I used to reside in Septentrion and New Septentrion. Sadly, both of these grew stale and inactive.

The Republic of Minilov