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February Renegade of the Month - Oxihydronia!

Congratulations to Oxihydronia, the first winner of the new Renegade of the Month contest!

Oxi has been with the RIA for three and a half years. You don't know the RIA if you don't know Oxi! Whether it's on the RMB or Discord, or 1,283 notifications that someone has liked one of your posts, Oxi's presence and impact on the region is undeniable.

Oxihydronia has been serving as the head of the region's Mentors for over a year, maintaining the position after leaving the Grand Council during Kerg's delegacy. In that time the Mentor program has been working behind the scenes to welcome newcomers and help them adjust to NationStates and our region. During the crazy imgur/reddit boost that saw the RIA's population explode, the Mentors worked relentlessly, assigning and volunteering to take on new nations in a moment's notice. The Mentors do what they do with no oversight, no policy or law to guide them, but instead work as a solid team to do one of the most important jobs in the region.

Oxihydronia also serves with the RIASF, assisting our goal to protect regions being attacked by raiders. She also works as a foreign ambassador to allied regions and serves as a prime example to the world as to what it means to be a Renegade.

For Oxi's service to the region, and for being pretty freaking awesome, it is an honor to name Oxi as February's Renegade of the Month!