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Malagasyland national tourism foundation

Hello, welcome to Malagasyland a very beautiful tropical nation just above Madagascar.
Although a very fun visit the government has strict rules on what you can and cannot do within tourism!
Things to do
Gambling: Gambling is very popular in Malagasyland often with poker ect.
There are public Gambling sites all over the country
Wildlife: Malagasyland is known for its unique wildlife that it shares with Madagascar, take a safari through the jungles or through the grassy plains
Places to go
Masina lapan'ny: One of the many religious sites in Malagasyland it is home to many different religions practicing traditional African religion, DO NOT take pictures inside however.
Massunna's grave: A memorial to the former leader of the M.L.F and leader of the rebellion do not take any pictures.
Also it is important to know to stay away from active military servicemen and women.
Disrespect infront of them may lead to a week of detainment

I hope you enjoy your stay in Malagasyland!