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Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation

[center][b][u][size=120]Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation[/size][/u]
[size=75]Logo of BACO[/size][hr]
[*][nation]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation]
[*][nation]Darul Takzim[/nation]
Dr. Rafael Braungrad 
of [nation]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation][hr]
• Established: 1 July 2016[hr]
• Headquaters:  Sunraven Center, 
Carbonstock, [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation][hr]
The [b]Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation[/b] (BACO) is an international organization established with a vision to promote peace and common prosperity among the [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation], [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation], [nation=short]Atok[/nation] and [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation] which located around [url=]Bay of Ali[/url]. Upon the agreement signed and ratified by each of the four governments, the BACO was officially inaugurated in Carbonstock, [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation], July 2016.On the basis of equal participation, each government shares 1/3 of total operational budget.

The BACO consists of a Consultative Board and four Departments. The Consultative Board, which is the executive decision-making body of the organization, is composed of a Secretary-General and three Deputy Secretary-Generals. The Secretary-General is appointed on a two-year rotational basis in the order of the [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation], [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation], [nation=short]Atok[/nation] and [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation]. Each country other than the one of the Secretary-General nominates a Deputy Secretary-General respectively. Under the Consultative Board, there are four Departments of Political-Military Affairs, Economic &Scientific Affairs, Socio-Cultural Affairs, and Management. The Four Departments are composed of officials seconded by the members countries, and General Service Staff recruited through open competition from the four countries.[hr]
[*][nation]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation]
[*][nation]Darul Takzim[/nation][hr]
[b]Dialogue Partners[/b]
[*][region]Tanah Melayu[/region]
[*][region]Commonwealth of Jeltronia[/region]
[*][region]The Crown Federation of Recon[/region]
[*][nation]Reino do Brazil[/nation]
[*][nation]The Recon Empire[/nation]
[*][url=]Foreign, Defense & Security Affair Center[/url], of [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation]
[*][url=]Rustcourt Valley Alliance[/url] (RVA)
[*][url=]RETCON[/url] of [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation]
[*][b]Global Nature Society[/b] ([url=]GNS[/url]) of [nation=short]Hundredstar[/nation]
[*]Dr. Rafael Braungrad of [nation]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation] (July 2018)

[u][b]Deputy Secretary-General[/b][/u]
[*]Mr. James Parley of [nation]Moorburgh[/nation]
[*]Ms. Rita Speargrom of [nation]Atok[/nation]
[*]Dr. Osman Khairuddin of [nation]Darul Takzim[/nation][/list][hr]
[b]BACO Special Representative[/b]
[*]Ambassador Sarah Lewett Cornsburry, of [nation=short]Atok[/nation]. BACO Special Representative to [region]Tanah Melayu[/region]
[*]Ambassador Datuk Bentara Dalam Abdul Aziz of [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation]. BACO Special Representative to [region]Commonwealth of Jeltronia[/region]
[*]Ambassador Dr. Ramon Fleetbury, of [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation]. BACO Special Representative to [region]The Crown Federation of Recon[/region]
[*]BACO is open to any Nation which desires to become a [b]Dialogue Partners[/b] and is deemed to be able and willing to fulfill the principles and objectives of the BACO as set forth in its Charter.
[*]BACO is promoting relations with third parties (States, International Organizations and Institutions) interested to cooperate on various issues of mutual concern.
[*]Provide administrative and technical support for the operation and management of such consultative mechanisms among the four countries as the BACO Summit Meeting, the BACO Foreign Ministers' Meeting, the Four-Party Committee and other ministerial meetings, and the BACO Senior Foreign Affairs Officials’ Consultation and to send, if necessary, its representatives to attend major consultative mechanisms.
[*]Communicate and coordinate with the four countries and, if necessary, with other international organizations.
[*]Explore and identify potential cooperative projects among the four countries and report those projects to the relevant consultative mechanisms for adoption.
[*]Evaluate the cooperative projects and draft reports on them, compile necessary documents into database, and submit annual progress reports to the BACO Foreign Ministers' Meeting for approval.
[*]Conduct research on important issues related to the BACO cooperation, manage the Secretariat’s website, and promote understanding of the four-nations cooperation.[hr]
[b][u]BACO Ministerial Meeting[/u][/b]
- [url=]Ministerial Meeting on Tourism[/url], [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation], 24-25 March 2017
- BACO Minister of Defense Meeting, [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation], 02-04 April 2017
[b][u]BACO Initiatives & projects[/u][/b]
[*]Collaboration with other organizations
[*]Maintaining relationship and expanding network with other regional and international organizations
[*]BACO Port Clayshire [anchor=leaderships]Leaderships[/anchor] Talks
[spoiler=10 May 2017]
[b]Date[/b]: May 10, 2017
[b]Venue[/b]: Port Clayshire Harbor Convention Center, [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation]
[*]Mayor Jay Reymonte, Mayor of Port Clayshire 
[*]Ms Juanna Kydd Loftus, Vice President of [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation]
[*]Dr Ricky Anibal Rehnberg, President of [nation=short]Atok[/nation] Foreign Affair Adviser
[*]Tunku Idris s/o Sultan Ibrahim, [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation] Foreign Secretary
[*]Dame Angelina Putnam, Foreign Commissioner, [nation]The Recon Empire[/nation]
[*]International Summit for BACO Cooperation / [b][i]Johor Bahru Summit[/i][/b]
- Next Summit: August 2017, Johor Bahru, [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation]
[*]BACO Table Top Exercise (BACO-TOPEX) on Disaster Management
[spoiler=Operation Unity I][b][u]TOPEX- Unity I[/u][/b]
1. Date: 2017.02.06-07
2. Venue: Old Plainton, [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation]
3. Disaster Scenario: 7.3 magnitude earthquake and tsunami striking Old Plainton, [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation]
4. Participants:
[*][nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation] - Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Agency (HADRA), and National Police
[*][nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation] - National Emergency & Disaster Assistant Group, and Spill and Leak Disaster Task Force
[*][nation=short]Atok[/nation] - National Emergency and Disaster Recovery & Assistant Authority (NEDRAA)
[*][nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation]  - Disaster Assistant Center
[*]Experts- [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation] Military Engineer Corps, [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation] Police Internal Security & Public Order Force, and [nation=short]Atok[/nation] Defense Engineering Wing
[*]BACO Business Networking Events
[*]BACO Journalist Exchange Program
[*]BACO Young Ambassador Program
[*]BACO - [url=]GLOW[/url] of [nation=short]Saltbridge[/nation] Lighthouses & Sea-Beacon Roundtable Meeting
[*]BACO - [nation=short]Thousandsuns[/nation] Anti-Piracy/ Sea-Crime Working Group
[*]BACO-RETCON Renewable Energy Working Group (a collobration with [url=]RETCON[/url] of [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation])
[*][url=]Rustcourt Valley Alliance[/url] - BACO Defense Talks
[*][url=]Foreign, Defense & Security Affair Center[/url] - BACO Monthly Diplomatic Lectures
[spoiler=March 2017]
[b]Venue[/b]:  Sultan Ismail Conference Center, [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation]
[*]Mr. Cain Steelbridge, Distinguished Fellow, FODESAC
[*]Ambassador Trenton Ludemann, [nation=short]Atok[/nation] ambassador to [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation]
[spoiler=April 2017]
[b]Venue[/b]:  Sultan Ismail Conference Center, [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation]
[*]Dr Alex Spearweather, Distinguished Fellow, FODESAC
[*]Rear Admiral Derrick Brighton - Commander of Joint Base Hinsworth, International Defence Training Center, [nation]The Recon Empire[/nation]
[/spoiler][spoiler=May 2017][b]Venue[/b]:  Sultan Ismail Conference Center, [nation]Darul Takzim[/nation]
[*]Ambassador Oswald Ian Brenserf, Distinguished Fellow, FODESAC
[*]Hons. Rodriguez Selai - Finance Minister, [nation]Tongkang Pechah[/nation][/list][/spoiler]
[*]The Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation Business Council- [url=]CEO Forum[/url] of [nation=short]Hundredstar[/nation] Business Dialogue 
[*]BACO- [nation]Reino do Brazil[/nation] Agricultural Business Forum/ [b]St. Lenkerville Forum[/b]
[*]BACO- [url=]Legion Corporation[/url] Trade Forum of [nation]The Recon Empire[/nation]/ [b]Ajaxfield Forum[/b]
[*]BACO- [nation=short]Jeltronia[/nation] Digital Technology Dialogue/ [b]Old Plainton Dialogue[/b]

