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The Western Isles Factbook Spotlight

Every month or so I will be highlighting a couple factbooks created by members of our region that are professionally made, interesting, creative, and/or highly informative. Check them out and discuss them on the rmb!

Ostehaar's OVAST - Ostehaar's Intelligence and Espionage Agency

Wondering who's spying on you? It's these guys.

Ipland's Map of Military Bases

You ever feel like ushering in a strategic bombing of Ipland's military infrastructure? Well now you can with this handy guide to where all their bases are! You may even start a regional war if you're lucky enough to bomb one of the foreign ones.

Mucul's Maps of Mušul

I always like when our newer player's make maps, and this one even has a desert. That's right, folks, and a plateau!

Travencia's 10 Largest Cities of TWI

You asked for it, you got it: a list you'll never really use but a list you're gonna get anyway. There's no New York Cities in our region but if you're ever craving that metropolitan vibe, head on over to Bhumidol and try not to get lost.

Athara Magarat's Video Games and MMOs of Athara Magarat

It is clear that a lot of work went into this dispatch by AM. No less than 24 games were thought up, drafted, and displayed for us to enjoy. My personal favorite is Prime Assault (and not just because I helped think of the title). What's yours?

Ainslie's ADTWI - Advanced Dossier for The Western Isles

Ainslie has taken it upon himself to proactively create a short summary of all of our member nations. This took a lot of effort to compile. Special mention to Middle han for thinking up the name "Morninglucius."

Atnaia's Atnaian Ads for News Stories

Crafting a news post but getting the feeling that you're missing that capitalistic spark of our modern age? Try out one of Atnaia's well-crafted advertisements. YOU ARE IN COMMAND WITH HERON.

Bhumidol's National Anthem of Bhumidol

Quite possibly the most in-depth anthem description on the site, this factbook will give you flashbacks to AP English. It's also pretty.

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