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A Statement regarding TUFoP

Presidential Statement

Continuous raids for many months have completely destabilised the region, corrupted the government of The United Federation of Planets and demoralised the vast bulk of nations to the point that they have either left or else have Ceased to Exist (CTE). Trekdom across NationStates is extremely demoralised and the Federation now belongs to intermittently trolling raiders and defenders in effect and we proceed upon that point. A State of Emergency exists and broad security powers are taken to secure the immediate safety and long term stability of our home and our community at large.

I assume all powers of the Presidency and act in the interest and safety of the region. Since the only viable option for any stability for the Federation is in refounding, aware of the dangers, I hereby enact Operation Paradise Found and immediately authorise that;
the Federation be password protected until such time as the region can be justly refounded
all non-Official nations be removed from the region until the refounding can be secured and our home stabilised
nations be transferred from the currently abused region to the to-be-newly-founded region
all heretofore Offices and Cabinet post are null and void
all tags be removed from the region and links be archived and removed
an emergency message replace the current Regional Message Board:

I establish the Federation Council to consist only of Confirmed Native Nations to convene on the Equilism Forums where we may chart the Federation in safety and all Natives and Unclassified Nations are invited to that Council. Everyone will be extended the opportunity to have a voice and a vote. Nations not currently classified as Native are still welcome to petition the Council for inclusion. Petitions will be considered after a period of not less than 60 days, but not more than 90 days. The Councilís goal is to reach a clear consensus on all issues of importance to the peaceful and prosperous future of the Federation. Since it is determined that there is no peace or prosperity for the Federation without a founder, the Council is charged first and foremost with setting the conditions for refounding.

Westwind of Equilism has generously offered us our own space on an Equilism sub forum where we can safely rebuild and Equilism is willing to discuss what further assistance they can provide including immediate roleplaying opportunities as well as long term mutual benefits, but it must be understood that any agreement must include stabilising the Federation. Registration on the Equilism Forum is a requirement for inclusion in the Federation Council and will be taken to equate Confirmed status. Each Confirmed nation will have a vote on the Council.

-Andorian imperialist guard

Andorian imperialist guard