[b][u]Our Related Bodies[/u][/b]
[*][b]The Parliamentary Assembly of the Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation[/b](PABACO), based in Old Plainton, [nation=short]Moorburgh[/nation], is the parliamentary component in the Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation process, which brings together the representatives of the National Parliaments of the Member States to ensure joint support for strengthening cooperation and partnership in the region.
[*][b]The Bay of Ali Cooperation Organisation Business Council[/b] (BACOBC), based in St Lenkerville, [nation=short]Atok[/nation], is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization with the aim of lobbying and acting for the continuous improvement of the business environment throughout the Bay of Ali region to the benefit of the local business people and to help attract foreign investments.
[*][b]The Bay of Ali Trade and Development Bank[/b] (BTDB), based in Johor Bahru, [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation], is an international financial institution established by the initially four founding members of BACO. The Bank supports economic development and regional cooperation by providing trade and project financing, guarantees and equity for development projects, supporting both public and private enterprises in member countries.

[u]Funding Projects[/u]
- [url=]Collierwarps Maritime Technologies College[/url], [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation], (NSD5 million)
-[url=]Senggarang Bus Rapid Transit Project[/url] (SBRT Project), [nation=short]Darul Takzim[/nation], (NSD75 million)

[*][b]The International Center for Bay of Ali Studies[/b] (ICBAS), based in Estenford, [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation], is a non-profit organization which has a dual function: it is an independent research and training institution focusing on the wider Bay of Ali region and, at the same time, is a BACO Related Body serving as a think-tank.
[*][b]The BACO Coordination Center for the Exchange of Statistical Data and Economic Information[/b] (BCC), based in Estenford, [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation] was established as a unit within the Estenford Economic Institute. The purpose of the Center is to collect, coordinate and disseminate statistics and economic information for the Member States.
[*][b]Bay of Ali Environmental Studies Institute[/b] (BAESI), Kenneto Bay, [nation=short]Atok[/nation], providing unique experiences for researcher seeking to conduct research. In addition to laboratory and field experiences using state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, researcher are encouraged to participate in maritime research opportunities. A collaboration with The [b]Global Nature Society[/b] ([url=]GNS[/url]) of [nation=short]Hundredstar[/nation]
[*][b]BACO International Exposition Center[/b], Ajaxfield, Carbonstock, [nation=short]Radiomatics Moorburgh[/nation]. A NS$145 million dollars infrastructure donate by [url=]Legion Foundation[/url] of [nation]The Recon Empire[/nation]

Radiomatics moorburgh