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E-4 Pinzón AWAC

E-4 Pinzón AWAC

An unmarked E-4 (by Corindia)

Type: Airborne early warning and control

Place of origin: Noronica & Corindia

Manufactured by:
- Hunter Defence Systems
- Cabrera-Bretodeau

Unit cost: $170,000,000


Crew: 5
Length: 22.58 m
Wingspan: 25.46 m
Height: 9.18 m
Empty weight: 17,908 kg
Loaded weight: 18,935 kg
Max. takeoff weight: 25,380 kg
Powerplant: 2 × Quentin NQ800 turbofans

Maximum speed: 755 km/h
Ferry range: 4,870 km
Service ceiling: 11,756 m

E-4 Pinzón AWAC


The E-4 Pinzón is a carrier-capable Airborne Early Warning Aircraft (AWAC) produced by both Noronica and Corindia by Hunter Defence Systems and Cabrera-Bretodeau. It was originally designed in 1968 as a twin-turboprop aircraft in Corindia, but the aircraft was renewed in 2015 by both Corindia and Noronica due to the development of Noro-Corindi relations. Both nations have developed many other military vehicles and it was decided that there was a need for new AWACs. The new AWAC design was to ensure Noronica and Corindia could effectively detect enemy aircraft from both maritime and land operations due to the design being carrier-capable. The aircraft currently has an empty weight of 17,908 kg, is 22.58 metres long, 9.18 metres tall and has a wingspan of 25.46 metres. The Pinzón was designed to also carry light-weight cargo on emergency, however, its primary function is for enemy detection.


As the E-4 Pinzón is a carrier-capable aircraft, it is equipped with a tail hook for recovery, and the nose gear can attach to an aircraft carrier's catapults for launch. It also has VSTOL capability with directional thrusters. The radar dome (rotodome) above the fuselage and wings contains the long-range radar and IFF systems.

In naval service, the Pinzón provides AWAC and command & control capabilities for aircraft carrier battlegroups. In conventional service, it provides AWAC capabilities for ground troops and the Air Force.





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