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Capital of Panama Coalition, States and Population

In the modern day, The Federal Republic of Panama Coalition is an integral cog in the world stage, commanding of one of the world's largest and most advanced military, running one of the top economies in the world and having very advanced social infrastructure, prioritising public healthcare and education whilst also endorsing private business and culture amongst the Coalition. Unlike previous multi national unions and empires, Panama Coalition celebrates the many cultures that make up the Federal Republic. In fact, all panamanian coalitionists learn at school, by law, to speak at least the 2 main official languages in the nation (Spanish, English, Mandarin) apart from the official indigenous languages and encourages them to learn the smallest dialects that make up linguistic rank in the Coalition. As a result, Panama Coalition enjoys a very diverse cultural spectrum found in very few other places in the world.

In terms of technical and scientific advancement, Panama Coalition is a world leader with huge innovations in many fields including biomedical research, information technology, A.I and weapons technology to name a few. Specific examples include the joint effort between the medical scientists and the ICGES (Instituto Conmemorativo Gorgas de Estudios de la Salud) to work on control and prevention investigations in parasitic diseases such as malaria, toxoplasmosis, leishmaniasis and Chagas disease; as well as diseases caused by arboviruses, retroviruses, roboviruses, papillomaviruses, coronaviruses, respiratory viruses, among others.. This work ethic and desire for progress has fueled Panama Coalition's incredible advancement in the scientific community. One of the best examples of this is the existence of the Federal Authority for Space Exploration (FASE) and its world leading endevours to improve not only Panama Coalition's space programme, but humanity's space faring capabilities as a whole.

There is no debate on the fact that the Panama Coalition Defense Forces are one of the most powerful, effective and advanced military arms on the planet. Though criticized for being too belligerent, it is argued that the immense power that the panamanian military has, keeps the nation and the Region in relative order, lest they enter any hostilities. Entering into any conflict no matter where you are in the world is not the priority of the Panama Coalition's military policy. Its main function is to defend the integrity of the nation, its citizens, the commercial routes of the panamanian merchant marine and the Panama Canal, in addition to protecting its allies and fulfilling its commitments to friendly and allied nations. Any conflict that arises in the world the Joint Chiefs Staff of Defense Forces must monitor and evaluate other sovereign states, blocs, terrorist organizations, organized criminal organizations or any armed group, to determine if they are a threat to the nation. The Panama Coalition has never been defeated in any conflict, through its magnificent army, navy and air force, and the advanced weaponry it has. In many cases, the Panama Coalition officially ends many conflicts simply by entering the conflict, as many fear a protracted war.

Population: 157.702.402 citizens, plus 15.320.000 of legal residents.

Total population: 173 millons.

The Federal Republic of Panama Coalition is formed by 57 Federal States, the Capital District (Panama D.C.) and the Federal Dependencies.

Panama City is the capital of The Federal Republic of Panama Coalition. It is located in the Capital District. So it official name is Panama D.C. (Panama Distrito Capital). This is a modern city with a strong economy. Panama D.C. which includes several jurisdictions such as municipalities, the Municipality of Panama and the Municipality of San Miguelito. Both are part of the Federal State of Panama. the city is divided into corregimientos, in which there are many smaller boroughs.

It is the fourth most populous city in Central America and the largest city in Panama Federal State. This metropolis has 430 299 inhabitants in the center of the city, 880 691 inhabitants within the Panama municipality, 370 009 inhabitants within the San Miguelito municipality and 2 011 780 inhabitants in its metropolitan area. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Panama, in the Pacific Ocean, east of the mouth of the Panama Canal.

The Government of Panama D.C. headquartered at Panama City Hall in San Felipe corregimiento, The mayor is elected to a five-year term and is responsible for the administration of city government. The Panama D.C. Council is a unicameral body consisting of 35 members, each elected from a corregimiento, normally for five-year terms.

Panama D.C.

Brief History: The Panama Coalition was formed after the economic crisis of 1991. After long civil wars the nations decided to join forming a Federal Republic. Before 1991 the States that would later form the Federal Republic were independent, plagued by civil wars and economic crises. By joining a single federal republic, corruption was reduced, the Defense Force of the Panama Coalition brought peace, and economic, natural, industrial, and human resources were better exploited. Each of these states arose during the wars of independence of the 19th century of the Spanish empire.

In the 19th century after its independence, Between 1821 and 1848 the first attempt to form a single nation (all failed) was:

  • Gran Colombia: 1821 - 1831
    - Colombia
    - Venezuela
    - Ecuador
    - Panama
    - Guyana

  • Federal Republic of Central America: 1823 - 1839
    - Costa Rica
    - Nicaragua
    - Guatemala
    - El Salvador
    - Honduras
    - Belice
    - Chiapas

  • República de Yucatán: 1840 - 1848
    - Campeche
    - Quintana Roo
    - Yucatán

  • República de Tabasco: 1841 - 1846
    - Tabasco

Defense Force alerts:

DEFCON 5 - Peaceful/ Normal Readiness
DEFCON 4 - Increased Readiness/Heightened Security
DEFCON 3 - Forces Mobilized
DEFCON 2 - Conventional Warfare
DEFCON 1 - Large Scale Nuclear Warfare / Martial Law Declared