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Devastator Class Aircraft Carrier

Devastator Class Aircraft Carrier

Name: Devastator Class

- Hunter Defence Systems
- Hayaran Defense Industry

Place of Origin: Noronica & Keomora

Cost Per Unit: $2.0 billion

Commissioned: 2010

Planned: 6

Building: 1

Completed: 5

Active: 5

General Characteristics

Displacement: 69,900 tonnes

Length: 892.39 ft (272 m)

Beam: 240.81 ft (73.4 m)

Draft: 34.12 ft (10.4 m)

Power & Propulsion: COGAG
- 2 x Shafts
- 4 x Quentin QMX30 Geared Gas Turbines 48,000 shp
- 2 x Diesel Generators (Daugya CW)

Speed: 25+ knots

Boats & landing craft carried:
- 4 x LCVP

Compliment: 2,000

Sensors and processing systems:
- LinkS1850M long range radar
- LinkQuentin X4 3D medium range radar
- Ultra Electronics Series 2500 Electro-Optical System
- IFF system
- 2 x ODLS-H/ODLS Keo Kata decoy launching systems

- 4 Phalanx CIWS
- 4 8-cell A-43 Sylver launchers - MBDA Aster 15
- 4 x 30-mm DS30M Mk2 guns
- 4 x Miniguns

Aircraft Carried: Carrier Air Wing of up to 40 aircraft

Devastator Class Aircraft Carrier


The Devastator Class Aircraft Carrier is produced by both Noronica and Keomora by Hunter Defence Systems and Hayaran Defense Industry. It was designed to ensure Noronica and Keomora could operate aircraft at any one time in any place around the Western Isles swiftly and efficiently. The vessels currently have a displacement of 66,900 tonnes, are 272 metres long and have an aircraft capacity of up to 40 aircraft. The Devastator Class is the largest class of warship built in both Noronica and Keomora which meant that the total cost of the programme was $5.8 billion, a topic of controversy in both nations.

The supporters of the project were Covonant, Albion invicta and Travencia. Some of the funding came from the Covonatian, Travencian, and Albion militaries as they were all seeking to have their own carrier built for their navies. The companies given the original contract for Keomora and Noronica were extended to construct Devastator carriers in all of the supporting countries.


Original Concept Art (2010)

In 2007, the Department for Defence in Noronica announced a new scheme to introduce a new aircraft carrier into the Noronnican Navy. A relatively small budget was set for research and development, causing the project to be deserted and the scheme was scrapped by the Department for Defence. In 2010, due to blossoming friendship between Keomora and Noronica, the two nations announced their plans to construct an aircraft carrier in union. Project Devastator was announced and a budget of $5.4 billion was set for the building to commence. It was decided to build the carrier in Noronica due to the large drydock in Port Sinare which had seen the construction of the previous Noronnican carriers. The two companies that won the bid to construct the carriers were; Hunter Defence Systems (from Noronica); and Hayaran Defense Industry (from Keomora).

It was decided to construct two islands instead of one on the aircraft carrier. The forward facing one would be solely for navigating the vessel, while the other would control flight operations, ensuring the efficient execution of roles as both have their own duties rather than one central island. Another main design point were the elevators of which there are two on the Devastator Class. These elevators are capable of lifting fighter aircraft in sixty seconds. The entire vessel is the largest vessel ever built in both the Noronnican and Keomoran navies, as it has a displacement of 66,900 tonnes, is 272 metres long, has a beam of 73.4 metres, and a draft of 10.4 m. The design is a few thousand tonnes off being a supercarrier. Another important part of the design is the decision to use a COGAG scheme. Both Noronica and Keomora agreed that it would be the best and most cost-efficient way of powering the vessel, deciding against the extra cost of fitting nuclear reactors. The vessel has two shafts, four Quentin QMX30 Geared Gas Turbines, and two Daugya CW Diesel Generators.


The Devastator Class is fitted with a new Highly-Mechanized Weapons Handling System. The system moves munitions from the magazines using a system of elevators and tracks across the vessel to ensure fast loading for the weaponry onboard, however, the system primarily transports munitions for the aircraft on the vessel as it is able to transport to the hangar. The decision to use this system means that there are less crewmembers needed to be onboard the vessel as the system is fully automated.

During the development stage, the Secretary for Defence issued a statement that Noronica would need a CATOBAR variant to accommodate a new aircraft (the Falcon) built by Albion invicta. For this variant, the ski-jump was removed instead to be replaced by a steam catapult system to allow for a catapult assisted take-off. New arrestor wires were fitted as well.







Noronnican Navy

1 (CATOBAR variant)


Keomoran Royal Navy



Union Navy


Albion invicta

Albion Invicta Navy

1 (CATOBAR variant)


Travencian Navy


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