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First Response Team Gesh'rigu (currently unfinished)

The First Response Team Gesh'rigu (literally "History Rescue") is composed of eight members.

Bo'kan Ko'la
The original leader of the lampades that accompainied the Parfuhmerians to the Shwe Tu Salt Marsh, Bo'kan still carries her old torch, which has the power to block rational thought and massively increase aggressiveness. She helped the people of Shwe Tu Colony expand their borders & power greatly, primarily through bribing people with their crabs & a few occasions of violence with savage beasts or Chao-influenced beings. Her nickname is Yekaterina & in a battle her torch proves quite versatile in its multiple forms & debuffs.

A rather grainy shot of Bo'kan in a field.


Ir'a Tar'rama
A chief of a long lost group of settlers which had been separated from the Demon Empire & an archaeologist, Ir'a had been the leader of the only people that the Parfuhmerian Colonians encountered on the way to the Shwe Tu Salt Marsh. He had led his tribe to safety from numerous Thryllasian storms & later helped the Parfuhmerian Colonians against an enemy military force. His nickname is Tondzoasha & in combat he is best known for his blessed solar flares from his turquoise jewels & his stone spear, which is probably empowered by magic, for it proves able to create indents in even steel.

A portrait of Ir'a.


Ka'tyu Za'v
Ka'tyu was one of the first ambassadors of Shwe Tu Colony known for his evasive maneuvers against other nations. Having lived as a spy for Shwe Tu Colony for many other civilizations, Ka'tyu developed an extensive knowledge of many others. As a result, he was able to salvage relationships with neighboring civilizations or prevent war from coming to Shwe Tu Colony by manipulating opponent nations with other foes, requests, & obligations. His nickname is Ahmad al-Mansur & during combat he makes use of his rifle to pick off at strategic targets.

Ka'tyu commissioned this piece of art, which is mostly accurate with the exception of the floating trumpets.


Ka'ir Bia'yu
A sorceress known for her cunning methods, Ka'ir is an expert in distracting opponents. The first record of her existence was as a marriage between her & another prominent sorcerer who also works in the Gesh'rigu team (the two have left their past behind though). Some time after marrying, Ka'ir was approached in a dream by one of her husband's previous friends, this friend then telling Ka'ir that he had hidden a cache of various gems & that she must ensure that her husband would not collect them. In the early morning hours, Ka'ir found the gems &, as she was sailing away, threw the bags of them overboard to ensure that her husband would not follow.

Later, she made landfall on one of the islands of the A'yuh-lein Archipelago, whereupon she bet with a chief that she could get as much land as she could wrap with a plume of feathers from a Sajri Crane. With her magic, Ka'ir proceeded to tear apart the feathers fiber by fiber, which she then used to wrap the entire island. Thoroughly impressed, the chief gave the island to her & the two ruled together.

Eventually, Ka'ir's husband found her, but he was not angry, rather, he was fascinated by his wife's intelligence that he could not bring himself to be mad. Her nickname is Dido & her portal wand is capable of slowly tearing apart anything when in combat by teleporting bits of it off.

Ka'ir with her wand, which is said to be able to warp & edit anything thrown into the green pad created by the wand.


Ka'ir Azhsaloth
A politician of Parfuhmerie, Azsh'aloth was most notable for his attempts to noticeably deviate from some of the rather chaotic systems of the Demon Empire such as the lack of public education or public works in general but his main goal was improving the education & culture of Parfuhmerie & making it distinct from the Demon Empire. Being a retired adventurer from Ashan, Azsh'aloth used his estates & controlled territory to fund his attempts to improve Parfuhmerie, such as commissioning artists to create landscape pieces of art of the region's wilderness in order to attract others there. However, his greatest achievement was the funding of a huge public library filled with perhaps all of the Empire's literature & some more, this library being open to any & all that wanted to enter it.

Once Sekka Verndara came into power, Azsh'aloth became a sort of mentor to Sekka, advising him on Parfuhmerian politics, but it was not until far into their friendship that Sekka would rise above his mentor, for the demons were more apt to respect a politician they knew for a while over an upstart. During his time with Sekka, Azsh'aloth would meet & marry Ka'ir Bia'yu, who later effectively betrayed him, although this was not much of an issue for their relationship & even strengthened it. Azsh'aloth's nickname is Ashurbanipal & during a battle he uses his enormous size a trait of his from being a Devil-class demon to crush smaller foes & his enormous fire trident to sweep away & impale others.

An image of Azsh'aloth with his fire tridents (his head is not on fire).


Once a humble fisherwoman of the Demon colony Ur-Azkal, also known as Canritola, Fa'l would later go on to end up saving her town & according to some perhaps all of the Demon Empire's colonies during an attempted attack on the aforementioned colony. At first the daughter of a fairly well-known sorcerer named Barzilito, Fa'l would grow up fishing most of the time & giving what excess she caught to others & selling the rest at the fish markets of her home city.

Her nickname is Katharine Atholl

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