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Cobalt Network - Roleplay List

Welcome to the probably most significant dispatch for this region, we are an roleplay region after all. If you are the OP or Co-OP or Advisor or whatever of a particular roleplay, and you'd like your roleplayto be listed here, then simply telegram any of the officers and I'll edit you onto the dispatch. We are very happy with all of the roleplay of this region, every single one of them makes us proud. Let us extend this list for mighty Cobaltia!


- 2024: Age of Superpowers - Directed by Atrilan - IC - OOC - Map - Discord

Never has hunger been lower, never have standards of living been higher. Despite this, the world is marked by fear in rapid social, political, and technological change. The backlash of globalization is felt as parts of the Middle East and Africa collapse into states of hybrid warfare, as nations challenge eachother's access to vital resources, and as the political unity of the world comes to a grinding halt. The gravity of power in the world is evidently shifting towards East Asia, as India and China are projected to be the new superpowers of the 21st century, but these powers have yet to find a way to replace the Western order. The nations of the west fervently battle this shift of change in an effort to hold onto power for a while longer. The power struggle ignited by crisis and spread by political goals is felt globally. The world is not the same as it once was, and it will never return to it's current state. The tipping point begins in 2024.

- Twice as Bright, Half as Long - Directed by The Mississippi Confederation - IC - OOC - LinkMap - LinkDiscord

It has been 35 years since the United States of America lived up to this quote and eventually capitulated. Despite losing several states in the South, the USA would go on to annex massive chunks of land in North America and become one of the largest empires to ever exist in North America. Yet, it was this overextension, coupled with corruption from the inside, caused it to break up into several countries. Countries that existed before the collapse now find new competition and allies. West of the Rio Grande river, small, newly formed countries work to develop themselves as rising powers. With tensions rising, it won't be long until war determines the dominant powers of North America.


- A New War, A New Way - Directed by Hothnia - IC - OOC

The world is once again at war, just over a hundred years after the last one ended. Russia, China, and their various allies clash against NATO forces for heightened global influence. It is now late October, and the front still remains where it was in early August. NATO General's Staff approved of a plan set foreword by retired Colonel Daniel Higgins of the US, calling for an International group of Commandos to parachute in and undertake guerilla and sabotage actions against the Russian homeland. This small unit would be away from any support that could be given by friendly forces and would have to survive on their own for months at a time, living off the wild. This team was selected from numerous European and North American nations and supplied with the best weaponry the alliance had to offer. They had orders to parachute into the forests of Russia, 40 miles south of St. Petersburg, and immediately begin efforts to disrupt the Russian supply train from the Urals and the Russian arms production in and around the city. If they were caught, they would be executed as spies. They are the elite, and they know the job they must do. They are Taskforce Sparrow.